Skillful Guard Chapter 2425

I heard from Fang Qi that the school authorities have identified the person who spread the rumour of his cheating as Zhen Zhen. This person, Zhen Chosen, is used to being arrogant. He grew up in a wealthy family and had everything he wanted. He was a good-looking and intelligent person, and he was a … Read more

Skillful Guard Chapter 2424

Yu Muyang: “……” Who can stand this? Yu Muyang was so happy he was about to faint. He needs quick-acting heart pills, or maybe some oxygen first, he feels like he’s going to lose his breath! – Yu Muyang, who has threatened to teach his daughter-in-law about love, has a bad day, and on his … Read more

Skillful Guard Chapter 2423

God is probably not thinking that he has had a miserable time all these years and is finally opening his eyes …… Kiero is still talking – “I’d feel angry if someone else confessed to you.” “They get too close to you and I don’t like it either.” “And the gifts ……” She wanted to … Read more

Skillful Guard Chapter 2422

Ever since she was little, with Qi Yan around, whatever Qirou wanted, she could get almost immediately. Her father protected her too well, and although she had all the kung fu in the world, she had absolutely no room to use it. It was not until she saw Yu Muyang transformed into a super student … Read more

Skillful Guard Chapter 2421

“Hmm.” Kiero nodded, afraid he would let himself hit him again. She cocked her head and looked at the man beside her. She hadn’t felt that Yu Muyang let her in much before, but instead always made her worry, and now she suddenly realised that all his pretensions were just to make her care about … Read more