Rich Overnight Chapter 148

Seeing that Chen Hao did not say anything, Chen Fenglin thought that Chen Hao was not sure, and immediately scolded, “You can’t even handle a woman, what a disgrace to Laozi! Remember a few words, be bold and shameless!” “You also do not have any embarra*sment, also do not think too high of her, you … Read more

Rich Overnight Chapter 147

There is a river next to the school, and at other times, it is a good place for couples to meet. But today was a grand day at NTU, so there was no one here, and the river was flowing in the quiet. A sullen figure was sitting on the bank, looking into the darkness … Read more

Rich Overnight Chapter 146

In the light of the fireworks, a pair of bright eyes were vaguely seen, all falling on Chen Hao, and Zhou Yazhi. Zhou Yazhi’s smile was gone, and she didn’t get next to Chen Hao or hold his arm anymore. She knew now that it was just a magnificent misunderstanding, a dream that made her … Read more

Rich Overnight Chapter 145

Looking at that instantly pale and bloodless pretty face, Chen Hao’s heart twitched hard a few times. But yet, he said very seriously, “I shouldn’t be all in your life, do you understand? I don’t want you to treat me as all, because I …… I can’t manage to treat you as all either!” Hearing … Read more

Rich Overnight Chapter 144

Chen Hao walked out of Mimi’s room and smoked outside. Looking at the bodyguard next to him, Chen Hao took out a cigarette and handed it to Mimi’s bodyguard, “Buddy, working as a bodyguard for a star, quite a lot of things, right?” The bodyguard took the cigarette and grinned, showing a smile similar to … Read more