Awaken Chapter 312 Finale

He did not want to accuse anyone unjustly, nor did he want to kill the innocent indiscriminately, especially since these people were on good terms with himself. So Xu Qingnian chose to disperse his talent. He was also gambling. Betting on two things. One, that the two saints would come out in five hundred years. … Read more

Awaken Chapter 311

Everyone began to block the revival of the demon god. Only. All the light was eventually swallowed by the seven demon gods. Instead of having any effect, it fuelled the power of the demon gods. The roar grew louder and louder. In the end, a roar that rippled through the entire Dust Realm. The four … Read more

Awaken Chapter 310

After the empress had left, Chen Zhengru sighed, followed by coming to the Hall of Tong You, and bowed towards Xu Qingnian before leaving. And so it was. That night. A cry rang out. It was Chen Xinghe’s cries. From the moment he stepped into the palace, Chen Xinghe had been crying bitterly. “Senior brother.” … Read more

Awaken Chapter 309

The Great Night. Not a single star in the firmament. The world of dust. When Xu Qingnian’s voice rang out, all the world fell silent. The next moment. There was no peace in the entire Dust World. The first to be shaken was the Great Wei Dynasty. Inside the imperial palace. Ji Ling had lost … Read more

Awaken Chapter 308

Midcontinent Demon Domain. Prince Yongping was a little dazed. He wanted to say something, but he was suppressed by the immortal corpse, and he could not say a word at all. At the same time, he was curious as to who would come to deal with him. It was only when he saw Xu Qingnian … Read more