Breakthrough Chapter 320(Finale)

The corners of Su Mu’s eyes twitched, he really didn’t expect that the old man was actually such a person. Last night, he even called people Little Sweetie, and now he was calling them shameless? “Grandpa, you’re going too far, aren’t you?” Su Mu said with a straight face. Although his grandmother had pa*sed away … Read more

Breakthrough Chapter 319

“From today onwards, you are no longer a senior member of the Su family.” Su Xiaozheng looked at Su Bo Yang and said. “Sh, what!?” Su Bo Yang’s face turned pale as he was unable to accept this punishment. “Family head, you have to do it for me!” Su Bo Yang crawled on the ground … Read more

Breakthrough Chapter 318

An old man, on crutches, with a slightly stooped back, white hair and a snow-white beard, looks very old. However, in his cloudy eyes, there was a bright and sharp light. The previous head of the Su family, one of the strongest family heads the Su family had ever known. Su Xiaozheng! “I gave Su … Read more

Breakthrough Chapter 317

The sound of a resounding slap was heard in all directions. At this moment, the air seemed to freeze, the wind around them was silent, and everyone was frozen. Even Liuyun and Zhong Baihua were wide-eyed and shocked to the core. They knew that Su Mu was domineering, but they did not expect that Su … Read more

Breakthrough Chapter 316

Since Su Bo Yang was confident that he had the backing of the family head, Su Yuan Hang, he was not afraid of Su Xiaozheng either. “Quickly throw him out to me, I feel disgusted even looking at him.” Su Bo Yang pointed at Su Mu and gave orders to the group of guards. Knowing … Read more