Silly Teen Chapter 81-82

Chapter 81

Fatty Zhu’s boys, looking at me standing beside them with a side of spring in my step, had expressions so wonderful they didn’t know how to describe it! They must have sensed that things were bad, so they didn’t ask Cao Ge and Brother Ah Chang what they were doing here, so they just said that Fatty Zhu wasn’t there.

Cao Ge looked at them lazily and also handed me a cigarette in front of them, showing my importance first

“Oh, Fatty Zhu isn’t here? Where’s he gone!” Cao Ge then asked at them.

“Just, it’s just that there’s a temporary matter at my sister-in-law’s end, so I asked Zhu to go over there.” Fatty Zhu’s little brother hurriedly explained.

“Then you guys hurry up and call him back.”

Cao Ge said almost like an order.

As soon as Fatty Zhu’s little brother heard this, he hesitated for a moment, but still walked to the side and took his mobile phone to make a call. But whether he was calling Fatty Zhu or not, I didn’t know. We were some distance away, and we couldn’t hear what he was saying at all. And between his words, he couldn’t stop looking in our direction.

It seemed that, in his eyes, there was a certain amount of caution and panic. It seemed that they too felt that their actions last night had barrelled out the basket!

“Brother Cao, Brother Zhu really can’t get away right now. Otherwise …… you can come back in a couple of days to look for him?” Fatty Zhu’s little brother walked back in an embarra*sed manner.

“Can’t get away? Sh*t! Fatty Zhu thinks he’s the boss of hundreds of thousands of dollars a minute, and he still can’t get away, who are you bluffing?”

Cao Ge said with great displeasure.

“Brother Cao, please calm down first. Brother Zhu really can’t leave, he doesn’t mean to be perfunctory.”

Fatty Zhu’s little brother then hurriedly said.

“I didn’t say he was trying to perfunctory me either, why are you guys so nervous?” Cao Ge then asked rhetorically. But when his words came out, it caused Fatty Zhu’s junior disciple who stood out to speak to be speechless. I was afraid that Fatty Zhu’s little brother had already told Fatty Zhu about the situation here by bending the needle, so that Fatty Zhu did not dare to appear.

Or maybe Fatty Zhu was in some hospital right now, examining his crotch, which I had kicked one after another!

“I don’t care what Fatty Zhu is daring! Get him over here right now, right now, right now!” Cao Ge bellowed solemnly.

“Didn’t you hear what Cao Ge said? Hurry up!” Achang, who was on the side, then stepped forward and said.

“If Fatty Zhu doesn’t show up in half an hour, your place will be overrun by the rest of us! If I say something, I’ll do it, and it’s not like you guys don’t know my temper.” Cao Ge exhaled a smoke ring and sneered at them.

Cao Ge’s words even made their faces look embarra*sed.

“Brother Cao, aren’t you making it difficult for us, the junior disciples?” Fatty Zhu’s little brother said with a face full of bitterness.

“Then when you guys made your move against Ah Chao, did you not think about now!” Cao Ge yelled right at them with a stern face.

“This ……”

Those minions of Fatty Zhu didn’t know how to respond. By my thinking, they must not have thought that I would be taken so seriously at Cao Ge’s end before they did it last night! They must have thought that just me, a high school student, must be a dispensable figure on Cao Ge’s side!

“Hurry up and get Fatty Zhu back to me, I won’t repeat it for the third time!” Cao Ge’s tone was all but unquestionable.

Along with Cao Ge’s words, they even realized the seriousness of the matter. The little brother who had come forward to speak hurriedly went to the side and made another call. He didn’t have to call for long, but then he came back: “Brother Cao, Brother Zhu said he would be back in a while.”

“How long is a while?”

Cao Ge asked in a condescending tone instead.

“An hour at most …… mainly because he’s really in a hurry right now, otherwise he would have come over by now.” Fatty Zhu’s little brother said.

“Then give me the phone and I’ll talk to him. Chang and I have come to the door, only for him to make me wait for him for another hour? One hour is enough time for me to tear your venue apart!” Cao said without giving any face at all. He took the phone right from Fatty Zhu’s little brother’s hand.

And the first words Cao Ge spoke to Fatty Zhu after answering the phone made the atmosphere even more tense: “Fatty Zhu, I don’t care where your people are now. Show up in fifteen minutes! Otherwise, after fifteen minutes, I will start to partly smash up your venue!”

I didn’t know what Fatty Zhu was saying on the other end of the phone, but I heard Cao Ge say in a very serious voice, “I, Cao Ge, will do what I say!”

Under the tense atmosphere, Cao Ge hung up the phone. He handed the phone back to Fatty Zhu’s boys and with a “Go!” and led us into Fatty Zhu’s place with him. Fatty Zhu’s boys looked at this scene and did not dare to stop anything.

Fatty Zhu’s mahjong hall was basically the only hall in the village, with a large area. If you want to play mahjong near you, you have to come to his place.

It was between us walking in that those people in the venue looked at us and got even more nervous.

“Everybody get out!” Cao Ge then bellowed at the 40 or 50 good people in the hall. Fatty Zhu’s boys were standing by to stop them, but it was too late. A group of villagers in the venue who were afraid of causing trouble left the place at the first opportunity, even before they had even settled the venue fee.

“Brother Cao, aren’t you going too far with this? How much you’ve cost us directly!”

“None of my business! I had already given Fatty Zhu face enough before, and held back my heart and smiled with him. But you guys are really touching my brow this time! No matter what, I came here today to get a statement!” Cao Ge took a seat to the side and said in a direct manner.

“Thirteen minutes left, tell Fatty Zhu to watch his own time.” Cao said as soon as he lit the cigarette on his mouth.

“Ah Chao, Ah Chang, you all don’t stand around either, sit down!” Cao Ge then led us, sitting very calmly amidst this panic, just waiting for Fatty Zhu to return. And the flow of customers in the venue made Fatty Zhu’s minions even more anxious.

Seeing that after another ten minutes, Cao Ge still had not seen Fatty Zhu’s figure, he was even more impatient.

He urged Fatty Zhu’s little brother.

And Fatty Zhu’s little brothers, too, kept calling. They kept saying that Fatty Zhu would be coming soon, but in the blink of an eye, fifteen minutes would soon be up. Cao Ge looked at the time and stood up in a flash: “Brothers all get ready, first one district at a time!”

“Brother Cao, don’t be impulsive yet! Brother Zhu is already at the entrance of the village!” Fatty Zhu’s junior brothers hurriedly stepped forward to stop him.

“Oh, it’s none of my business at the entrance of the village!” With a cold cry, Cao gave an order to the crowd, “If you’re not here, you’re not here! Brothers, do it, smash the shop!”


Chapter 82

As soon as Cao Ge’s words came out, the crowd at the side directly copied the stools and small tables at the side and smashed them viciously against the mahjong machines. The most expensive items in the shop were the mahjong tables in the lobby. If they were all smashed up, there would be nearly 100,000!

As I listened to the riot at the side, I was suddenly frozen. It was the first time I had ever experienced such a scene, and my emotions were heightened by it.

This bunch of people, they’re all here for me!

“Stop it all …… hurry up and stop it all!” Fatty Zhu appeared right at the door, panting and shouting with near full strength.

“Yo Fatty Zhu, you’re finally here.” Cao Ge made a gesture and had the crowd at the side stop moving their hands. But it was between our stops that the ground was already a mess. Broken plastic benches, the plastic sides of the mahjong machine …… were all scattered on the floor.

Although the mahjong machines weren’t completely broken, these machines would cost several thousand dollars to repair!

“Cao Ge, what are you doing! Can’t we just talk about what’s going on? Why are you really smashing my shop!” Fatty Zhu looked at everything in the shop and had an even meatier expression.

“But I’ve already given you the chance to discuss, you just don’t cherish it.” Cao Ge said with a sneer.

Fatty Zhu looked at Cao Ge very seriously and asked, “Cao Ge, do you know what will happen if you offend me?”

Cao Ge then returned his words as they were, “Then do you know what will happen if you offend me?”

“Fatty Zhu, you still don’t know, do you? In recent times, Cao Ge and 1908 have been getting very close!” Ah Chang then reminded at the side. His words also implicitly represented his attitude. By my thinking, he must be attached to Cao because of 1908’s existence as well.

“What? 1908!”

Fatty Zhu literally froze for a moment.

“Yes, you understand now, don’t you?”

Cao Ge said a little lightly.

As Fatty Zhu listened to Cao Ge’s words, his expression became even more serious for a moment: “Cao Ge, can we go outside to talk?”

“If there’s anything to say, wouldn’t it be better to talk about it here! Chao is also present.” Cao Ge said, and looked in my direction. But when his words came out, they even made Fatty Zhu’s face darken. Although Fatty Zhu had hit me, I had given him two kicks in the crotch, so he must not have suffered much better!

From this point of view, Fatty Zhu didn’t really have any advantage from me. After all, the crotch is one of the most ‘valued’ parts of a man’s body!

And Cao Ge’s words choked Fatty Zhu even more.

“Well …… Cog, then, what happened last night was my fault. But now you’ve also smashed my shop, between us, we can clear the air!”

Fatty Zhu just said that.

Just along with his words, it made the atmosphere even more tense.

Cao Ge said: since he had come to the door, how could he let this matter end just like that? On the other side, Ah Chang was also saying something wrong about Fatty Zhu. For a while, Fatty Zhu was also moved. He was looking very resigned, so he asked Cao Ge what he wanted.

Cao Ge was lazy and said, “I don’t want anything either. But since things have come to such a head, you should give me a reasonable result anyhow!”

“Cao Ge, do you really think you’re a bully because you’re close to 1908? Who the hell knows who you are in contact with and whether you have any power!” Fatty Zhu was really angry, “Also, Cao Ge, don’t forget that this is my turf. Do you really think you people, you can mess with me on my turf?”

“Fatty Zhu, you don’t have to make this noise either. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and try your hand! Let’s see who will be dead then!”

Cao Ge said with a sneer.

“Trying to bluff me with just two words? Do you think I, Zhu Yu, am scared?” Fatty Zhu said with an agitated expression.

But at this, Cao Ge laughed coldly.

“Brother Zhu, Cao Ge and the others are simply bullying people too much, not to mention smashing the shop on our turf and even threatening us. I can’t stand it anymore.”

“Brother Zhu, don’t talk so much nonsense with them, let me call my brothers over.”

“Yes Brother Zhu, just these guys of theirs are not enough!”

Fatty Zhu’s little brothers on the side, also exploded. They even stirred Fatty Zhu’s emotions. It was between their words that someone was even saying from the side that they had called the men over. I listened to their commotion and got a little nervous. If we really started fighting, we wouldn’t have any advantage at all!

It was not long after Fatty Zhu’s minions spoke that a group of silhouettes surrounded the entrance of the mahjong hall in an ugly manner.

In a flash, Fatty Zhu’s thirty-odd men formed an absolute crush on us!

“Cao Ge, think about it. If you leave now, this matter can still be left alone.” Because of the suppression in numbers, Fatty Zhu’s strength also increased and he threatened Cao Ge instead.

“Cut it out, does having more people help?”

Achang said with a disdainful smile.

With his size, he was a standard fitness freak. With a physique like that, he was naturally able to keep the others out of his sight.

“Ah Chao, when the fight starts later, you just stand on the side.” Cao Ge said to me as soon as he dropped the cigarette in his hand.

“It’s just ……”

I was about to say something else, but was interrupted by Cao Ge.

“There’s no just, listen to me all! If we really do it later, Chang and I can’t take care of you.” Cao Ge said to me very seriously. I also understood my situation. They were all from society, but I was just a high school student. Let’s not talk about the physical size, but just in terms of hands, I was a far cry from them.

If I intervened in this, I was afraid that I would only become a drag for them.

“Do it!”

Fatty Zhu gave an order.

Along with his words, the chaotic battle suddenly started.

Fatty Zhu seemed to be distressed by the mahjong machines in the venue, and kept asking his men to draw Cao Ge and the others out. But Cao Ge and his men knew what was involved, and they knew that in this 200 square metre area, they wouldn’t dare to hit them hard because of their concern for their own venue!

And so, too, Cao Ge and the others stayed in the field!


Amidst the noisy scene were the shouts and curses of two groups of people. I stood aside, but became forgotten by them. After thinking about it, I gritted my teeth even more, grabbed a bottle from the side and smashed it hard against the head of one of the men in front of me. I didn’t want to just watch from the sidelines, I wanted to make a difference too.

“F*ck!” Fatty Zhu’s minions watched and became even more violently angry.

“Get him!”

With my move, their attention, all of it, shifted to me. And at that moment, I also suddenly realized that danger was about to really come ……