Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2327

Ye Wanwan’s lips slowly curled up, a chilling aura radiating throughout her body. She said, “You don’t need to understand. Just know this: I don’t care who sent you. If I see any woman approaching the Director, you’ll bear the consequences.” Housekeeper Qiao: “…” Si Ye Han: “…” Lin Que: “…” Yu Shao: “…” Medusa: … Read more

Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2326

Ye Wanwan immediately looked over with a touched expression and said, “Thank you, Senior Sister. You’re so kind!” Senior Sister replied, “No need to be so polite with me!” As they spoke, the two of them had already arrived at the entrance of Si’s mansion. Just as they were about to get out of the … Read more

Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2325

“Below the hotel, Lin Que and Yu Shao couldn’t go upstairs, so they could only wait anxiously below. Who knew that, within a few minutes, they suddenly saw Si Yehan coming out of the elevator alone. Si Yehan was wearing only a single garment, with the buttons at the neckline undone. His face was as … Read more

Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2324

As I approach the door, before I can see what’s happening inside, Si Yehan suddenly takes off his black coat at lightning speed, throwing it onto the bed inside, covering something on it. Then, as if not satisfied, Si Yehan sternly says, “Close your eyes.” Just as Ye Wanwan is about to look at the … Read more

Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2323

“Even Yiling is finding it hard to watch. Good daughter, can you be any more obvious? However, Ye Wanwan completely ignored him. Although this method is quite shameless, it’s fortunate that it’s effective and reasonable. Si Yehan simply couldn’t refuse. And then, Ye Wanwan unabashedly led Si Yehan upstairs to her room. Tonight, she’s been … Read more