Skillful Guard Chapter 1251

Huang Ying, who had been watching this Qin Xiaoya, almost went mad and roared, “B*tch, get out of my way!”

But Ryuichi Takeuchi gave a grim laugh.

With a palm, he forced Wang Half-Man back and stopped Huang Ying at the same time.

And the smirk on that Eastern Japanese woman’s face grew colder and colder, and the broken knife in her hand was eerie.

Qin Xiaoya covered her abdomen and retreated a few steps, supported by Liu Ru. Tian Wolf and Ximen Bai Ling also noticed the place, but they could not spare their hands, they could only secretly Zhao Ji.

“His grandmother!”

Old Painting cursed, and then was about to fire his shotgun.

But Zhao Shan came out of nowhere and pounced on Old Painting, and the two of them wrestled, making the already messy altar even more chaotic.


Qin Xiaoya felt a twinge of pain in her abdomen.

Seeing the woman coming with a knife, she was busy pushing Liu Ru away, her blood-covered hands holding the B*tch’s wrists.


The Eastern Japanese woman sn*ggered, mocking Qin Xiaoya’s insolence, and at the same time, with a gulp, her knee hit Qin Xiaoya’s already wounded abdomen, causing her to nearly faint from the pain, and bending down, the Eastern Japanese woman grabbed Qin Xiaoya’s hair, and the broken knife in her hand kept gesturing at Qin Xiaoya’s pale face.

“Damn it!”

Huang Ying cursed angrily.

A flash of despair flashed in Qin Xiaoya’s eyes, she was simply powerless to resist as blood continued to flow from her abdomen, dripping onto the altar, above those formation inscriptions.

That was also when this Eastern twat violently raised her hand to kill her with a slash.

A strange phenomenon arose!

A dragon roars!

It resonated through the sky!

The bronze coffin that had been suspended in the air shook violently, and a majestic force rushed out, blasting the body of that eastern B*tch, causing her to fly backwards, while Qin Xiaoya felt a soft force slowly hold her, a warm feeling that made her tremble, but her eyes were full of tears at some point.

“What’s going on!”

The sudden outburst of powerful force made everyone’s whole body drip with cold sweat in fright, abandoning their respective opponents and gathering on either side, looking at Qin Xiaoya who was suspended in the air, each one dumbfounded.

The faint golden glow of that formation inscription that was flickering at this moment, the blood that flowed down from Qin Xiaoya’s body, slowly following the lines of the formation at this moment, kept converging together and slowly floating in the air again.


There was a loud sound.

On the four corners of the altar, a thin silvery-white thread slowly extended out from the statue of the Four Spiritual Beasts, and after winding around several times, it rushed into the blood in the air at the same time, and as the silvery thread entered, a huge life force comparable to that of a ten-thousand-year-old ancient tree suddenly came out from the blood.

“What is this?”

Someone asked in horror.

But Wang Half-Man’s eyes glowed, “Raise the dead! Raise the dead!”

He seemed to understand, but didn’t say it all, just looked hopefully at the bronze coffin.

“That’s mine!”

Ryuichi Takeuchi’s shadowy face was filled with greed.

He leapt to his feet.

Just before he could touch the blood, the bronze coffin struck out with an invisible force that blasted him directly to the ground, causing him to spit blood furiously.


Wang Half-Man mocked.

And at this time, the thin silver threads on the statue of the Four Spiritual Beasts terminated, and the blood that exuded a majestic life force suddenly rushed and struck directly into the bronze coffin, and the whole coffin seemed to have been given life, and the crowd could even hear the majestic and powerful sound of a heartbeat.

The formation inscriptions on the altar became brighter and brighter.

Everyone dared not utter a single breath.

And it was at this time.

A mysterious, ancient and rousing tune suddenly resounded throughout the cave, as if millions of people were beating on drums, and millions of people were chanting an ancient ritual song.


A sound came from overhead.

The crowd, immersed in the ancient ritual song, looked up shakily.

The nine golden dragons in the sky seemed to come alive as they kept weaving around the white jade bead, dazzling light coalescing in the fullness of that bead.


As the light inside that white jade bead reached saturation.

A radiant pillar of light spilled down, directly enveloping the seemingly living bronze coffin within it.

The crowd was stimulated by the blinding pillar of light and had to dazzle their eyes, while Wang Half-Man looked at the mysterious huge stone statue out of the corner of his eye!

“Great Yu’s true body!”

He roared with excitement.

The crowd looked over.

But they saw that although the huge stone statue was still in the distance, his eyes were no longer looking at the Nine Dragons White Jade Pearl, but at the bronze coffin wrapped in a pillar of light, and the crowd could clearly feel that those eyes, which were clearly carved in stone, were filled with hope and joy.

It was as if a benevolent elder was waiting for the birth of his or her offspring.

They were shocked.

Unbeknownst to them, the outside world was equally shocked.

This majestic and magnificent miracle could be seen from thousands of miles away, and the ancient majesty that seemed to transcend history was spread throughout the world.

All those who were lucky enough to see it were trembling in their hearts and minds, and some even prostrated themselves on the ground, worshipping this ancient and powerful totem.

“What is that!”

At the top of Kunlun, the white-browed old Taoist had enough horror on his face.

The floating dust in his hand trembled from the trembling of his hands.

Below, the Kunlun disciples, led by a pair of golden girls, also looked to the east in fear. They had never imagined that the face of their master, who had always been calm and aloof, would appear frightened, so they were afraid, afraid of the terrifying pressure coming from that east.

In Yanjing.

On top of an iconic building.

The middle-aged man’s gaze was stony as he looked west, his clenched fists indicating that he was trembling; this was the second time he had felt surprisingly insignificant.

And just a short distance away from this building.

The office hall of the Hundred Flowers Cottage.

The wheelchair-bound Duanmu He laughed upwards, his tears flowing from his eyes as he laughed, that gaze carrying excitement, joy and endless excitement.

Tie Shan and Lei Lao Ba, and Ren Hongyu looked at him in confusion, they did not know why Duan Mu He, who had always been cold and calm, was laughing so happily, they only had a slight feeling that something seemed to have appeared in the West, but did not take it to heart, they were just worried about Duan Mu He who had suddenly gone mad.

In the ancient temples, on the distant island of the Pirate Alliance, and in the black prison to the south, there were people equally frightened and excited.

This sight did not last long.

It lasted just under a minute, but it had caused enough shock.

And with the disappearance of the vision, the underground of the Kyushu hinterland likewise returned to calm. The stone statue of Dayu still looked at the white jade beads, the nine dragons showed no sign of having moved at all, the formation inscriptions on the altar still showed no light, and the previous ritual song seemed like an illusionary sound.

Only everyone remained wide-eyed.

For they saw a person on the bronze coffin.