Campus Master Chapter 3184

“How did you know about me?” Suddenly, the screen of this supercomputer lit up and started on its own, and from the speakers, an electronic synthesized voice came, but with a hint of surprise. Ji Feng smiled and said, “Because, on my side, there is an artificial intelligence that is more advanced than you!” “It’s … Read more

Campus Master Chapter 3183

“What did you say?” Ji Feng’s face was stunned to the extreme when he heard the voice coming from the phone, “Number one …… was caught? Is it …… Wu Zhengxiang?” The phone call was from Xiang Yongzhan, yet the news he said made Ji Feng almost unable to believe his ears. The Dynasty’s chief … Read more

Campus Master Chapter 3182

Countless times he was tortured, countless times he was beaten, injected with drugs …… Wu Zhiyong did not know how many times he had pa*sed out, but every time, he was able to wake up, and this pain of begging for death was like being tortured in hell. So, he succumbed. This was very satisfying … Read more

Campus Master Chapter 3181

The entire battle group, from the earliest days of just a dozen people, has grown to over a hundred people now, the battle group’s strength has long been extremely strong. Especially in the last two years, every member of the squad has undergone super high intensity training, and gymnastics is a daily routine, the physical … Read more

Campus Master Chapter 3180

No one expected that war would break out at this time. It was too sudden! The situation in the southern seas, which had been tense for nearly a year, has gradually eased. The economies of the Western countries, led by Rice, have regressed substantially in the last two years, and Europe can almost be said … Read more