Super School Student Chapter 223-224

Chapter 223 I’m afraid that even if I had all my cards out, I would still have a hard time winning, but it had come to this. Ye Luo quickly calculated that he had three types of martial arts skills, one was the “Misty Steps” and one was the “Candle Dragon Finger”, both of which … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 221-222

Chapter 221 After hanging up the phone, Black Meditation was in a daze. “What’s wrong with this guy? It doesn’t even take much effort to beat five of the ‘Vein Raising Realm’, does he know what he’s talking about?” But of course, Ye Lu knew what he was talking about, because he had just tested … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 219-220

Chapter 219 “Fortunately, it’s lucky that you didn’t die.” Granny Yun looked at Ye Lu and removed all the flying daggers from his body, then applied a unique medicine to him, after which she looked at Qin Siyu again and said with a sigh. “Ai! What exactly will happen in the future depends on yourselves.” … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 217-218

Chapter 217 Ye Lu quickly changed his clothes, then carrying his parcel, he opened the map provided by his “auxiliary ability” and rushed towards the “Great Man’s Stone Forest”. The “Stone Pillars of Great Men” was an attraction at the top of this mountain, and it was unknown which carving enthusiast had carved the stone … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 215-216

Chapter 215 When they heard what Daoist Master Xuanhe said, everyone present, especially those from the four ancient martial arts families, were shocked, because if what he said was true, then I’m afraid that these ancient martial arts families were really no match for the “Heavenly Clan”. And Daoist Master Xuanhe continued. “The ‘Heavenly Clan’ … Read more