Fortune Chapter 3480

“God and Demon Race, your final doom is here!” In the middle of the yellow desert in front of the Tianxuan Domain’s border, an army of nearly twenty million foreign races rolled in under the leadership of the four great Heavenly Lords, driving the yellow sand flying in the sky. The strength of this force … Read more

Fortune Chapter 3479

The three great divine domains were lost, trampled underfoot by the alien hordes. The entire Divine and Demonic Continent was plunged into incomparable sadness and panic, and a large number of Western Divine Realm, Northern Divine Realm, and Eastern Divine Realm cultivators poured into the Southern Divine Realm. At this moment, the Southern Divine Realm … Read more

Fortune Chapter 3478

Ye Han was still a long way away from the Three Thousand Paths, not only that, the Heavenly Dao forces that Ye Han was currently controlling were the Heavenly Dao forces among the Three Thousand Paths that weren’t very difficult to control, but once he encountered the powerful Heavenly Dao forces such as the Great … Read more

Fortune Chapter 3477

At the time, under the leadership of the many giant powerhouses of the Southern Divine Domain, all the beings of the Southern Divine Domain, no matter whether they were bottom-level cultivators or top-level powerhouses, all of them were actively preparing for the battle, and nowadays, at the border of the Tianxuan Domain’s earth, all the … Read more

Fortune Chapter 3476

Looking at the scene that appeared in the universe in front of them, the hearts of the powers of the Divine and Demonic Continent were saddened to the extreme. Want to – free – fee – see – complete – version please Baidu search – Pin = book = network Li Jiunye, a powerhouse who … Read more