Super School Student Chapter 263-264

Chapter 263 When he heard that a teenager wanted to meet Lin Sihai, Abe Hoeye smiled. “What’s that Chinese saying, ‘It takes no effort to find a place after stepping through iron shoes’, but I didn’t expect this boy to come to my door after looking for so long.” When he finished, he turned to … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 261-262

Chapter 261 part 1 Following that, a man then said. “It’s been years since a ‘Martial a*sembly’ convention has been held since the ‘Alliance Master’ disappeared, hasn’t it?” Followed by others who also discussed. “Yes, the ‘Baili Changfeng’ alliance master has also disappeared for too long, it’s time for another alliance master to be created.” … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 259-260

Chapter 259 Ye Lu did not expect it to end this way, but it was good that it ended this way, because just now, the seventh strand of aura had already coalesced out of his dantian, although it was still in the form of a small flame. There was no point for him to fight … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 257-258

Chapter 257 However, at this moment, Long Fei Xue’s skin was flushed with shyness, looking very tempting, even Ye Lu couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. He had the “primitive mode” of the gla*ses, but he rarely used them on those around him, of course he would certainly take a look at them occasionally, but … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 255-256

Chapter 255 Previously Ye Lu had said that he would tear down the Long family, he felt that he was a man of his word and was supposed to do what he said, if not all of them, at least this one under his feet would have to be torn down before he could. “Fine! … Read more