All For You Chapter 2430(extra)

Yu Muyang is in a relationship with Qirou and it’s already a done deal. The collective meeting ended and the next day, Yu Muyang stiffened up and went to Qi’s house to apologise in person. Qi Yan waved everyone away and sat face to face with him on the sofa for a private chat. “Little … Read more

All For You Chapter 2429(Finale)

The Five Families flipped out. The Yu family, the Tang family, the Fan family, the Qi family, the Mo family, who are now in power, have gathered in a rare gathering. As soon as Qi Yan enters, he immediately goes to Yu Muyang with his sword, and Tan Beng Beng can’t stop him, he hurriedly … Read more

All For You Chapter 2428

Qirou is a novice, and does not have Yu Muyang’s untaught skills to even change her air. Trying to push him away, Yu Muyang pressed against her, unable to push. In the back, Qirou had no more strength, her body was burning, a strange tingling sensation penetrated her body, and she could only clutch Yu … Read more

All For You Chapter 2427

Yu Muyang caught a glimpse of what she wrote on the note and the corners of his mouth were about to grin to his ears in delight. He wanted to laugh but had to restrain himself. In case Qirou was shy and ended up getting annoyed and not playing with him anymore. “I …… I’m … Read more

All For You Chapter 2426

“……” Qirou didn’t say anything, just looked at him with good-natured eyes, acquiescing to his offer. Yu Muyang immediately stated the rules of the game, “Everyone choose a balloon, and whatever is written on the note hanging above the balloon, do as you are told.” Yu Muyang had thought about this game for a whole … Read more