Silly Teen Chapter 41-42

Chapter 41

When Guan Dongxuan heard Xu Ying’s words, he froze once again. He had no idea what we wanted to do, but because of my intervention, he could only follow me. What he was afraid of was not me, but Cao Ge behind me. It was that between him and us leaving, his little brother, didn’t follow.

Xu Ying took us and went straight to the headmaster’s office, just to talk to him face to face about letting me back into school.

I was expelled from school in the first place, mainly because Guan Dongxuan’s father was the local director of Xuancheng. The reason Xu Ying called Guan Dongxuan over was because she wanted him to call his father and take over his role to get this done.

Because we went to Guan Dongxuan’s father’s side first, it was much easier to resolve the matter.

The school agreed to let me return to cla*s, and when I left the headmaster’s office, Guan Dongxuan looked at me with even more fear. From his point of view, he must not have been able to figure it out. Just how did I, a man with little power, suddenly hook up with Cao Ge and meet someone like Xu Ying.

It was the school that was in the middle of the formalities and the headmaster himself took us to the office.

Ms Lin, who was sitting in the office, was also very surprised to see me arrive. What surprised her even more was that I was coming back to school. And Duan Chang, who had received the news, rushed to the office to come. The way Duan Chang looked at me was extremely awkward.

Previously, he had targeted me regardless of anything because Guan Dongxuan’s father was powerful.

Now he knew that I knew someone who even Guan Dongxuan’s father couldn’t help, so his attitude towards me changed a hundred and eighty degrees.

And Guan Dongxuan, who came along with us, was explaining the misunderstanding clearly. In front of the crowd, he could only say, “The matter of my father’s injury has nothing to do with Jin Chao”. However, when Ms Lin listened to him, she still looked very unbelieving, and I’m afraid it was even more because of what she had seen with her own eyes yesterday.

“Alright, alright, now that the misunderstanding has been explained. Teacher Lin, why don’t you hurry up and take Jin Chao to cla*s?” Duan Chang said with great earnestness.

“Jin Chao, then you should go back to your cla*s first. After a while, I’ll come back for you again.” Xu Ying then said to me.

“Dongxuan, Jinchao, let’s go.” Teacher Lin said as he stood in front, but as he spoke, his expression was somewhat cold.

I followed after Teacher Lin and walked right up to the cla*s entrance. The people in the cla*s were all shocked as they watched my arrival.

“Isn’t this Jin Chao?”

“How come he’s back?”

And among them, the one who was most excited was also Guo Xuefu. As I listened to the suspicion and confusion of the crowd on the stage, I walked to the podium, together with Mr. Lin. As for Guan Dongxuan, who was beside us, his face was ashen, and he went back to his seat.

“Everyone, be quiet for a moment.” Teacher Lin said as he stood on the podium and tapped on the table.

The crowd listened to Mr. Lin’s words and hurriedly calmed down. However, their eyes were still on me. Then I heard Mr. Lin say on the stage, “The school has withdrawn the punishment of expelling Jin Chao, so next, Jin Chao will still study with everyone until graduation.”

“Jin Chao, you will still be in your original position.” Teacher Lin said to me as she turned her head.

“Yes, Mr. Lin.” I nodded my head and agreed.

It was after I sat down that Guo Xuefu was turning her head and winking at me. Just the way she looked, she was obviously very happy. She snaps her lips at me, obviously asking why I’m still back.

And before I could explain, Ms Lin on stage threw a piece of chalk at Guo Xuefu and told her to turn her head back. In response, Guo Xuefu was lightly spitting out her pretty tongue in a very playful manner.

“Before cla*s starts, I would like to remind everyone one last time. We, Cla*s 7, are one. And I don’t want to hear any more people in the cla*s, bullying other students. This is the first warning to start afresh, and it will be the last!” Teacher Lin looked at the crowd seriously.

“If anyone dares to bully the cla*s again, and I find out about it, I will never forgive them lightly!” Teacher Lin said, but looked at me.

As I listened to her words, I wanted to tell her in public that the incident yesterday was a misunderstanding. But if this were me, just seeing the scene of Guan Dongxuan kneeling down, I would definitely have misunderstood too. And this misunderstanding was not something that would be useful just by me explaining it, but I had to make Ms Lin understand clearly the reason why I did it at that time.

That is, after the lesson, someone pa*sed over a note for me. The handwriting was that of Guo Xuefu.

She asked me in the same sentence, “Jin Chao, how did you get back?”

“This, I’ll talk to you after cla*s.” I sent it back to her.

That is, after cla*s was over, Ms. Lin didn’t stay in the cla*s for long before she turned around and left. I watched Guan Dongxuan going out, but instead what I did was to hook a finger at him, “Guan Dongxuan, come here!”

“What’s the matter?”

Guan Dongxuan said with a sullen face.

“Go downstairs and buy me two bottles of drinks!”

I sat in my seat with Guo Xuefu in front of me. The others in the cla*s looked at my words with even more dismay. How could they have imagined that I would dare to speak to Guan Dongxuan with such a tone of voice. The day before yesterday, I had been forced by Guan Dongxuan to swear in front of everyone, but today, Guan Dongxuan had to listen to me!

It’s just like getting people!

“Brother Chao, it’s better for me to go, I’m a faster runner.” Guan Dongxuan’s little brother stood out and just rushed to talk to me.

“What’s the matter with you? It’s Guan Dongxuan I’m calling, not you!” I bellowed at him straight away.

“Okay, I’ll go.” Guan Dongxuan said through clenched teeth.

Guan Dongxuan remembered what I wanted to drink and went to the kiosk by the canteen to get me a drink. I did exactly what he had done before and didn’t give him any money at all.

And in no time at all, Guan Dongxuan had bought the drinks and placed them dutifully on my table.

“Any more orders?” Guan Dongxuan must have known that I was back in the cla*s and must have been looking for him as a start and to establish authority.

“Well, there’s one more thing. Guan Dongxuan, from today onwards, the boss of Cla*s 7 is me!” My tone was unquestionable.

When the crowd at the side heard this, they immediately focused their eyes on Guan Dongxuan’s body. It was waiting for Guan Dongxuan’s answer.

“Okay, I know.” Guan Dongxuan said, about to turn around and leave, return to his seat.

“What do you mean you know? Is that your reaction?” I said disgruntledly.

“Then what else do you want from me?” Guan Dongxuan turned around and said with a gloomy face. He had already lost a lot because of my return.

I knew he was upset, but I was going to make him even more upset!

“Guan Dongxuan, I’ll give you a chance to call out to Chao!”


Chapter 42

When Guan Dongxuan heard my words, he simply looked like he was going to explode. His little brother was on the side, but he also dared not speak out in anger. After all, even Cao Ge, whom they had to please, was instead helping me on this end. And Guan Dongxuan looked at me with a clear look of hesitation on his face.

“Brother Chao.” Guan Dongxuan said reluctantly.

“Fine, go back and get ready for cla*s.”

I then said to Guan Dongxuan.

The scene between me and Guan Dongxuan was more than enough to make the crowd in the cla*s react half-heartedly. Because cla*s was about to start, Guo Xuefu also went back to his seat. I sat in my seat and listened to the bell ringing outside, but in my mind I was thinking: how should I explain to Ms. Lin about what happened to me?

And what should I tell Uncle Chen about my being able to return to school so that he wouldn’t know about the collaboration between me and 1908?

“Brother Chao, where are you going after school here?” Guan Dongxuan’s little brother, on his own initiative, surrounded me and asked me very eagerly.


I said straightforwardly.

“Brother Chao, why don’t we go out to eat, we’ll treat you!” Guan Dongxuan’s little brother seemed to be abandoning Guan Dongxuan.

“Is this what Guan Dongxuan wants, or what you guys want?” I asked instead, rushing at them warily.

“Brother Xuan is not coming again, just a few of us.” They said so. But I’m afraid they didn’t call Guan Dongxuan at all!

It was between our words that Guan Dongxuan, with a stern face, rushed past us. I looked at him and stopped him.

And Guan Dongxuan looked up at me and asked me what was wrong.

“Guan Dongxuan, you don’t have anything to do at noon anyway, let’s go eat together.” I extended an invitation at him.

“No, I have to go to the hospital later to see me I guess.” Guan Dongxuan said, and then looked at me with a malicious look. It was obvious that he was very upset about his dad getting hurt again.

“What’s wrong with that, isn’t it the same if you go early or late? And your dad’s problem isn’t too big, so you can go at night.” That’s what I said.

A few of Guan Dongxuan’s little brothers at the side also went along with my words and told Guan Dongxuan to go along. And their words were what made Guan Dongxuan even more upset. He felt the sight of me and gritted his teeth before finally agreeing. But it was when we left the school that those of his original juniors simply ignored him.

Guan Dongxuan was left out all the way and was in even less of a good mood.

One of them, Xu Dazhi, told me that there would be others coming over for dinner later, all from our year group and the same wave of people who were on the rooftop earlier.

I laughed coldly as I listened. I wanted to see what kind of purpose these people had in mind.

“Dongxuan, sit here.”

‘Guo Xiaoming’, who was fighting with Guan Dongxuan in Cla*s 5, was about to welcome Guan Dongxuan over. But it was between the time Guan Dongxuan was about to sit down that someone at the side was constantly giving Guo Xiaoming a wink. It was clear that Guan Dongxuan had already sat down, but Guo Xiaoming called up for Guan Dongxuan again on the pretext that someone else was sitting here.

“Guan Dongxuan, you sit here with me.” I then waved at Guan Dongxuan.

“Hmm.” Guan Dongxuan, however, looked like a robot, with a stern face and no expression at all.

“Chao, I heard that you’ve been getting close to Cao lately, what’s going on?” It was in the process of ordering food that people started to pry into my details.

The words I wanted to explain to them reached my lips, but I swallowed them back. I didn’t really have to explain myself to them. They couldn’t get to the bottom of me now, so naturally I had to put my posture up and let them come after me.

Anyway, the relationship at Cao Ge’s end was already established! That was also enough for me to scare the hell out of these delinquent students at school.

“What are you guys asking so much for?”

I shot straight back.

The one who asked me, Zhao Yangbo, was not happy to hear my words. But the people at the side hurriedly gave him a wink, and only then did he calm down.

Xu Dazhi, who was beside me, saw that the atmosphere was a bit awkward and hurriedly came out to help me explain: “Brother Bo, Brother Chao is now Brother Cao’s brother. Even those of Brother Cao’s men have to call him Brother Chao!”


Someone muttered in a small voice.

“There are still people who want to question me?”

I snapped and stood up with a slap on the table. But as I said so, my hands were trembling slightly. It was also the first time I had ever lost my temper in front of a crowd, and in front of such a bunch of delinquent students.

I was still a bit underwhelmed.

But the more this happened, the more I needed to stay calm!

“Brother Chao, take it easy for now.” Xu Dazhi, who was at the side, then hurriedly blocked me.

“Brother Chao, you should smoke a cigarette first to cool down.” Guo Xiaoming hurriedly handed over a cigarette.

“No need, I don’t know how to smoke.” I said this while Guo Xiaoming crossed half the table to deliver a cigarette, and it was very awkward. Xu Dazhi and Guo Xiaoming’s stepping forward was a step down for me. As for the man who had whispered earlier, he didn’t dare stand up for himself.

After the food was served, the crowd substituted drinks for wine and all asked me for a toast. Everyone was trying to defuse the awkwardness of the morning rooftop, but basically, there was not much of anyone, to bother with Guan Dongxuan.

After all, as long as I was at the table, Guan Dongxuan was a very sensitive person!

Halfway through the meal, Guan Dongxuan couldn’t help but ask me, “Jin Chao, have you humiliated me enough? If you have nothing else to do, I really need to go to the hospital to see my father.”

“How can I call this humiliating you? Your words are also funny!” I said with a cold snort.

“What’s wrong Chao?”

Xu Dazhi asked, rushing to me.

“It’s just what Guan Dongxuan said that upset me a bit …… Forget it, leave him alone.” That’s all I said.

“Don’t. Since he’s upset Chao, he should teach him a lesson anyway!” Xu Dazhi just said that. His words were what made Guan Dongxuan’s face, completely cold. Xu Dazhi had been following Guan Dongxuan for a year, but he had turned against him so easily.

And Xu Dazhi’s attitude was more like a slap in the face that landed on Guan Dongxuan’s face.

Xu Dazhi wanted to drag Guan Dongxuan up.

The crowd at the side watched and had little reaction.

“Xu Dazhi, I said forget it, did you hear me?” I looked at Xu Dazhi’s foot about to kick Guan Dongxuan’s body, so I hurriedly shouted to stop. The current Guan Dongxuan was undoubtedly a dog in the water. Everyone thought that anyone could go up and kick him and not get bitten.

But after all, Guan Dongxuan is a second-generation official, plus he has other forces outside, and I don’t want to push Guan Dongxuan too hard.

“Jin Chao, that’s almost enough for you! Why do you have to be so sycophantic here?”