Skillful Guard Chapter 1257

Gusuke didn’t dare turn around.

Because he was afraid to see what he least expected to see.

But behind him already sounded the familiar sultry voice: “Sensei.”

“Xu Nuo!”

Gusuke’s eyes narrowed.

He turned around abruptly, but saw Xu Nuo, who was now covered in blood, looking at himself with confused eyes.

“What have you done?” Gu Suke asked with a shudder.

Xu Nuo looked down at the knife in her hand, she was getting more and more confused and her tone carried a few moments of disbelief: “I killed your family, but why did I kill them? Teacher, can you tell me the answer?”


Gu Suke’s eyes were filled with tears.

He could never have imagined that his most prized student would end up in this state, that he would personally kill his own family.

“Qin Dahai! You devil!”

Gu Suke roared.

That roar was desperate and then angry.

He turned around and tried to fight Qin Hai, but immediately afterwards, he felt a sharp pain in his lower back, and with his mouth wide open, he stiffened and turned his head, staring dumbfounded at Xu Nuo, who had stabbed him.

“Teacher, why do I want to kill you?” Xu Nuo asked, confused and uncomprehending.

Gusuke was already too sore to speak and could only watch as Xu Nuo pulled out the knife and then proceeded to stab himself in the stomach.

The blood offering kept flowing.

Xu Nuo looked at the pained face and became more and more confused.

“Three years ago, this good student of yours presumed to hypnotise me, only to be counter-hypnotised by my master, and now I am hypnotising her because I think it would be more perfect for her to do it for me.” Qin Hai said indifferently, “Because this will not dirty my hands, Gu Suke, will you die with a clear conscience?”

Gu Suke coughed.

He could no longer speak.

Because the knife in Xu Nuo’s hand had already stabbed through his heart.

The rapid loss of life force caused his eyes to lose their sparkle and gradually turn grey, leaving a little regret at last, not knowing whether he regretted not being able to kill Qin Hai completely or the way he had treated him, but it was all too late.

Qin Dahai did not even look at the corpse lying on the ground.

He slowly walked forward and said, “Kill yourself.”

Xu Nuo looked at the knife full of blood in his hand in confusion, and then stabbed it into his heart without hesitation.

The final moment when life drained away.

She came to her senses.

But just as late, the tears kept flowing.

She looked spitefully at Qin Hai, who had put on a mask and left, ending this sad life.

And not far away, in a villa.

Su Hanxia sat in front of the window, a glass of red wine in her hand, gazing at the bright moon in the sky, Xiao Ling’er was already asleep, and as for the reason why she was here, she also knew that it was because someone had deliberately compelled her, and as for the person who had compelled her, I believe Liu Hong would investigate it clearly.

At this moment, her mind was filled with the figure of the strangely dressed masked man in the daytime.

The familiarity of it made her unsettled.

Only no matter how hard she tried, she could not find out what the source of that familiarity actually was.

It made it almost impossible for her to sleep.

She could only drink a glass of red wine, which in fact had become a daily habit before she fell asleep, because when she was drunk, she always forgot some of her sorrows and thoughts.

When the bottle of red wine was downed by her.

Her delicate face was already red.

Her eyes also had a few moments of ecstasy.

But at that moment, a sharp knock on the door brought her back to her senses.

Her face returned to its usual coldness and when she opened the door to the house, she found Lui Lao-Ba standing in the doorway with an odd expression on his face and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Something’s happened.”

Lei Lao-Ba said in a deep voice, “Gusuke is dead.”

Su Hanxia’s gaze flashed sharply as she said, “How did he die?”

“Unknown.” Lei Laobach shook his head and said, “The whole family of twelve people, including his most prized student, Xu Nuo, a member of the Seventh Search Section, are all dead!”

“Damn it!”

Su Hanxia’s tone had a few more moments of unrest in it.

The only regret was not being able to watch him die!

At this moment, Lei Laobai’s mobile phone rang, he picked up the phone and said no more than two sentences before hanging up, said: “Five minutes ago, Yan Haoming died, it seems that he took a knife and dug out his own heart.”

Su Hanxia narrowed her eyes.

She thought of the mysterious masked man.

“Our plan, it seems, is over.” Lei Lao-Ba’s tone was full of strangeness as he said, “Apparently, someone has struck harder than us.”

But that was just said.

His gaze suddenly froze and he looked to the side expansively, only to see a guy holding a katana and dressed in a kimono walking down the corridor, the man’s pace was not fast, but with every step he took, the murderous aura on his body solidified a few points, and underneath the murderous aura was hidden grief and hatred, as well as a few strands of pain.

Lei Lao-Ba gave a cold snort, and the murderous aura on his body surged out.

“Seventh Search Section, First Expert Gatekeeper!” Lei Lao-Ba sneered, “What can I teach you?”


The door guard said in a gruff voice.

Although he didn’t make a move, this word “kill” seemed like a sharp knife slashing at him. Lei Lao Ba gave an angry shout, shattering the invisible sharp knife, but his heart became more and more alert, being able to make it this far, he felt that this door guard, in his peak state, should be half a catty and half a catty as the Qin Hai three years ago.

So he could not be careless.

With a wave of his hand, he said, “Please!”

The doorman took a deep look at Su Hanxia, his gaze determined, before resting on Lei Laobai, and said in a cold voice, “Please!”

He was a warrior after all.

Although he was in the Seventh Search Section, he nevertheless did not have Gusuke’s underhanded energy.

This was what Lei Lao Hachi was thankful for, otherwise the doorman in front of him would have been bent on killing Su Hanxia and would not have been able to stop himself.

The two arrived and exited the hotel.

They came to the beach where the silence was spread with bright moonlight.

The sea breeze was stern and the atmosphere was stern.

The two of them were three feet apart, and in his hand was Lei Lao-Ba’s ring-headed sword, which had been with him for three years, and had drunk countless blood in the past three years.

Su Hanxia was standing not far away.

She looked on quietly.

A battle was about to break out.

With one lapping of the waves.

The two moved at the same time.

The gatekeeper’s left hand, which held the sword, flicked, and the katana was instantly sheathed and held in his right hand. With a sprint and a gulp, the two swords clashed together, and the huge force kept shaking, without the two men taking a step back.


Very tacitly, the duo withdrew their swords at the same time.

The previous slash was a form of etiquette, a sign of respect for the opponent, and a manifestation of one’s conviction and determination, like a sheathed sword that never returns to its sheath until one has killed the enemy.

Qin Hai appeared silently under a tree not far away, with a playful and curious gaze, “Old Eight, let me see how much you have grown!”