Hot Meets Cold Chapter 1390

At this point in the conversation, Nie Wuming’s brow was slightly knitted. He seemed to be here today because of the rose of death… At that moment, Nie Wuming’s expression cooled down as he stared at Ye ÒÒÒ, “Famous sister, anyone who impersonates the Death Rose will end up being severely punished, do you know that?” … Read more

Hot Meets Cold Chapter 1389

At this moment, Ye ÒÒ slowly stood up from the main seat, swept a glance at Nie Wuming and Daoist Shen Xu respectively and sneered, “Oh, you two …… have hardened your wings after returning to the Independent State ……, do you want me to turn you into angels with broken wings?” Hearing what Ye … Read more

Hot Meets Cold Chapter 1388

What? Impersonation? As the words of Daoist Shen Xu fell, the crowd present looked at each other in disbelief. They had also heard that the Death Rose did not exist, but they had not taken it seriously at the time, treating it as a joke. In fact, after joining the Death Rose, most of the … Read more

Hot Meets Cold Chapter 1387

Soon, dozens of men and women in rose red robes and silver fox-shaped masks walked slowly to Ye ÒÒ and saluted Ye ÒÒ. These men and women with silver fox-shaped masks were handpicked by Ye ÒÒÒ, and were also the strongest group of people in the Death Rose force at the moment. The crowd looked … Read more

Hot Meets Cold Chapter 1386

“Captain!” After seeing Dao Nie Wu Ming, Daoist Shen Xu hurriedly shouted out. “What are you panicking about, where’s your sense of decorum?!” Nie Wuming glanced at Daoist Shenxu. “No, Captain, I have something to tell you.” Daoist Shenxu spoke hastily. “Bullshit, I haven’t finished eating yet, let’s talk about it when I’m done.” Nie … Read more