The Policewoman Chapter 398

Lin Kai drove his Mercedes 500 sedan to Villa Mei Lu, and when he pulled up in front of Tang Huimin’s villa, he vaguely heard a gunshot. “Not good, there’s danger!” With Lin Kai’s keen sense of smell, he felt that something was wrong and hurriedly jumped out of the car and ran towards the … Read more

The Policewoman Chapter 397

Villa Mei Lu, inside the villa that Lin Kai bought for Tang Huimin’s family. Today is the birthday of Tang Huimin’s son, Yang Xiaobo, and the family is preparing to celebrate Yang Xiaobo’s birthday. Tang Huimin’s father is sitting with his grandson, Yang Xiaobo, on the sofa in the living room watching television. Tang’s mother … Read more

The Policewoman Chapter 396

“Humph,” Song Lina said in a stern voice as she once again pushed harder and made a show of being unforgiving, “I’ll let you learn a lesson, see if you dare to peek at other women in the future?” Lin Kai finally understood the truth that no one should easily offend a woman, and that … Read more

The Policewoman Chapter 395

Dingdong! A bell rang, interrupting Lin Kai’s contemplation. The lift doors opened. Lin Kai stepped out of the lift and gathered himself to walk along the red-carpeted corridor in the direction of Song Lina’s chairman’s office. “Captain, you’re here!” Team member Ye Dayong stood like a benchmark at the entrance of Song Lina’s office of … Read more

The Policewoman Chapter 394

After the Long Anaconda Group of Companies was closed down, the officialdom in Yanjing also experienced a major earthquake, with officials of all sizes acting as the umbrella of the Black Dragon Gang falling from their horses and the police and armed police officers arresting a large number of Black Dragon Gang members. At the … Read more