Wealthy Chapter 746

Hearing Chu Xiaoxiao’s words, and Li Ge’s hilarious reaction, I almost didn’t laugh out loud on the spot. I did hold back from laughing, but Yue Man Gong actually laughed coldly twice at the side. “Li Ge, if you do more than one thing, you will kill yourself.” Yue Man Gong said. “No, Chu Xiaoxiao, … Read more

Wealthy Chapter 745

“You let go of me! Zhang Chao will kill you when he comes back.” “What time is it now, you’re still thinking about Zhang Chao, huh? It’s still not clear if Zhang Chao will come back. Wait until the 15th of the first month, Jiang Ming has dug two big pits waiting for him to … Read more

Wealthy Chapter 744

Liu Hao laughed and scolded, “It’s with demons like you around that the job of our people’s police has become so difficult.” I dragged the clothes off my upper body and pointed at Liu Hao, “Take your clothes off for me, it’s too conspicuous for me and Moon Full Bow to walk out like this.” … Read more

Wealthy Chapter 743

The full moon bow is like a lion in a frenzy, no one can pluck up the edge. I was already panting like an ox, but his breathing was not disturbed in the least. Just by the control of my breath, the difference in strength between Yue Man Gong and me was obvious. It was … Read more

Wealthy Chapter 742

The palm of Moon Man-bow’s hand was over Yueqi’s eyes. “Don’t tell, Mom and Dad.” Yueqi said, “Don’t let them see.” We all turned our backs, the cold rain hitting our faces and the dead silence behind us. The time was so long that a second was magnified into a century, I don’t know how … Read more