Martial Champion Chapter 1340

Tiny… boy, do you you… do you know what I have here?” Just then, Wang Qiang suddenly opened his mouth and asked. At this moment, the coldness in his eyes was no longer there from earlier when he had just performed the martial skill, instead, it was filled with the complacency of performing the martial … Read more

Martial Champion Chapter 1339

As the saying goes, there’s nothing wrong with a soldier.” “You were able to dodge my attack, that’s your skill.” “Likewise, I can launch an attack, that’s my skill.” “In a normal duel, it’s all based on skill, what’s mean about it?” Chu Feng asked with a smile on his face, despite this Wang Qiang’s … Read more

Martial Champion Chapter 1338

After strengthening his body, Chu Feng’s attacks also became more and more ferocious, and under such circumstances, Wang Qiang, who considered himself to be steel-strong, was no longer able to fight against Chu Feng’s physical body. “Bang bang bang.” The two’s fists and feet collided again, and Chu Feng’s steel fists and iron legs would … Read more

Martial Champion Chapter 1337

At this moment, everyone present closed their mouths, no one dared to mock Wang Qiang anymore, and even more so, no one dared to humiliate Wang Qiang anymore. Whether it was the strongest of the older generation or the arrogant of the younger generation, they all realized that Wang Qiang was very strong, and even … Read more

Martial Champion Chapter 1336

Laughing and laughing…what are you laughing at, wait…wait a while, you you you…you Grandpa Strong will let you all, laugh and laugh…laugh and laugh.” The odd man, pointing at those who laughed out loud, threatened. At the time of the words, only to see his big fancy pants slightly trembled, a pressure will be like … Read more