In Love Never Say Never Chapter 2391

Chapter 2391 She was wearing a hospital gown with her arms attached, her make-up all faded, just winking a pillow, and chasing around the picture with the nurse like a little child, making her cry. “How did they ……” I thought these people had long since pa*sed away, or like the scene of Fu Shenyan … Read more

In Love Never Say Never Chapter 2389-2390

Chapter 2389 With that, she had approached the expensive medical equipment in the ward, muttering to herself while turning the buttons on it haphazardly, “Unplug you all, break them all, I’ll see how you still stare at me! Why, if you wanted to die so early, why did you refuse to give me Fu Shen … Read more

In Love Never Say Never Chapter 2387-2388

Chapter 2387 “No, he will really kill himself and die with us ……” I was anxious to tell Fu Shenyan to trust my judgment, to talk about what to know about a heartless man. Murong Zhuan looked at us with a smirk, as if he was enjoying a farce, and in his face and eyes, … Read more

In Love Never Say Never Chapter 2385-2386

Chapter 2385 Murong Zhuan was silent and tilted his face to the side, not retorting. But doing so didn’t make Master Jin take his breath away, and he turned his gaze to me again, and after just one look, he turned and sat back impatiently before commanding, “Finish this woman.” At once almost the entire … Read more

In Love Never Say Never Chapter 2383-2384

Chapter 2383 About an hour later, the sound of Murong Zhuan’s car rang outside the door, and without hesitation I got up, walked out, got in and sat next to him. “Conditions abroad are poor, sure you can handle the hardship?” Murong Zhuan asked. “Don’t underestimate me, at least I’m the woman your Mr. Zhuan … Read more