Winner Takes All Chapter 2256

The Sky Wolf whistled long. It resounded through heaven and earth. This fierce wolf whistle not only cracked the sky, but also carried a terrifying might that directly descended to every corner of the world. Inside the secret room of the Academy of Martial Arts. Rumbling …… seventy-two Tianwolf Martial Dao Bodies shook at the … Read more

Winner Takes All Chapter 2255

Squeezing, pulling, devouring, annihilating …… When the space and time around Chen Dong collapsed, the moment he was plunged into the Void Chaos, it was this extremely bizarre feeling. He could clearly feel a terrifying killing force acting on his body, but in the Void Chaos, several completely opposite forces appeared on his body at … Read more

Winner Takes All Chapter 2254

Rumble …… As the heavenly gate shook and collapsed, the dark sky dome was also quickly ravaged. A single crack, speckled. Once it shattered, a slice of the heavenly dome crack was quickly absorbed by the void chaos and annihilated. It was clearly the same darkness. However, the void chaos that was revealed after the … Read more

Winner Takes All Chapter 2253

A muffled grunt. It resounded through the world. Chen Dong, who was striding forward, was creeped out. This voice, was not that of Chen Daojun! The sound of a muffled grunt even carried pain. Behind the Heaven’s Gate …… there really is a “person”! Shocked to shock. However, Chen Dong did not pause in the … Read more

Winner Takes All Chapter 2252

“Harmonising with the Dao, the sword opens the Heaven’s Gate!” This cry was like a terrifying holy voice, unstoppable. It was a holy sound that could not be refuted. The space around …… Chen Daojun’s horizontal space shook and rumbled in an instant. Sword whistling dragon roar. Echoing the world. At this instant, the Xuan … Read more