Doting Billionaire Chapter 1855

Ning Tianlei also understands in his heart that the Cui family and the Jin family are doing this, fighting to get his dad out, for their benefit, because after his big sister took over Ning’s enterprise on the throne, the Cui family and the Jin family can’t take advantage of it. The Ning family mansion … Read more

Doting Billionaire Chapter 1854

Spring Blossom is in the city center section, not far from the Guancheng Hotel, the two quickly arrived at the Guancheng Hotel. Ning Tianlei was carrying a bag and just happened to come out from the hotel, I don’t know where he wanted to go. War Yichen quickly got out of the car and said … Read more

Doting Billionaire Chapter 1853

Ning Yunchu retracted the hand covering his mouth and got up as if nothing had happened, and before she could go around the cash register, the clerk came in. War Yichen walked away with a taut face and continued to go water the flowers. That clerk handed Ning Yunchu the money she received for the … Read more

Doting Billionaire Chapter 1852

I can understand the feelings of the fourth youngest Lu.” Yun Chu said softly, “Good for nothing, suddenly suffered a car accident, injured his legs, unable to stand up, it’s normal for him to not be able to accept it for a while. He’s not bad, right? Many people, who made a bigger mess than … Read more

Doting Billionaire Chapter 1851

War Yichen casually asked, “Where did sister-in-law go?” Ning Yunchu picked up, “On a business trip, I guess, I heard Hai Tong say she was going on a business trip in the next two days.” She was bad with her eyes, otherwise she would have to travel a lot, and now it was all about … Read more