Wonder Doctor Chapter 1981

The following morning, Lin Ran set off on his own. He did not tell anyone about his departure. In fact there was no need to tell anyone either. Lin Ran knew very well in his heart that cultivation was all about him. As for Leng Qiu, Lin Ran did not want to think about it … Read more

Wonder Doctor Chapter 2432(Finale)

On top of the mountain, he sat there for seven days! And what Lin Ran didn’t expect was that in seven days’ time! Qin Bing and the others had come back one after another! Even Wang Yifeng and Yue Beishan had returned! Looking at the crowd who had easily returned to their hometowns all came … Read more

Wonder Doctor Chapter 2431

Back Mountain! Not heavily exploited because of the protected development of Lin’s Bay! An area on the hillside had been left to make a cemetery! Lin Ran also met Yingzi and Shi’s here! He offered incense to the two of them and lamented the fact that things are unpredictable! After that Lin Ran continued towards … Read more

Wonder Doctor Chapter 2430

The journey back home was boring! But at the same time, it was also one of great anticipation! With Lin Ran’s relentless efforts, finally, in the ninth month of the Void Tunnel Rush! They had found the void tunnel that they had left their hometown for the Immortal World! Lin Ran had also found the … Read more

Wonder Doctor Chapter 2429

A hundred years is not a long time, but it is not a short time at all! After the turmoil in the Immortal World, the number of cultivators in the Immortal World had dropped by 50%! Many cultivators died in the turmoil! Perhaps it was because the lesson was so painful! So the whole cultivation … Read more