At The Bottom Chapter 567(End)

“Lu …… Lu Yuan?” When Zhao Si Si was brought in front of Lu Yuan, her entire body was dumbfounded. All kinds of feelings in her heart mingled together, and for a moment, it was very complicated. “I’m sorry, Lu Yuan, I’m sorry, I was wrong, I misunderstood you, I shouldn’t have thought that you … Read more

At The Bottom Chapter 566

The gentry and celebrities of Jiang Yang looked at the people of Lingnan Institute with surprise. They had never added so many people from the Lingnan Institute to appear en ma*se. Even the last time people from the Lingnan Institute came to Jiang Yang for a visit, there were not so many people, and in … Read more

At The Bottom Chapter 565

Lu Yuan was pointing at the two men who had fallen to the side of the road. Those two men who were in the Santana just now, those two men who were Wang Long’s men, those two men who had just been beaten to the ground by Wang Long’s men. These two men were sitting … Read more

At The Bottom Chapter 564

“Everyone gets this treatment? How ignorant.” The crowd laughed uproariously, the contempt on their faces intensifying. “I’m afraid this kid doesn’t even understand what the words top expert in the provincial capital mean.” “And to come all the way by helicopter to operate on Mr. Wang, those who can enjoy such treatment are all of … Read more

At The Bottom Chapter 563

Because Wang Long’s caravan was occupying the street, there was now not a single pedestrian on the street. Such a lone small car looked particularly conspicuous. At this moment, the number of onlookers was also increasing. The crowd was curious and followed behind, looking at the car and wondering in their hearts if the person … Read more