The Policewoman Chapter 244

“Wait a minute!” Tang Huimin said to Zhou Peng, “I don’t believe it, this packet of white powder was put into my handbag by Lin Kai, I think there must be some misunderstanding here!” Tang Huimin knew that if Lin Kai was taken away by the police, he would definitely have a hard time explaining … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 599-600 (Finale)

Chapter 599 Seeing this scene, Ye Luo also immediately frowned. If these people hadn’t come, Di Jun and the others would have been able to hold back for a while, at least until Ye Lu finally pa*sed the last three tribulations, which had already come at the same time. These people were from Kunlun, and … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 597-598

Chapter 597 This guy was also familiar to Ye Lu, it was the sea god “Poseidon” from the “Olympus Gods”, but this was not the inheritor of “Poseidon”, this terrifying giant man was “Poseidon” himself, moreover, Ye Lu could feel that the “spiritual power” flowing in his body was also the same as Ye Lu’s. … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 595-596

Chapter 595 To be honest, Nidhogg’s words made Ye Lu feel a bit confused. Previously, Ye Lu had contacted the “Hell Devil Dragon” through the Devil Dragon’s doppelganger “Nidhogg”, but the “Hell Devil Dragon” said that it was the crucial time for him to make a real breakthrough, so he had never met with Ye … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 593-594

Chapter 593 “That’s dead!” “This is a ‘Seventh Tribulation’ old monster!” “That’s too easy.” “Who the hell is that woman?” “Can’t afford to mess with it, really can’t afford to mess with it!” …… This scene shocked everyone, after all, the opponent was a “Seventh Tribulation” expert, so in an instant, without any fighting back, … Read more