Skillful Guard Chapter 1259

The silence of the sea is silent, except for the sea breeze.

The silence was unbearable.

Qin Hai felt comfortable as he sat cross-legged on his whale brother’s broad back, his bronze mask already put away, with a look of satisfaction on his face.

He was satisfied with himself, of course.

Before entering the bronze coffin, apart from his spiritual will surviving, his entire body, including his heart and brain, had stopped working and had even suffered a great degree of decay, a condition that would never have survived.

But the hidden secrets of the Dragon Quest lineage were clearly enough to shock people.

The bronze coffin nourished his soul, while his flesh was inside the coffin, constantly nourished by spiritual qi. Moreover, the bronze coffin was in the hinterland of Kyushu, where the lifeblood of the world’s qi is located, and the spiritual qi it contained was naturally surprisingly powerful.

With Qin Xiaoya’s blood, his spiritual will and his new body were perfectly aligned, and with the blessing of the Dragon Map of Kyushu, it was only natural that he would come back from the dead.

At this moment, he is.

His entire body was filled with majestic power.

The Dragon Blood Dan in his dantian has been restored, with nine divine dragons twisting around it, emitting an eerie golden light, far more than three years ago in terms of appearance and practicality. The revolver of Gusuke’s kind could not cause any damage at all.

It can be said.

Now, Qin Hai’s physical body was the most perfect that mankind had ever been able to achieve.

All that was needed was to break the shackles of the Dragon Blood Great Elixir to complete the astounding transformation of his body into a divine dragon.

Three years of sedimentation.

His Dragon Seeking Dao Skill was still at the sixth level though.

But it was already different from the past.

It could even be said to be a difference of clouds and mud.

Qin Huayang pointed out all his shortcomings and the directions he needed to improve. With his perfect physical body and the blessing of the Kyushu Dragon Diagram, he had made up for all his shortcomings, and all six layers of the Dragon Seeking Dao Technique had reached the point of perfection.

When Qin Huayang had said that he was unbearably weak, it was not a blow to him at all, but the truth.

Killing a doorman who was similar to him three years ago was just like killing a dog, and that was proof enough.


He had already entered a state of cultivation. Perhaps he knew that he did not like to be disturbed, so Brother Whale took him and slowly sank into the water. Unlike before, those underwater creatures that were like moths that fluttered to the flame when they saw Qin Hai cultivating were trembling and did not dare to move a bit when Qin Hai passed by.

The innate suppression.

It was no joke!

Early morning three days later.

Sunny Times Hotel.

When Su Hanxia arrived at the hotel, Liu Hong had been waiting for a long time. After Su Hanxia had a morning meeting, he went to the office with her, the office’s tone was unchanged, still cold and black and white, Liu Hong had long been used to it, he had stuffed some precious pieces into this side for three years, but all of them were thrown away by Su Hanxia.

“How’s it going.”

Su Hanxia asked.

Liu Hong said, “We’ve found out clearly, it’s people from the 7th Search Section, they are very shrewd and have been lurking around us for three years, without the matter of the little girl, we might not have noticed until long after.”

“Where are the people?” Su Hanxia asked.

Liu Hong said, “Killed.”

Su Hanxia nodded and said, “Keep inventorying, I don’t want to see any more time bombs.”

“I have already made arrangements.” Liu Hong said, “It’s just that some people are lurking very deep, not the least of which are those from the Nine Mysteries, three years on and the thief’s heart is still alive.”


The gloom in Su Hanxia’s gaze flickered as she said, “Deal with all of them if you can, for three years they have been thinking of corrupting the black and white sectors of Penghai all the time, if we don’t fight back, we will be in a very passive position.”

Liu Hong opened his mouth.

But did not say more.

He actually wanted to say that with our current power in Penghai, it was simply not enough for them to see.

It was only due to the residual power of the mad massacre in Penghai before Qin Hai’s death, and the care of a few old men in Yanjing, that we were able to maintain a certain level of solidity, otherwise we would have fallen apart long ago.

How could Su Hanxia not understand this?

But she didn’t want to watch the mountain that Qin Hai had built up in the past come to an end.

Even if it did fall apart, she would have to die in front of it.

With her eyes looking firmly at the scimitar across the desk, she said in a deep voice, “Go and prepare.”


Liu Hong glanced at the scimitar.

The blade had not seen blood in three years.

Yet whenever he saw the scimitar, he still felt like a manacle.

It was as if Qin Hai was watching from the underworld.

Silently, he retreated.

Su Hanxia got up, gripped her scimitar and walked to the floor-to-ceiling window, her gaze deep and morose.

Liu Hong, after leaving the hotel, went straight to a clubhouse. In the office, Lei Lao-Ba was half lying on the sofa watching TV, while Mo Lin was polishing a lance at the side, seeing him return, Lei Lao-Ba said, “What’s up?”

“What else can I do.” Liu Hong helplessly poured himself a glass of wine and took a sip, “The one who should be killed should be killed, the boss’s wife is playing the game of breaking the rules, just like Master Qin more and more.”

“She had to do it.”

Mo Lin shook his hand lance, said: “Duan Mu He in Yanjing to face the pressure of the entire Nine Mysteries directly, the recent conflict more and more, he simply can not be distracted to take care of Penghai side, and our situation has been very awkward, heh, the remaining remnants of Qin Hai, even if those big forces do not take action, once he killed the curmudgeon to throw armor for three years to endure, should not be able to hold back. ”

“Come one kill one!”

Lei Lao-Ba said in a murderous voice.

Liu Hong said, “The problem is, to kill we have to kill enough to make people not dare to provoke, but our current situation, making a big fuss will only put ourselves in the limelight, when those big powers look at us, exterminating us is just like playing, unless we are running towards the Island of Ultimate Bliss.”

“There must be a way before the car reaches the mountain, I just don’t believe it, there is no solution!” Lei Laobai got up and said, “Molin, you take care of Master Qin’s family, once they can’t hold on, especially the boss’s wife, even if she is knocked out, she must be taken to Extreme Bliss Island, never let any accidents happen to her!”

“No problem!” Molin said in a deep voice.

And at this time.

Lei Laobai’s mobile phone rang again, he took it out and found that it was Jing Yuyao calling, he picked up the phone and before he could ask anything, he heard Jing Yuyao say, “There are a few people you’ve been trying to kill who want to take the sword, so get ready to meet the enemy!”