Martial Champion Chapter 204

Three days later, the city of Vermilion Bird was filled with joy as all the dignitaries and famous people who were away from home returned to the city. For today was a day of great joy, the day when the future head of the Shangguan family, Shangguan Ya, married Su Mei, the youngest daughter of … Read more

Martial Champion Chapter 50

“Brother Chu Feng, you say you have spiritual power? You can’t joke about such things!” Bai Tong’s face had become tense and his tone was filled with suspicion .   “He’s right, he is indeed the one in a million.” Just at that moment, Su Mei spoke up.   “Su Mei, is this true?” Hearing … Read more

Martial Champion Chapter 26

“Holy sh*t, what the hell?”   These two slaps from Su Mei were extremely loud, not only did they baffle the Dragon Brother and Tiger Brother, but even the crowd of onlookers were also stunned by her.   Wasn’t Su Mei trying to arrest that Chu Feng? Wasn’t Brother Long and Brother Tiger helping Su … Read more

Martial Boss Chapter 1256

“Ding, congratulations to the host, for killing the Dao Ancestor ——“ The system’s beep suddenly stuck for a moment, then said, “The host is already invincible in the world, the so-called reward is not considered a reward anymore, in the future, the system’s inheritance space can be accessed by you at will.” As the system’s … Read more

Martial Boss Chapter 1255

In the long sky, an even more reckless and magnificent qi stretches across the sky as two figures face each other, the qi of the beginning clashing with the power of destruction and creation. “The Origin of Tai Primordial.” “The Seal of Tai Yi.” The fight between the Tai Chu Dao Body and the Tai … Read more