Silly Teen Chapter 35-36

Chapter 35

When Cao Ge’s words came out, Guan Dongxuan and the others all froze. They were now reacting in the same way as I had when I was bullied before. They were scared, but they didn’t dare to resist and followed Cao Ge out of the hotel, doing exactly as he said.

“Guan Dongxuan, you can do it. Tell me honestly, are you planning to get into trouble with my brothers again?” Cao Ge just asked at Guan Dongxuan in a condescending tone.

“Brother Cao, your brother is ……”

Guan Dongxuan said and just glanced towards me. He might have thought it was me, but he certainly couldn’t believe it.

“And you f*cking know it?” Cao Ge said and landed another slap on Guan Dongxuan’s face.

“Brother Cao, I think this kid Guan Dongxuan also deserves a beating. It’s just as well that Brother Chao is here, so why don’t we just give Guan Dongxuan a violent beating and help Brother Chao out?” Cao Ge’s junior brother gave a suggestion from the side.

“Brother Chao?” Guan Dongxuan’s minions were all dumbfounded as well. As they listened, they all looked at me one after another as well.

Guo Xuefu, who was standing beside me, was also surprised at this scene, but she didn’t say anything when she saw that I was fine. In the middle of the conversation, Cao Ge’s boys surrounded Guan Dongxuan and his men.

Guan Dongxuan looked at Cao Ge and the others beside him, and his expression also became grave.

“Brother Cao, aren’t you going a bit too far? If my brother asks, you won’t be able to explain yourself to my brother, will you?” Guan Dongxuan hurriedly said to Cao Ge.

But Cao Ge didn’t think anything of it, “Cut it out, your brother? I don’t give a D*mn about that guy! You’ve offended my brother, I’ll beat you up, isn’t that normal?”

“That’s right. Brother Cao, let’s cut the crap with him too!”

“Yes, let’s do it.”

Cao Ge listened to their words and was nodding his head in agreement. But before they started, Cao Ge gave me a look and told me to back off, he was afraid that Guo Xuefu and I would be hurt by mistake.

I took Guo Xuefu and stood in the shop. And Guo Xuefu looked at me afterwards with a strange look in his eyes.

Guo Xuefu asked at me suspiciously, “Jin Chao, you’re not really in society, are you?”

For my part, I shook my head with her.

I said, “No.

But she listened to my words with a clearly still suspicious look, perhaps thinking I was lying to her. After all, the scene unfolding in front of me was more than intuitive – I, Jin Chao, was the one who had a connection with the community!

“Guan Dongxuan, I heard that you used to bully my Chao brother and get high on it, huh?”

“Have you tasted this feeling of being bullied now? How does it feel? Does it feel good!”

“Does it not feel good enough? Then why don’t we hit a little harder!”

Cao Ge’s minions were thrilling Guan Dongxuan while they were fighting. I watched as they surrounded Guan Dongxuan and the others in the middle and just beat them up, not even holding back. I had a lot of anger in my heart because of this.

Many people were watching the scene and the way Guan Dongxuan was being beaten.

Some people who had just come over and knew Cao Ge and Guan Dongxuan rushed up to stop them, “Brother Cao, what’s wrong with you? Why did you hit Xuanzi?”

“F*ck off! None of your business?”

Cao Ge just shouted at the other party.

Because of Cao Ge’s irascible attitude, the few people who were ready to calm things down rushed away at once. They were afraid that the heat would get to them too!

After they had fought for two or three minutes, Cao Ge hurriedly waved at me and called me over.

Guo Xuefu took a look and was still very worried. But I gave her a look to relax him, and that’s when I walked over to Cao Ge and the others.

“Ah Chao, this Guan Dongxuan, what are you going to do next to clean up? I’m all yours!” Cao Ge put his arm around my shoulder and also shot a look at me. I also knew that as a small leader around the school, if he called me ‘Chao’ in front of so many people, he would definitely lose face too.

I thought that in my mind, so I didn’t bother correcting him on anything.

I turned my head, put my eyes on Guan Dongxuan and directly stomped on his body: “Guan Dongxuan, I said that I would step on you under my feet. Tell me, did I do it?”

Guan Dongxuan coughed violently twice because of my move, but he just didn’t respond to me.

“Guan Dongxuan, say something!”

I prodded him.

“Guan Dongxuan, are you mute? What do you mean by keeping your mouth shut when my Ah Chao tells you to speak?” Cao Ge came up and kicked Guan Dongxuan directly.

Only then did Guan Dongxuan clench his teeth and said very reluctantly, “It’s ……”

“It’s what?” Cao Ge asked at him.

“Brother Cao, I don’t dare to look for trouble with Jin Chao in the future, can you spare me?” Guan Dongxuan said in a very ‘innocent’ manner.

“F*ck! We all have to call him Brother Chao, and you call him by his full name? Guan Dongxuan, what do you mean by that?” Cao Ge’s little brothers were all upset at once.

“Brother Cao, I think Guan Dongxuan is looking like he hasn’t been beaten up enough. Why don’t we let him sober up again?”

“Ah Chao. Do you think so?” Cao Ge asked me for my idea instead.

But when Guan Dongxuan heard that, he immediately became anxious: “Jin Chao …… er no, Chao, just let me go. Even if you let Cao and the others beat me up again now, there’s not much point in doing so. In the future, I will definitely look up to you in the cla*s! If you tell me to go east, I will definitely not go west!”

I looked at him but laughed coldly, “But Guan Dongxuan, I’ve been expelled from school because of you. Have you forgotten?”

Once Guan Dongxuan heard my words, he was very embarra*sed.

I looked at him and just squatted in front of him, “What’s wrong Guan Dongxuan, don’t you know how to respond to me?”

“No ah Chao brother …… before my father was injured, I plus when people came, reported your name, so I am not ……,” Guan Dongxuan hurriedly explained.

“Okay, let’s not talk about that first. Let’s just say that after you stabbed me that day, why didn’t you even call an ambulance for me? Did you want me to die there?” I asked right at Guan Dongxuan as I stared into his eyes.

“What! Jin Chao, when did you get stabbed by Guan Dongxuan?” Guo Xue-fu reacted very loudly when he heard that on the side.

“That was more than ten days ago, I’ll talk to you slowly later. Xuefu, I’ll settle the matter of Guan Dongxuan first now.” I turned my head and spoke to Guo Xuefu.

“Guan Dongxuan, you’re quite a bully. Even my brother dares to stab, tell yourself what to do now!” Cao Ge’s brow furrowed at once and asked Guan Dongxuan in a very serious manner.

“Brother Cao, Brother Chao, I ……”

“What’s wrong with you? Do you also want to be stabbed and thrown in the hospital for half a month before you can get out?”


Chapter 36

When Guan Dongxuan heard this, he immediately panicked: “Brother Cao, this matter, there is no need to make a scene like that …… If I really get stabbed and hospitalized, my father will trace it and you guys will be in trouble.” His words were more like a threat to Cao Ge and the others.

But Cao Ge and the others didn’t eat this at all.

They were putting the initiative in my hands and letting me do whatever I wanted.

As I looked at Guan Dongxuan lying on the ground, I was reminded of my old self and the day he stabbed me, when he asked me to get under his crotch and learn how to bark like a dog.

“Guan Dongxuan, if you want to say that you were stabbed, I’m also afraid of being responsible. How about this, you slap yourself thirty times in front of everyone and let’s just forget about it.” I gave Guan Dongxuan a stepping stone and a way to vent my anger in my heart.

“This ……” Guan Dongxuan’s expression, for a moment, froze a little.

“What? You didn’t tell me to learn how to bark like a dog then! I’m just asking you to slap yourself thirty times!” I asked Guan Dongxuan with a sneer.

“Do you really want to do that?”

Guan Dongxuan asked, gritting his teeth.

“What else? I am now giving you the solution!” I said very forcefully at Guan Dongxuan. After I was expelled from school, my thoughts, changed drastically. I thought, I was now in a situation where I already had someone to back me up, so why should I be afraid of anything from Guan Dongxuan?

Besides, in this case, it wasn’t my fault at all, I was forced to do it by Guan Dongxuan!

If that’s the case, why can’t I just give it back?

I’ve been bullied for so many years, from primary school to junior high and then to high school. I’ve been called the ‘son of a murderer’ and no one wants to play with me. No matter that, they still have to step on me again. Now that I have someone to fall back on, why don’t I stand up for myself?

I’m a human being, I have my pride too! Why should I continue to live like this, to have my self-respect trampled on?

And if I want to stand up, I must start with Guan Dongxuan!

He’s my first hurdle!

“Guan Dongxuan, have you thought enough?” It was at Guan Dongxuan that I prodded.

“What else do you need to think about? Guan Dongxuan, are you going to do it or not? Easy you don’t do it, then don’t say we didn’t give you a chance later.” Cao Ge then said from the sidelines.

“Fine, fine, I’ll do it!” Only then did Guan Dongxuan agree.

As for his little brother, he was on the sidelines and was looking very surprised. A group of us, we watched as Guan Dongxuan lifted his hand and rushed towards his face. But he didn’t do it with much force, and the expression on his face, instead, was very exaggerated.

“Guan Dongxuan, you’re not f*cking full, are you?” Cao Ge kicked at him straight away.

“You don’t dare to do it, do you want us to help you?” Cao Ge’s little brother then asked from the sidelines.

“No, no need.” Guan Dongxuan said awkwardly.

He gave Cao Ge and the others such a push, which was to increase his strength. But his subsequent slap still did not use his full strength. It landed on the face although it made a sound, but it was still a little too quiet.

“It looks like …… Guan Dongxuan, it’s better for me to help you!” Cao Ge said, is towards Guan Dongxuan walked over.

When Guan Dongxuan heard this, he hurriedly was shaking his head, “Brother Cao, it’s really not necessary, it’s enough for me to do it myself.”

“But you’re just like a mosquito, how can you do that?” Cao Ge just asked rhetorically.

“I… I’ll push a little harder.”

“How is some enough? Use your full strength!”

Cao Ge said so, and when Guan Dongxuan heard that, his face turned even redder for a while. In this situation, he could only follow what Cao Ge said. The location of the restaurant was also some distance away from the school’s main entrance. Guan Dongxuan couldn’t expect the police or the security guards to come and rescue him.

He used to get people into trouble, and he basically got them to a more remote location. And now he had some experience of this feeling.

And it was between the hands of Guan Dongxuan, without even me getting involved, Cao Ge and the others were on the sidelines helping me count. If any of them failed, they just told Guan Dongxuan to start over. One failure, one doesn’t count. Two failures, and the number was directly reduced by five from what was already there.

Guan Dongxuan’s face was a little swollen, but Cao Ge and the others weren’t satisfied with that either.

“Ah Chao, how did it work out?” Cao Ge asked at me as he stood just off to the side.

“It’s not even close.” I said bluntly. This was something that the old me would not have dared to say. If it was the old me, watching Guan Dongxuan slap himself in front of me, I would definitely have already ‘gone soft’ out of fear of Guan Dongxuan’s subsequent outburst.

But at this moment, I wasn’t so! And as soon as Guan Dongxuan heard my words, he looked at me with an instant straightening of his eyes. It was more as if he was glaring at me!

“Guan Dongxuan, for these last ten slaps, you might as well kneel down!” Cao Ge said in a straightforward manner.

“But this ……”

Guan Dongxuan had something else to say, but Cao Ge beside me interrupted directly: “But what do you want to say? If you don’t, you have to think it over yourself!”

And when Guan Dongxuan heard this, he could only kneel down in my direction. Each of these last ten slaps was particularly hard for him. I looked at his already red and swollen face, and my heart was even more at peace.

But it was at this time that Guo Xuefu came up to me anxiously. She pointed in a direction at me and said to me: Teacher Lin is here!

I turned my head to look. It was really watching Teacher Lin coming in our direction.

She had obviously seen me. And I felt even worse inside as I watched her walk.

“What’s going on here? Jin Chao, you’ve already been expelled and you still want to bully your cla*smates as a result?” Teacher Lin asked with a cold face at me. Her expression was very serious, and she also looked disappointed in me to the core.

“Teacher Lin, listen to my explanation.” I got anxious all of a sudden.

“No need, there’s nothing to explain.” Teacher Lin plunged straight into the crowd, just to pull up Guan Dongxuan who was kneeling on the ground, “Dongxuan, let’s go.”

But Guan Dongxuan still insisted on kneeling on the ground: “Teacher Lin, don’t worry so much for now. This matter, is between mine and Jin Chao.”

As I listened to Guan Dongxuan’s words, my heart exploded even more. I could not wait for Guan Dongxuan to leave now. If he stayed here, I was only afraid that it would cause Ms. Lin to have a bigger misunderstanding about me. More so, he would see me as a bad person!

And beside me, Cao Ge, was glancing at me, waiting for my meaning.

“Guan Dongxuan, you guys should go.” I said with a long sigh.

“So the rest of the ten slaps aren’t needed?” Guan Dongxuan still seemed to give a deliberate emphasis.