Doting Billionaire Chapter 1850

Lu Dongming said, “When her new store opens, I’m going to support it.” The fact that he couldn’t walk didn’t prevent him from sending her a flower basket to wish her prosperous business. “My sister will definitely invite you to dinner.” Lu Dongming, however, sighed, “But your sister doesn’t love me, she still treats me … Read more

Doting Billionaire Chapter 1849

Lu Dongming: “Is it Grandma War?” If anyone else, with War Yin’s desire for exclusivity, who dares to abduct his wife, he would have already demolished the sky, which is still in the mood to come to see him yo. War Yin smiled bitterly, “In addition to my grandmother milk who else, only my grandmother … Read more

Doting Billionaire Chapter 1848

He could only push Lu Dongming to a shady place and said to him, “Dongming, you can’t be here alone, the sun is getting hotter and hotter, you’ll get sunstroke.” Lu Dongming himself raised his hand to wipe the sweat from his face and said, “When I first came here, it was still shady there.” … Read more

Doting Billionaire Chapter 1847

Where is Dongming now?” War Yin asked with concern, “I’ll go check on him.” “Fourth Young Master is in the backyard, he’s alone and won’t allow any of us to go to the backyard, he said he wants to be quiet by himself and doesn’t want everyone to disturb him.” War Yin’s footsteps paused, still … Read more

Doting Billionaire Chapter 1846

“However, Sister is so good looking, dressed as a man is also heroic, those young women in our Jiangcheng, who have seen Sister, will all be charmed by Sister and adore Sister, maybe War Hao Yu is a homosexual, thinking that Sister is a beautiful man, and fancying Sister.” Qiao Han’s face darkened. “Ah Xuan, … Read more