Hot Meets Cold Chapter 1732

“I can’t believe you’re out there with a dog behind my back-” A huge sound rushed towards Ye ÒÒ’s eardrums, almost bursting. Just as Gong Xu was in the middle of a breakdown, another head suddenly poked out from the spot on Ye ÒÒ’s shoulder, and Bei Dou blinked, “Aye? Dog? Where where?” Gong Xu … Read more

Fortune Chapter 2284

In the end, the cultivators who were in Tianlong City were killed and fled. Had the human army not attacked the demon race and Prince Jairus recalled Prince Mythical Beast, I fear that Tianlong City would never have been the last stop of the demon massacre. Moreover, the demon race did not know that Ye … Read more

Fate of the Stupid Son Chapter 477

Song Wan Yue was brief and concise, “I’ve thought carefully over the past two days, if those four people were killed back then, the least likely place for the bodies to be found would be inside the old Wen family home.” Xu Yan looked at her haughtily, and her mind flashed back to yesterday when … Read more

Doting Billionaire Chapter 567

“This is one thing that sister-in-law appreciates most about you, unlike some people who, regardless of whether someone is married or not, interfere in other people’s marriages under the banner of pursuing true love, that kind of person, sister-in-law dislikes the most.” The First Young Grandmother meant what she said. It was because her little … Read more

All For You Chapter 1853

Exposing a large area of skin around her waist. His long, slender fingers, unapologetic, pressed against her wound, his thin lips slightly parted. “Does it hurt?” “……” Qiao Yuan Fei could no longer speak, a coldness running up her spine. Her whole body froze, staring blankly at Fan Yu who had suddenly barged into her … Read more