Fate of the Stupid Son Chapter 1001(Finale)

Of course Song Wan Yue would not want it, and after listening to Xu and Song Lin, she immediately came to the Xu residence, just in time to see Xu Liang directing his subordinates, carefully carrying two boxes out. “Stop all.” The voice was not small and the old man heard it from inside the … Read more

Fate of the Stupid Son Chapter 1000

Some people couldn’t resist going to the door to look. They saw the Prince Regent sitting on his horse in a vivid red dress, his eyebrows like a painting, with a smile in the painting, making people unable to take their eyes off him. Behind him was an endless procession of bridal gifts, the front … Read more

Fate of the Stupid Son Chapter 999

Chu Yunxiao’s movements were skilful, as if he had combed it a thousand times. Only Xiao Si, seeing the movement of his hair combing, subconsciously took a step backwards. The king had started practising with them two months ago for today. At the beginning, he almost didn’t comb their scalps off, so much so that … Read more

Fate of the Stupid Son Chapter 998

Grandma and Master Song didn’t sleep much all night and were up at dawn making breakfast. Tomorrow the Song family will be going back and Song Lin and Xu stayed over. When they heard a movement in the kitchen, they dressed and got up and came to the kitchen. When they heard a commotion in … Read more

Fate of the Stupid Son Chapter 997

Especially the new emperor. Although the late emperor had guarded against them at every turn, he had always outwardly favoured them, feeding, clothing and clothing them the best, and even teaching them the best. Eating meat straight from the hand, he hadn’t even thought of it! Chu Yunxiao didn’t care about him, he also tore … Read more