Super School Student Chapter 137-138

Chapter 137

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, that patterned face actually didn’t get angry, he smiled and pulled out a plastic pocket, then took out a lighter and a cigarette from it, lit one and said.

“You are still the first person who is so tough-mouthed even when he is dead, I am curious, what makes you so confident?”

In fact, not only him, Brother Pao and the others were also very puzzled, after all, the strength was there, not to mention the demonic beast, even these people went over, it was enough for Ye Lu to drink, after all, just now Ye Lu was not unharmed, looking at the blood and wounds on his body, it was clear that he did not fight easily.

Brother Pao looked at the sky, the sun had completely set, and now the sky was left with an evening sun that was as bright red as blood.

“Well, it’s about time to make a scene, any more fun will delay us from playing with the women, there are two superb women in here waiting to be pampered.”

Brother Leopard said as he took a cigarette from Striped Face’s hand and lit it.

“Everyone, and the demon beasts too, move in, eat all the men out there, leave none behind, including the bones, Red Fire, you go ahead and get him.”

The man he was talking about was of course Ye Luo.

With, Brother Leopard’s order, all the demonic beasts started to move at the same time, everyone pounced towards the crowd in the clearing in an overwhelming manner.

The people of the Xuantian Clan, the people of the Wuji Clan, and the others all revealed expressions of horror to the extreme, as everyone had not expected to be so busy that they would end up dead.

If they had known this, they would not have attacked Ye Lu at the beginning, because they realized that Ye Lu was the only one who did not panic at the moment, and did not seem to be afraid of the “Flaming Red Fire Panther” that was attacking them.

However, the Fiery Red Fire Panther did not take Ye Luo seriously. With a roar, it lunged straight at Ye Lu, its two huge front paws slapping directly at Ye Lu’s upper body, it was ready to slap Ye Lu to death.

Ye Lu had just put away his dagger, and when he saw the “Fiery Red Fire Panther” coming, he raised his arms and blocked the “Fiery Red Fire Panther’s” claws with each hand, and then his whole body was pushed backwards by the huge force.

However, immediately afterwards, he flew up and kicked the “Fiery Red Fire Panther” straight in the stomach.


The “Flaming Red Fire Panther” drew an arc in the air and flew out.

“Holy Sh*t!”

“Holy Sh*t!”

“What the hell?”


This scene scared the Sh*t out of Brother Pao and the others, they couldn’t figure out how Ye Lu could actually send the “Flaming Red Fire Panther” flying.

However, Ye Luo knew very well that this was just a flash in the pan, after all, the panther was too arrogant and it was too confident in its own strength.

At this time, all the men in the clearing were in despair, thinking that the demonic beasts had already rushed over.

And Brother Leopard smiled towards the cave entrance and said.

“Sister Jasmine, I’ve wanted to get close to you for a long time!”

Hearing Brother Pao’s words, Jasmine and the others tightly gripped their swords with a wary face.

At this time, everyone suddenly heard Ye Lu say softly.

“Alright, it’s time for the farce to end, children, all come out.”

Then, dense “ghost bats” flew out from the cave, like black clouds, with a creepy and terrifying aura.


The entire group of demonic beasts began to stir.

“What the hell is this?”

Brother Pao and the others dropped their cigarettes in their hands and mouths almost at the same time, because the shape of the “ghost bats” was unusually evil, and not only that, the number of “ghost bats” was also beyond their imagination, and those demonic beasts all stopped moving when they saw the “ghost bats”.

However, they stopped, but the “ghost bats” had no intention of stopping, they all “brushed! All of them rushed into the group of demonic beasts and started to bite them frantically.

The advantage of the “air force” was clearly revealed, as these “ghost bats” were not only terrifyingly powerful, but also incredibly fast and had a wide field of vision in the air.

These were the leaders of the Ghost Bats, each of which was no weaker than the Flaming Red Fire Panther, and this was the reason why the Flaming Red Fire Panther had been restless.

Seeing so many terrifying “ghost bats”, Brother Leopard felt desperate too.

However, the “ghost bats” were not good, they were vicious by nature and did not care what Brother Leopard and the others were thinking, they rushed forward and killed them all, regardless of who they were.

Seeing these “ghost bats” so ferocious, everyone had no desire to fight and immediately turned around and ran.

Without Ye Lu’s order, these “ghost bats” automatically started the “ma*sacre” mode, just like those “black wind ants” did, all the people and demonic beasts were eaten up to a pile of white bones.

The battle went quickly.

The people of the Xuantian Clan, the people of the Wuji Clan, including Jasmine of the Hundred Flowers Clan were all shocked speechless by this scene, no one expected that Ye Lu would have such a terrifying backhand.

“What the …… hell is this?”

Qingyang Zi couldn’t help but swallow, he felt a cold chill down his back as he realized that if Ye Lu wanted to make them disappear it would only be a matter of minutes.

“No wonder he’s not worried at all, no wonder he’s so emboldened, so he has a backstroke!”

Ye Luo didn’t talk nonsense with these guys from the “Beast Alliance”, all of them, including Wolf Qing and Snake Prince, ate every single one of them.

Only a few of the demonic beasts took the opportunity to escape, because after the death of the beast tamer, the demonic beasts were out of control and started to run away in all directions.

After eating up all of the Beast Alliance and most of the demonic beasts, those “ghost bats” began to hover around Ye Lu, and the people of the Hundred Flowers Sect and Daoist Master Xuan recalled the scene from that night.

I don’t know why, but when she remembered how Ye Lu had looked that night, Jasmine suddenly felt her face heat up and she became shy.

The others looked at the white bones all over the ground and didn’t know what to say.

If it wasn’t for Ye Luo, all the men present would now be left without bones, and all the women present would be taken to the Beast Alliance, and exactly how they would be ravaged was unknown, but it certainly wouldn’t end well.

“Ye Lu, thank you.”

Jasmine was the first to come over and looked at Ye Lu who was wiping the blood from her face handing over a freshly wrung out handkerchief, everyone was in the pouring rain so Jasmine was now a fallen woman too.

Seeing Jasmine’s action, the rest of the Hundred Flowers Clan also bowed to Ye Lu, however, the lively Peony looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“Ye Lu, you have such a reserve, why didn’t you just finish them all off in one go when you started?”

In fact, Jasmine also had this question, only she didn’t have the heart to ask.

Ye Luo said with a smile while wiping his face.

“Who said I didn’t want to, but, these things are afraid of heavy rain, and I couldn’t reach them due to the thunder and rain, so they have been hiding in the caves in the mountain, just now, they also came over because the rain stopped and they were attracted by the blood aura, so it’s lucky for us.”

To be honest, Ye Lu didn’t know if this was considered good luck or bad luck, if we say good luck, then there shouldn’t be a big thunderstorm, if we say bad luck, things ended up being more satisfactorily resolved.

At this time, Long Fei Xue and Gu Shi Qi and a large pair of women also came running out of the cave.

“Little brother Ye Lu, you’re so handsome, I love you to death.”

“That’s right, too awesome, simply a man among men.”

“That scene of you fighting hundreds of people by yourself is simply too cool, I’m obsessed.”


The thrill of the aftermath made many women rush over and hug Ye Luo regardless of the blood on his body, while some were ready to move their mouths to try to kiss him.

If the time with Gu Shiqi in the coffin did not count, his first kiss was still there, he did not want to be taken away by these women so carelessly.

Gushiki and Long Feixue were laughing at the scene, their faces looking unusually rosy as the blood-like evening sun reflected on them.


Chapter 138

“He really did it, unbelievable!”

Long Fei Xue looked at Ye Lu not far away and sighed a little. In fact, she had already prepared herself to commit suicide, but she did not expect to end up like this, from the moment she saw Ye Lu gambling on stones, Ye Lu had brought one accident after another, and because of Ye Lu, she had already accomplished one of her two purposes of coming to Liaocheng.

The joy of her breakthrough had made her forget about finding the breast enlargement pills for the time being, and now she was looking forward to Ye Lu turning her “Ice and Fire Gloves” into a “Xuan-rank” magic weapon.

“Yes, Ye Lu is so powerful!”

Gu Shiqi, who was beside Long Fei Xue, also looked at Ye Lu and murmured.

She had only occasionally come into contact with Ye Lu because he could appraise antiques, but she didn’t expect that Ye Lu could do so many things besides appraisal, and she even didn’t expect that the Gu family would defuse a huge crisis because of Ye Lu, knowing that this basket case her dad, Gu Yanqiu, had stirred up had almost ruined the Gu family, and almost ruined her as well.

However, all this was not a problem in front of Ye Luo.

The people of the Xuantian Clan looked at Ye Lu and said nothing in silence, as they no longer knew what to say, and the crowd of the Wuji Clan was the same.

Ye Luo then said indifferently.

“Go and wake up all your brothers and sisters, I don’t really want to hurt them, I hope you will behave yourselves, don’t take the path of seeking death in the future, if you don’t do it, you won’t die, you can go.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Qing Yangzi and Dan Yun Daoist both looked ashamed, they had just put in all their efforts to kill Ye Luo, but Ye Luo didn’t kill any of their people, he just knocked them unconscious and taught them a lesson.

The headmaster Liu Qingyun, who was watching this scene, suddenly remembered a very old song.

“Guts like iron, bones like fine steel, a heart of a hundred thousand feet, a vision of ten thousand miles.”

He felt that this lyric was the most apt way to describe Ye Lu, bold, with bones, and at the same time open-minded and bold.

“Alright, alright, everyone calm down for a while, pack up your things and find your people.”

Ye Lu looked at the crowd and said in a loud voice.

“Those men are unreliable, but, we can’t let them expose their bodies to the wilderness, let’s wake them all up, I didn’t lay a deadly hand on them, I hope they live with a bit of backbone in the future.”

Hearing that everyone was not dead, this made those bodyguards, and family members breathe a sigh of relief, they were really worried that Ye Lu had let those spooky bats eat all these people.

Eating them into a pile of white bones, even the police wouldn’t know how to build a case for investigation, right, just like the countless white bones of people and demonic beasts around here.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

At this time, however, Jasmine pointed at Ren Yi and Ren Yao who were not far away and said.

“Those two brothers were just badly injured in order to help you, so I guess it will be a bit troublesome to move around.”

Seeing Ye Luo looking at himself, Ren Yao then smiled and waved his hand at Ye Luo, not taking the injuries on his body seriously at all, which made Ye Luo couldn’t help but smile as well.

“Give them these pills, apply them externally and take them internally at the same time, I guess they will be much better in a while, and this ‘Marrow Cleansing Pill’ will be given to Ren Yao.”

After saying that, Ye Lu waved to Gu Shiqi and Long Feixue in the distance, then turned around and walked towards the woods, with those terrifying “ghost bats” following him closely.

After walking into the woods, Ye Lu looked at the “ghost bats” and said with a smile.

“Alright, give me the inner pellet of the demon beast.”

Of course, Ye Lu couldn’t give these “ghost bats” such good things as “demon pellets”, which were good materials for refining pills and weapons.

The leaders of the “ghost bats” with golden patterns were obviously a bit reluctant, but in the end, they were good enough to put all three “demon pills” into Ye Lu’s hand.

The fiery red one was the demon pellet of the Fiery Red Fire Panther, the green one was the demon pellet of the giant python, and the black one was the demon pellet of the black sable, with the fiery red one being the strongest.

In fact, not all lower-ranked demon beasts had demon pellets, but of course, the Beast Alliance’s “Original Spirit Beasts” could not be compared to ordinary demon beasts, as they were cultivated from the time they were hatched, so basically, every “Original Spirit Beast” had a demon pellet.

“Hey, with this Python’s ‘Demon Pill’, I’ll have a way to help that ‘Two-Headed Love Snake’ make some pills to help it grow.”

Ye Lu looked at the green-coloured demon pellet and began to think.

Now that there were no gong methods for Gushiki and the girls to cultivate, improving the ‘Two-Headed Love Snake’ as soon as possible should be the best way to find a helper for Gushiki.

After seeing the Beast Alliance’s demonic beasts, Ye Lu also wanted to get them and himself a demonic beast to play with, but he didn’t know the Beast Alliance well, and it was possible that the Beast Alliance would find out about this incident, so he felt that it was better to stay away from the Beast Alliance.

“Alright, little bats, you guys are free to go, I’m going to take a bath.”

Ye Lu sent those “ghost bats” away first, he felt that after those people had just seen the “ghost bats”, they would not dare to make enemies with him easily.

Soon, the river was in sight, and Ye Lu jumped in and washed up.

On the other side of the clearing, everyone was packing up their things and people, and many of those who had been knocked unconscious looked bewildered when they got up.

“Is it over? Where are those demonic beasts? Have we been saved?”

“Where’s Ye Lu? Did they fight to death?”


The others explained the situation to them.

The people from the Xuantian Clan had originally come to trouble Ye Lu, but now that the matter had turned out like this, they felt their faces were shameless, so they simply led their people away.

The people from the Wuji Clan, on the other hand, thought for a while, then walked up to Gouxiqi, and Daoist Dan Yun gave Gouxiqi a salute and said.

“Please speak to Master Ye Lu in a moment, say that we were forced to do so just now, thank you to him for not remembering us and not killing us, and we have no face to see him, we are very sorry, please help us bring this apology to Ye Lu.”

In response to Daoist Master Dan Yun’s words, Gu Shiqi just gave an angry cold snort, she had long felt very angry at the way these straw men had acted.

Seeing Gu Shiqi’s attitude, Daoist Master Dan Yun had no choice but to sigh, and then led his men away.

Jasmine and the others had already brought water to give the medicine to Ren Yi and Ren Yao, and Ren Yi was happy to see that Jasmine had brought a “Marrow Cleansing Pill”.

Paeonia said as she applied the medicine to Ren Yao, while looking at him.

“I didn’t expect you to look so skinny, but you’re actually quite courageous, a man.”

Seeing that Paeony was complimenting himself, Ren Yao said with a heated smile.

“That’s for sure, I’m a 24K pure man, don’t underestimate me, you’re famous in the capital as a ‘high wealthy and handsome’, you know?”

The first time I heard Ren Yao’s increasingly outrageous bullSh*t, Paeonia didn’t say she was angry, she suddenly felt that men didn’t seem to be as scary as Master had said.

On the other side, Gu Shiqi looked at Long Feixue and said with some reluctance.

“Sister Long, do you really have to leave at night? Stay a few more days, I’ll miss you.”

Long Feixue, however, shook her head and said.

“I can’t, there are still a lot of things I need to help take care of at home, I’ve been out for quite a long time, and I’ve finished my business, thanks for the bracelet, I know I can’t buy such a good bracelet with the little money I paid.”

Gu Shiqi then said with a smile.

“Don’t say that, Sister Long, such a bracelet would not be a waste for my sister to wear, when I come across another good one, I will give it to you again.”

After this period of contact, the two girls’ relationship was indeed getting better and better.

In fact, what Gu Shiqi did not know was that this sister of hers, Sister Long, was not simple, her other identity was actually the chairman of a big company, or the beautiful president as everyone often said, but why did the big chairman have a very low status in the family?

Because, the family values cultivation talent more, and only those who have little cultivation talent, or feel that there is little hope for cultivation will be placed to work in the family’s business.

On the other side of the Hundred Flowers Clan, Paeony was surprised to find that Ren Yi and Ren Yao’s wounds were healing at an alarming rate.

She looked at the pills in her hand with some surprise, and she realised more and more that Ye Lu might be an endless treasure trove, and she felt that she should make more use of this treasure trove of Ye Lu before it was discovered.