Through Time Chapter 1019 (Finale)

In the courtyard, Zhao Lang was carefully telling his eldest son about the distribution of the entire world. “Hao’er ah, you’re seven years old now, look, this is the current world, this is the Great Qin of China, the rest of the world is overrun by bandits.” Zhao Hao listened extremely attentively, he still admired … Read more

Through Time Chapter 1018

He only felt that he had come to this strange place after closing his eyes on the Great Wall earlier. It was pitch black here, not like the sky, as the Taoists had said before. Instead, the line in front of his eyes kept shining with the words He didn’t choose directly, at first But … Read more

Through Time Chapter 1017

It was only after a while that Zhao Lang slowly calmed down. He was slowly able to understand Pops now that The other party was not only his old man, but also the First Emperor of Great Qin, and the other party could not accept the appearance of lying in bed and passing away. Standing … Read more

Through Time Chapter 1016

In the Great Qin Xianyang Palace, Zhao Lang was smiling broadly as he spoke to a middle-aged man in front of him who was obviously tanned. “Brother Hai, you’re finally back, how was it, how did the new ship go out this time?” In the past few days, Brother Hai has finally returned… Hearing Zhao … Read more

Through Time Chapter 1015

“You don’t want the throne?” Qin Shi Huang said, slightly surprised. He could still remember that when the other party learned that Hu Hai even had a throne, he was extremely envious. Now actually took the initiative to reject himself and wanted to give the other party the throne. Fusu at this time let out … Read more