Silly Teen Chapter 5-6

Chapter 5

This sudden scene was a real shock to me. Although my heart was cold because of Chen Tingting, I still subconsciously protected her. But at that moment, I couldn’t even take care of myself, let alone protect Chen Tingting. We both got into the van in front of everyone.

“Behave yourself!”

They just bellowed.

Once we were in the van, I struggled, but they took control of us by sheer force of numbers. He tied us up and gagged us too. Black blindfolds were placed on our heads so that we had no idea where, exactly, we were going next.

I listened to a whimper from Tina Chen’s mouth and became even more anxious.

I reached into my pockets and was quietly trying to call Uncle Chen. After all, it was just a few contacts on my address book. Plus the phone I was using was a Nokia keypad. It was also much easier to find Uncle Chen’s phone number.

It was just that they seemed to have realised my move and just yanked my hand out forcibly and took my phone away too.

There was a pang of sadness in my heart.

Were we really just going to be taken away like this? There was nothing we could do? In between my thoughts, the van suddenly started to lurch. It seemed to be going somewhere out of the way.

“Get out!”

They yanked on mine and just pulled me off forcibly.

“Oooh ……”

There was clearly a note of panic within Chen Tingting’s voice.

In my desperation, I gave a kick to the person beside me. The other person screamed in pain and landed several heavy punches on my body, cursing, “F*ck you, I’ll let you do it!” I was in a pang of pain, but I was more worried about Chen Tingting’s situation.

“What are you …… doing? Let go of me!” Chen Tingting was a cry of alarm.

My heart was thumping as I listened to her words. I couldn’t make any sound with something still stuffed in my mouth.

“Don’t …… you guys don’t do this!” Chen Tingting even let out a scream.

And it was her words that were surprisingly accompanied by a sound of clothes tearing. When I heard it, my head was instantly blank.

What should I do?

Was I just going to watch Chen Tingting being raped and do nothing?

I couldn’t stop clenching my fists.

“I’m begging you guys, let me go …… not like this, okay? I’m begging you guys.” Chen Tingting was a wail.

And the other side didn’t even budge.

“Let you go? Wait until the brothers have had enough first!” They were bullying Chen Tingting while laughing exaggeratedly.

“That’s right!”

I was already furious to the point of storming out as I listened to their words. I clenched my teeth to death, my ears ringing with Chen Tingting’s shrieks, screams and pleas for help. Her voice was tinged with despair, humiliation and resignation. But there was nothing she could do in this situation at this time.

They seemed to be too noisy for Chen Tingting, which meant that they gagged her again.

The process turned her voice, into a muffled grunt, with her choking sobs. Neither of them took my blindfold off either, nor did they pay any attention to me, they just left me alone and ignored me.

“Okay, stop it!”

A female voice came in.

With the click of her heels, the woman, was walking up to Tina Chen. I listened to her voice and instantly recognised it. The person who came was Sister Ah Jia! She said to Chen Tingting, “Why, you didn’t expect it to be me, did you? You’ve taken so much money from me, don’t you think I should get something back on you?”

And listening to her words, Chen Tingting was a whimpering voice.

“I don’t care what you think now. I’ve already had the video recorded just now. If you don’t want to make a fool of yourself, just listen to me honestly and keep on digging up manpower for me. And also open up with this little brother of yours, so that he can do a good job for me. Do you, understand?”

Sister Aja’s words carried an unquestionable tone.

“I don’t!”

Chen Tingting’s mouth was loosened, and that was the cry.

But as soon as her words left her mouth, it was a first cla*s, crisp slap that made my heart contract even harder.

“You don’t have a choice!”

Sister Aja said with fury.

Chen Tingting choked back a sob as she responded, “Sister Ah Jia, I’ve done everything you said. Ah Chao is also willing to sacrifice himself for me, but why do you still have to do this? Why do you have to insult me so much?”

“Because I don’t see eye to eye with you. How about that, is that reason enough?” Sister Aga was the one who let out such a cry.

As I listened to their words, I had long forgotten what had happened earlier.

The man in front of me, it seemed, was removing the stuffing from my mouth just as Sister Aja had wanted. But what angered me in the process was that by my own senses, I took a bite at the man’s hand. The man ate a painful sensation, followed by him, was a heavy punch landed on my stomach.

I gave him such a blow that my whole body trembled slightly in pain.

But in the process I still rushed at Sister Aja and asked, “Is it true that if I am willing to cooperate with you, you can let us go?”

And Sister Ah Jia said to me, “That also depends on how you are cooperating.”

As soon as Chen Tingting heard my words, she was telling that I must not promise her.

She said that as long as we held on, Uncle Chen would definitely find us and get us out. But I didn’t want to hear Chen Tingting’s miserable screams of being violated again. I gritted my teeth and still said to Sister Aja: Next, I’ll do whatever she wants me to do! Absolutely no half-hearted complaints!

Chen Tingting was crying while she was cursing me silly under her breath, saying that what was the use of my agreeing to it? She said that if Sister Ah Jia wanted to do something to us, any promise would be useless!

But that seemed to me to be a ray of hope!

At least my promise would do something!

“Okay, take her away!”


Chapter 6

These words came out of Sister Aja’s mouth, but they made me freeze for a moment. I hurriedly asked, “Where are you taking Sister Tingting to? But Sister Jia didn’t say anything in response, she just turned around and walked away with her high heels clacking.

Before Chen Tingting was taken away, she kept shouting at me, calling my name.

I couldn’t help but yell at the top of my lungs. I wanted to question Aja and ask her where she was taking Tina Chen. What was she taking her for?

Hadn’t she just promised me that she would let us go if I agreed to come down? But my anger was not answered by anything. Instead, the sound of a car starting outside told me that Sister Aja, who had taken the people away, had just left!

And it was shortly after they left that the men who were by my side, took me away too.

I didn’t know where they were taking me.

But just halfway there, they were the ones who untied my blindfold and also cut the ropes in my hands. They switched hands in the vise of my grip. After the car slowed down, it was a kick that gave the car away and also threw my phone out of the car.

I rolled around a few times on the ground and scraped the skin on my body.

But after I had stabilised myself, I couldn’t care less about the pain, so I hurriedly grabbed my mobile phone and called Chen Tingting’s mobile phone. This was the only hope I had in front of me. When the call was answered, I was excited for a moment, but the voice of Sister Ah Jia knocked me down to the bottom.

Sister Aja told me on the other end of the line that I should work for her.

As for Chen Tingting?

She said that I would not be able to see her for the time being. But she could ask me to call Chen Tingting occasionally to make sure she was safe. Before she hung up the phone, she repeatedly told me that if I told the police about this, Chen Tingting would be dead!

As I listened to her, I gave up even more on the idea of going to find Uncle Chen.

She told me to tell Uncle Chen when I got home that Chen Tingting had gone to her university and that she would have Chen Tingting’s friends come over to carry the luggage when the time came, and that I should help deceive Uncle Chen in front of him.

I listened to her words with a very unpleasant feeling in my heart.

And the place where I was left was located in the suburbs.

It was nearly ten kilometres and I was basically walking back! I was in an extremely heavy mood on the way. I also needed time to get myself in the right mood as soon as possible, so that I would not be noticed by Uncle Chen on the way home. But when I arrived home, Uncle Chen was still helping me with my wounds and didn’t care much about Chen Tingting.

Uncle Chen’s words made my heart pound and suddenly made me want to cry.

“What’s wrong?”

Uncle Chen asked at me.

“It’s nothing.”

I said, shaking my head.

Uncle Chen treated me as if I were his own son. Even more so, in his heart, I was more important than Chen Tingting’s!

“Uncle Chen, I’ll go back to my room first.”

“Go to bed early.”

Uncle Chen rushed to remind me.

But when I returned to my room, I was crying on my bed. I couldn’t help but feel a pang of self-blame in my heart. I thought that I had caused Chen Tingting to die. If I hadn’t interfered, she would have been the apple of Uncle Chen’s eye, and she wouldn’t have been rebellious, and she wouldn’t have come into contact with society, and she wouldn’t have become what she is now.

And with all the self-loathing I felt, I started the new school year.

My grades were in the toilet because of what had happened, and I was tormented by the increased frequency of contact from the 1908 nightclub. Originally, I was only contacted once a week. But later on, this frequency also increased more and more.

In the process, Uncle Chen always did not notice.

Instead, I gradually became numb to it.

It was one day, three months later, that a sudden accident caused everyone in 1908 to panic.


The police raided the security check and arrested all the people in the venue at once. The police alone had to use three buses to take all the people under their control. Nearly a hundred people! When the police saw me, however, they froze for a moment. They were also muttering under their breath, just a high school student like me, how did I come to this kind of place too?

“Ah Chao ……”

A voice made me freeze.

With my head down, I was led by them to the middle of the lobby of 1908, waiting together for the bus that came to pick us up. I didn’t want anyone to recognize me, after all, because of Uncle Chen, I also knew quite a few police officers. But this one voice, at once, was the one that made my mood, hit the bottom.

I had been hiding for three months, and finally Uncle Chen found out!

“Ah Chao, you …… didn’t you and I say that you went to your cla*smate’s house and went to tutoring together?”

Uncle Chen looked at me very incredulously. In front of him, I didn’t dare to look up at all or respond to him about anything.

“Ah Chao, answer me, why did you come to such a place!” Uncle Chen followed up by questioning at me.

But I was even more afraid to answer him.

“Speak up!”

Within Uncle Chen’s words was a strong sense of loss. And in the midst of his voice, my tears, however, could not stop falling. After some examination, Uncle Chen was leading me back home. Uncle Chen was sitting beside me, not even turning on the light, just smoking a cigarette in the dark.

I had never seen Uncle Chen in this state before. It was as if he had aged a lot in an instant.

“Do you still refuse to talk?”

Uncle Chen asked me.

I didn’t dare to respond.

“Is it because of Ting Ting?”

Uncle Chen seemed to have thought of something.

“No, Uncle Chen, it’s not because of Sister Ting Ting! This matter, has nothing to do with her at all!” I explained anxiously. But it was because of my sudden excitement that I revealed the flaw. When Uncle Chen heard my words, he reacted instantly.

He stood up in a flash.

He was so angry that he took out his mobile phone and was about to call Chen Tingting. In the process, I blocked Uncle Chen. I told him that it was all my own fault, and that it had nothing to do with Chen Tingting. But Uncle Chen just wouldn’t listen to my explanation and wanted me to let go of him.

How could I dare to let go of him?

In his anger, Uncle Chen pushed me hard and dialed Chen Tingting’s phone.

He even had the phone amplified.


It was Chen Tingting’s voice.

“Where are you now? At school, or outside?” Uncle Chen asked in a direct voice.

“Outside …… ah, stop it, it’s my dad’s phone!” Between Chen Tingting’s words, but with a flirtatious flavor, but let me froze for a moment!