Silly Teen Chapter 89-90

Chapter 89

In the face of my question, the doctor was nodding very seriously.

He told me that if the medicine in Mr. Lin’s stomach was not washed out, it would be even more troublesome to deal with it. Although the medicine had been in Mr. Lin’s body for quite some time, there was no guarantee that Mr. Lin’s body had absorbed all the effects of the medicine.

It was between the nurses sending Ms. Lin to have her stomach pumped, and me sitting in the corridor, just waiting for the results.

I basically spent the rest of the night with Mr. Lin in the hospital.

I called Uncle Chen and told him about the fact that I wouldn’t be there. But my behaviour in recent times was also making Uncle Chen a bit worried. Uncle Chen said that if anything happened to me, remember to be the first to talk to him.

To this, I also agreed.

I looked at Mr. Lin in front of me.

Because of the side effects of gastric lavage, it was causing Mr. Lin’s face to turn a little white. I stood by Mr. Lin’s side. The bottle on the IV tube was changed several times, but Mr. Lin was still not awake under the effect of the sedative.

I waited from eleven o’clock until the arrival of four or five in the morning, more than making me uncontrollably sleepy.

I saw that Mr. Lin was still awake, so I lay down on the edge of the bed and rested for a while.

I was a very light sleeper when I suddenly felt the bed move and woke up with a jolt.

Ms. Lin, who was lying on the bed, looked at me with a stern face and clenched teeth. Her face was tinged with anger and hatred, and her eyes looked even more like she wanted to kill me. The look in her eyes made me even more ashamed of myself and made me I subconsciously wanted to avoid her gaze.

I kept my head down.

But she wanted me to lift my head up.

“Jin Chao, you have the face to do such a thing, but you don’t have the face to look at me?” Teacher Lin’s tone was very serious.

“Teacher Lin, it’s not what you think.” I said hastily.

“Oh? Then tell me how things really are!” Teacher Lin gave a cold laugh.

“The thing is ……”

My explanation reached my mouth, but it suddenly stuck. I suddenly realized that even if my words were to come out, Teacher Lin would definitely not believe me! Even my explanation would only make Ms. Lin even angrier. She would definitely think that I was lying to her, that I was perfunctorily talking to her!

“What’s wrong? Don’t know what to make up from?” Teacher Lin was so angry that her body trembled a little.

“No Ms. Lin ……”

I said hurriedly.

“Then tell me, what, exactly, is going on?” Teacher Lin stared at mine even more.

But I was suddenly silent again.

“You do tell me!” Mr. Lin urged me anxiously.

“I ……” I was even more powerless.

“Is it that there is nothing to say? Is it that you don’t even know how to explain?” The teacher was even more agitated, she stared at me angrily, her white face turned red with rage: “Jin Chao, you even dare to hit the teacher now, right!”

I knew I had nothing to say, so I bowed my head helplessly.

But my actions made Teacher Lin even more furious: “Jin Chao, lift your head up!”

I felt my body stiffen a little. Between slowly raising my head, I drew a look of hatred from Teacher Lin that wanted to kill me.

“Should I call the police now and have them arrest you? And let your uncle who is a police officer see what you have become now!” Between her words, Teacher Lin was so emotional that she couldn’t even stop her hands from trembling.

“Teacher Lin, calm down a bit.” I could only say this instead.

“Calm down? How do you want me to calm down?” Teacher Lin’s voice was a little louder: “If this happened to your loved ones, would you be able to calm down?”

I listened to Ms. Lin’s words, but I didn’t know how to respond to her.

I could understand her emotions at that moment.

At that time, I was taken away by 1908 and listened to Chen Tingting’s helpless cries. At that time, I was probably in the exact same state of mind as she is now.

Although that incident, because of Chen Tingting’s cooperation with 1908, was clarified. That incident, was nothing more than a fake-out in front of me. It was only a ploy to get me to fall into Chen Tingting’s trap …… but at the time, I was also desperate several times.

“Mr. Lin, if you want to if you call the police, I have no right to stop you. But before you call the police, I just want to defend myself for a moment. I, Jin Chao, am not the kind of person who is ungrateful and unrighteous. I remember all the good things that Mr. Lin has done for me in my heart. But I was more than forced to do so.”

I said with a long sigh.

“Forced? How can you be forced?” Mr. Lin almost yelled at me.

The doctor on duty outside heard the commotion and rushed in. Although this was an emergency room, there was no such requirement for quiet as inpatient units. But this was a hospital, after all, and it was important to maintain the atmosphere of hospital silence.

The doctor’s intervention, however, merely kept Ms. Lin quiet for a while.

I looked at her like that.

The way she didn’t say anything or accuse me was even more scary to me than she had been, earlier.

Ms. Lin then rushed to the doctor and asked about her condition, and the doctor explained honestly that it was no longer a serious problem. When she heard that, she even stopped hanging the last bottle. She was so angry that she pulled out the IV tube.

Because of her violence, she got an extra cut on the back of her hand.

But she ignored the doctor’s advice and walked out of the emergency room with her right hand covered.

I looked at her back.

The blood on the back of her hand was dripping onto the ground even between her departures.

And as I looked at the bloody rose blooming on the ground, my whole body froze even more. Suddenly, my head was blank and I didn’t know what to think. I walked out of the hospital in a daze, and the sky was white at 5am.

On both sides of the street, the morning market for vegetables was just beginning.

Many people were bustling with torches and streetlights, just picking out the right vegetables.

But as I walked among them, it was as if I had lost my soul.

I couldn’t help but pick up a cigarette.

Even though I was not a smoker, at this moment I wanted to use it to take the edge off. In my heart, I was even more aware of my next outcome. Although Xu Ying said that she would help me deal with it. But I had lost all confidence in Xu Ying, and I couldn’t trust her as a woman with a human face!

I even imagined the police taking me away, and the way Uncle Chen would look at me, beating his chest!

But there was nothing I could do about it.

Before I knew it, I was walking near the school.

The security guard at the gate saw that I was wearing school trousers, and let me in. But as I sat inside the cla*sroom, my whole being could not bring itself to do so.

I was about to be taken away, wasn’t I?


Chapter 90

In the empty cla*sroom, I sat alone in my seat. I was the first to arrive at school. The old me, sitting here, was a model of a third-best student. But at this time, I was burdened with the stigma of fighting, blackmail, kidnapping and strong girl F**k on my body.

Life, at times, is so dramatic and more than that, it catches people off guard.

I had my feet up on the desk.

And that was the first time I did that!

I followed the example of those delinquent students and leaned my whole body against the desk at the back, all in a very lazy manner. I couldn’t even help but light up a cigarette in the cla*sroom. I was flipping through the textbooks in front of me, but my heart was indescribably bitter.

I had already helped Xu Ying to complete her mission, so in all probability, I should be abandoned by her.

I’m no longer of any use!

“Oh ……” I let out a bitter laugh.

As the time pushed on, gradually people were walking into the cla*sroom. The first ones to come were basically all the residential students in the school. They were even a little surprised to see me in the cla*sroom already. They also noticed the cigarette ash at my feet, but didn’t say anything.

Since the incident with Guan Dongxuan, my image in their minds had instantly deteriorated.

The original ones did not approach me because they were afraid that I, the ‘sweeper’, would bring them trouble. They were afraid that after walking in with me, they would be targeted by Guan Dongxuan and the others.

But at this moment, they did not dare to approach me because of my sudden change and my sudden rise to power! They didn’t dare to approach me because I had stepped on Guan Dongxuan’s feet. They were afraid that I would take revenge on them for their previous reaction.

I looked at them with that bitter smile still on the corner of my mouth.

I, Jin Chao, had lived for so many years, and I hadn’t had many friends that I really made friends with.

That’s really enough too!

“Jin Chao, why are you here so early today?” Guo Xuefu then curiously came up to my side.

“Just something happened.”

My explanation was more like a perfunctory one.

“What happened …… Huh, why do you smell like smoke? You just smoked didn’t you!”

Guo Xuefu asked me warily.

“No.” I said in response.

The cigarette ashes I had just shaken on the floor had been swept up by the day student of the day. It was only my retort that made Guo Xuefu move even closer towards me. She sniffed carefully at me, and I subconsciously tried to dodge, but on second thought, there was no point in my hiding now even if I did.

“You’re just smoking!” Guo Xuefu looked at me with an even more intense look.

The relationship between us had eased up because of Hua. But at this moment, it was tense again.

“Xuefu, I’m sorry, I’ve let you down once again.” I said bitterly.

“Jinchao, what really happened last night?” Guo Xuefu saw that something was wrong with me and was the first to ask me.

“It’s nothing, it’s all in the past. I’ll just wait for the consequences next.”

I said with a long sigh.

“What consequences? Jin Chao, what the hell have you done!” Guo Xuefu asked me even more anxiously.

But I listened to her words, but I stood up and I turned around and walked towards the outside of the cla*sroom. But Guo Xuefu called out behind me, her voice loud, “Jin Chao, don’t tell me that you stabbed someone!” Her tone, more than anything else, was shocked and unbelievable.

Because of her words, the crowd in the cla*s froze even more.

And at the same time, the way they looked at me was even more scandalous. For her to have such a reaction, I could understand. After all, Wah went to jail because of this.

“Brother Chao, you stabbed someone?” Xu Dazhi suddenly appeared and looked at me even more surprised.

I didn’t bother to pay attention to him and was looking back at Guo Xue-fu.

I a*sured her that I definitely did not stab anyone.

But after I dropped this, I left the cla*sroom door. Xu Dazhi shouted twice behind me, and even more hurriedly followed me. For some reason, after such an experience, I suddenly wanted to smoke very badly, even though I had been smoking all morning, yet I still wanted to go to the toilet and light another one.

Guo Xuefu did not follow.

Xu Dazhi and I whiled away the time in the toilet until it was nearly time for cla*s to start, and then we walked back.

I thought if I got caught in the cla*sroom, I might even be able to take some of the heat off of Ms. Lin!

The English teacher who walked in stood right on the stage, “Students, your teacher Lin has taken the day off, it seems that something has happened at home …… During the time Lin is not here, if you have any problems, you can all come to me.”

I listened to her words, but I couldn’t help but stand up, “What, Teacher Lin took a leave of absence?”

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

The English teacher did look at me with some confusion.

“Did Teacher Lin say anything when she asked for leave?” I hurriedly asked the English teacher.

“I didn’t say anything either. Jin Chao, you are so nervous, are you looking for Mr. Lin for something?” The English teacher asked me.

“No, it’s nothing.” I responded and fell heavily onto the bench as if I had lost my support.

“Jinchao, what’s wrong with you? You’re really weird today eh!” Guo Xuefu then turned her head and told me to pay attention to the text message she had sent me.

But I watched, but put my phone away with a “Nothing” back.

Ms. Lin had taken off work but hadn’t arranged anything, so it was hard to believe that …… she hadn’t called the police at all?

That’s not right!

Given Ms. Lin’s level of anger, she would have totally gotten the police involved!

“Wait, this wouldn’t be Xu Ying going after Teacher Lin again, would it?” I snapped to attention.

That was the only possibility I could think of at that moment!

If Xu Ying used the video as blackmail, Mr. Lin would have no choice but to agree to Xu Ying’s demands. After all, what teacher would want his or her indecent video to be made public?

In between my thoughts, there was a sudden movement from the English teacher on stage.

“By the way, apart from the news about Mr. Lin, I have one more piece of news to tell you.” The English teacher suddenly said, “From today onwards, your PE teacher will be replaced by the new teacher, Mr. Zheng. I will invite Mr. Zheng in now so that you can get to know each other.”

Her words were suddenly a little strange to me.

Normally, there would never be a change of teacher while the term was in progress. And our previous PE teacher, who was a man, couldn’t have taken maternity leave with the school. Even if a family member had died, surely she would only be away for a while, not enough to change teachers.

And along with the English teacher after welcoming the new ‘Mr. Zheng’ in, I froze in my tracks.

This ……

How could it be him!