Skillful Guard Chapter 1253

Leaving the Great Hall.

Descended those heavenly steps.

As they walked on the level ground, the group could not help but look back.

But they were shocked to find that the lofty mountain and the four peaks had long since disappeared, leaving behind only a barren landscape.

“It’s like a dream.”

Qin Xiaoya couldn’t help but whisper.

With another glance at the short sword in their hands and the mysterious masked man, all of them knew that the scene they had just witnessed was not a dream at all.

Professor Qian was a little bitter, but held back when he thought of the masked man’s unblinking methods of killing people.

“How do we go?”

Wang Half-Man couldn’t help but ask.

Although the lofty mountain was gone, but the Nine-Nine Great Formation was still there, the masked man just waved his hand without saying much and led the way straight ahead, he did not follow the way he entered before, but was ready to go straight through, Qin Xiaoya hesitated for a while, but Wang Half-Man laughed heatedly and said, “Just go, it’s fine.”

With that, he was the first to follow.

The remaining few people looked at each other, thinking that this Wang Half-Man must know something, otherwise he wouldn’t be so sure.

But when they saw that the two of them had stepped into the woods without any strange appearance, they were all relieved and hurried to follow them. The journey through the jungle was calm and, like the high mountains, when they turned back, the sparse woods were gone, still barren, and in front of them, the long, narrow gorge appeared.

In the middle of the canyon, miasma was rampant.

Wang Half-Man frowned, and then looked at the masked man.

The masked man gestured slightly before stepping forward. This time it was Qin Xiaoya who did not hesitate, except that there was more than a little excitement in her eyes, following the masked man closely, wanting to say something, only to find all the words stuck in her throat and unable to come out.

In the end, she had to sulk and lower her head.

As the masked man stepped into the gorge, the miasma retreated.

A few people were amazed again.

They knew that Professor Qian had only inhaled a little of the miasma earlier and had nearly died.

The journey was wordless.

Once they had crossed the gorge.

The crowd was turning back and the canyon had disappeared without a trace, replaced by a barren mountain.

But a few people were not surprised, while Wang Hanman muttered, “I’m glad I got out alive, I really don’t want to come back here.”

“It’s a pity about the Great Yu’s tomb.” Professor Qian was still haunted.

Qin Xiaoya laughed, “Professor, didn’t you even take a picture? In saying that, don’t we still have a person who came out of Dayu’s tomb here.”

Professor Qian’s eyes instantly lit up.

The masked man had emerged from the bronze coffin, and that origin must have had more than enough connections to Dayu.

Only when they were looking at the position of the masked man, they found that the masked man had disappeared, like a gust of wind, without a trace.

“Where is the man?”

Professor Qian asked in a panic.

Liu Ru gulped, “They were here a moment ago.”

“Gone.” Huang Ying stretched and said, “No matter what else, just his origins are enough to cause shock in the world, no one who isn’t a fool could be with us.”

The old painting instead said, “Do you think it could be a ghost?”

“Yes, it’s a ghost.” Wang Half-Man then smiled all over to Old Painting and said, “That ghost has a very heavy Yin energy, Old Painting, you’d better not use the beads he gave you, I’ll find a place to bury them for you, otherwise it will harm people and yourself.”

The old painting narrowed his eyes before cursing, “Gua-wazi, get lost!”

Wang Hanman instantly bristled.

Huang Ying rolled his eyes and said, “I say, Master, with your skills, it’s just a treasure pearl, it’s not that you can’t afford it.”

“You don’t know shit.” Wang Half-Man cursed.

A bead in the Great Yu’s treasure trove, could that be a simple bead? The masked man’s words about living a long life were all modest, just this bead was a child’s play as long as it was worn all year round, renewing one’s life and prolonging one’s life.

Qin Xiaoya was in a very low mood.

When Huang Ying saw her, she smiled and went up to her, saying, “Xiao Ya? What’s wrong?”


Qin Xiaoya took a deep breath and said, “I hope I can still see him again.”

Wang Half-Man hemmed and hawed, but didn’t say much.

That was also the time.

A few helicopters suddenly flew in the air in the distance, and after hovering overhead for a while, a single heavily armed soldier quickly descended and looked warily at Qin Xiaoya’s group, but several people weren’t much worried because the leader was the wind and wave captain Lin Feng, but Lin Feng’s face was very serious.

The earlier apparition had shocked the world.

Lin Feng, who was originally in a nearby military area, had rushed over almost as fast as he could.


Skywolf and Simon Bai Ling saluted.

Lin Feng didn’t say much, but took out a tablet and handed it over, a group of people were curious and came up to it, but they saw that the brief video was showing the image of nine divine dragons travelling through the air, the divine dragons on this image had a form but no reality, and looked somewhat unreal.

“Is this?”

Wang Half-Man narrowed his eyes.

Lin Feng said, “According to the satellite monitoring, these nine divine dragons are formed by a mysterious energy, but the time of appearance is extremely brief, it’s too late to analyze, and this is directly below the previous apparition, do you know what’s going on?”

The crowd looked at each other and then gave a speech about their experience after stepping into the hinterland of Kyushu. Lin Feng, as if he was listening to a heavenly book, pointed to the barren mountain behind them and said, “You are telling me that this was the canyon leading to the tomb of Great Yu in the centre of Kyushu just a few minutes ago, and in the tomb of Great Yu, a masked man of unknown age was resurrected to trigger the heaven and earth vision? ”

The crowd nodded their heads.

Lin Feng said with a black face, “You guys are fooling me.”

“I wouldn’t dare!”

Skywolf was busy saying.

Lin Feng also knew that Sky Wolf and Simon Bai Ling would never tell lies, if all this was true, it would be a really big event, he said in a deep voice: “This matter is included in the top secret document, no one is allowed to say anything, otherwise it will be punished as treason, Professor Qian, the information you have collected should be submitted immediately, we will ask the chief for instructions, you should be able to continue your research. ”

Professor Qian was busy nodding his head.

And at this time, more helicopters arrived, all constantly checking the surroundings, but there was nothing suspicious.

Seeing this, Lin Feng had no choice but to put this place off-limits for the time being, and led the crowd onto the plane to leave.

And just a short distance away, on top of the mountain.

The masked man was standing there, his long brocade robe and hair fluttering in the wind, hunting, looking at the distant helicopter, he slowly took off his mask, revealing a firm and handsome face, a smile hanging on his lips if anything, and said softly, “Xiao Ya, thank you.”

And then, he slowly turned around and looked into the distance.

The originally soft gaze turned ghastly at this time, and the clear, bright and radiant eyes were like a morbid hell, making people not dare to look straight at them: “Three years have passed, have you ever forgotten me, Qin Hai?”