Skillful Guard Chapter 1252

A casually slim but mysteriously ancient black jade brocade robe with dragon motifs, long dark ink-like hair reaching to the waist, a white jade python belt around the waist, and a pair of black gold-printed gaiters at his feet.

His body is erect.

Standing on the bronze coffin, he gives off a topsy-turvy majesty.

It is an aura that comes from being powerful to a certain level.

Everyone wanted to see his face, but unfortunately he was wearing a bronze mask that looked like anger or a smile, except for one pair of eyes that were still exposed.


Qin Xiaoya was still held in mid-air by that soft force.

She looked at the masked man who had suddenly appeared in silence.

The tears in her eyes never stopped.

The masked man was also looking at her, with a softness in his gaze that was heart-warming.

But it was also this moment of warmth and looking at each other.

The sound of an angry curse suddenly rang out, “This should be mine!”

“Death-seeking thing.”

Wang Half-Man bristled, looking at Ryuichi Takeuchi like a dead man.

The masked man twisted his head and looked over, then his body flickered, only in the blink of an eye but already appeared in front of Takeuchi Ryuichi. Takeuchi Ryuichi was startled and before he could make a move, he felt his body flying out at an extremely fast speed, and then in the stunned gaze of the crowd, his head smashed against the cave wall and his body fell into the bottomless cave.

“Kill him!”

Ryuichi Takeuchi’s female companion bellowed grimly.

One by one, the mercenary henchmen raised their guns, but just before they could pull the trigger, all of them flew backwards, falling directly into the cave below in a struggle and a cry.

The eastern pussy became a bare-bones commander in the blink of an eye.

She gripped her shuriken and tried to rush up, only to look into the calm gaze of the masked man and she trembled, despair spreading.

Only to see the masked man raise his hand in a slow, deliberate manner.

Advancing ever forward.

She gulped and at that moment she actually felt like going to kill herself, but she didn’t have that chance at all. With a push from the masked man’s hand, she let out a miserable scream and fell straight down the altar.

“Still so ruthless.”

Wang Hanman’s heart twitched, lowering his head and not daring to take a breath.


Zhao Shan shrieked miserably.

Watching Ryuichi Takeuchi and the others die just like that, he headed for the rope bridge in fear, but before he could run out of it, a cold grunt like a muffled thunder shook his whole body directly, and then in a trance he went over the parapet of the rope bridge and jumped down.

“Zhao Shan!”

Professor Qian cried out sadly.

Although it pained him to change, he was his student at the end of the day.

As if the masked man had done something insignificant and trivial, with his figure in a flash, he appeared in front of Qin Xiaoya again.

“Hey, you!”

Huang Ying exclaimed, just before he could finish his sentence, he was covered by Wang Half-Man: “You’re looking for death! Shut up!”

Huang Ying whimpered a few times, but Wang Half-Man was so strong that he couldn’t break free and could only look at Qin Xiaoya worriedly.

The right hand of the masked man slowly reached out and placed it on Qin Xiaoya’s injured abdomen. Qin Xiaoya only felt a tremor throughout her body, and then felt a mysterious and unpredictable energy coming from the heart of the strange masked man’s hand.

“How powerful!”

Qin Xiaoya exclaimed in amazement.

The masked man, on the other hand, flicked his sleeve, and she was landing on her feet peacefully, alive and vibrant.


The masked man spoke.

The voice was unfamiliar, but there were a few moments of familiarity.

Qin Xiaoya frowned, staring at the masked man with a deadly stare, but could not see any clues at all. In the blink of an eye, the masked man had already walked onto the rope bridge.

“Let’s go!”

Wang Half-Man was also busy shouting.

Professor Qian shot up at this point and said excitedly, “This, this is simply a miracle, he? What dynasty is he from? How can he still be alive, my God!”

“Cut the crap!”

Wang Half-Man said with dissatisfaction, “The hinterland of Kyushu is the lifeblood of China, if you don’t want China to be in chaos don’t forget about this place, if it wasn’t for this, this masked man appearing this time, do you know that the tragedy of decades ago would have been repeated! Let’s go! Damn, I almost fell for that Ryuichi Takeuchi, if the ancestor knew about it, he would have popped out of his grave and chopped me alive.”

Professor Qian was resigned.

But Huang Ying held the old man up and headed for the rope bridge, saying, “You’ve taken pictures, there’s enough for you to study, don’t get any ideas here, is your research important or the lifeblood of the country?”

Qin Xiaoya, Liu Ru and the old man wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.

So they all followed the masked man and went.

They walked back up the steps of the tunnel, only unlike before they came in, they came out of the entrance to a treasure vault, which was decorated with ancient weapons, as well as gold and silver treasures, and the crowd just gulped as they watched. The masked man casually beckoned, and a treasure pearl the size of a dragon’s eye fell into his hand, and then threw it to Old Painting.

The old painting was a little flustered and at a loss for words as he looked at the bead in his hand; although he had seen little, he knew it was worth a fortune.

“You received a slap for no reason in the first place, and suffered the pain of this slap for more than forty years, this bead can guarantee you a long life since, and pay back the karma of that year, are you willing?” The masked man asked.

The old painting gulped and said, “I don’t want this bead, I’m too old to hold on to it, I don’t care about that slap anymore.”

“Take it!”

Wang Half-Man gave a low bellow, his eyes glowing a little as he looked at the bead.

The masked man glared at him, and Wang Half-Man smiled sarcastically twice and said, “I’ll say a word for him.”

“Take it.” The masked man spoke again.

The old painting was not pretentious, and with a heated smile he stuffed the beads into his pocket, and then the masked man probed his hand again, and a short bronze sword entered his hand, which was forged in bronze but also mixed with heavenly meteorites, and was incomparably sharp, and had beautiful flower patterns on it, and he handed it to Qin Xiaoya.

“For me?” Qin Xiaoya asked incredulously.

The masked man nodded and said in a soft voice, “Since you are practising martial arts, this sword will be given to you for your defence.”


Qin Xiaoya obviously liked it.

Taking the short sword, he hemmed and hawed.

“Let’s go!”

The masked man said no more.

With a wave of the masked man’s hand, the Nine Cauldrons turned without wind, and then returned to the arrangement before they came, and the dark door was again guarded, and could only be opened the next time the Nine Yin broke.

Stepping out of the Great Hall.

The masked man turned around and looked at the Nine Cauldrons in the hall, and suddenly knelt down on one knee: “I bid farewell to my ancestor, and once I go, I will abide by the rules of the sect and protect the people of Kyushu.

A gust of fresh wind blew.

The masked man slowly rose up, and the bronze door of the great hall, too, slowly closed.