Never Say Never Chapter 489-490

Chapter 489

I thought about it and spoke, “Can I not say anything? She pa*sed the baby on to me and didn’t want the father to know there was a baby.”


“Is that why you went to River City and got into this mess?” Already at the image design company, he stopped the car and spoke lightly.


I got out of the car, enthused, and spoke, “Did a lot of people come to the party tonight?”


“The whole capital city’s famous people and journalists will be here!” He gestured for me to go inside, and dropped the car keys into my bag by the way.


I pursed my lips and said breathlessly, “Where did you learn to throw car keys into a girl’s bag at every turn?”


He shrugged his shoulders, “Huya said only between loved ones and lovers can do such intimate things.”


I ……


Hu Ya, the girl with the elegant air I had met in Jiangcheng?


Without studying his words, I spoke, “So, not only the whole capital will know about this party afterwards?”


He nodded, “The whole country will know about it!”


I smiled lightly, “Third Uncle has a heart!”


Seeing me smile inexplicably, he frowned, “What do you want?”


I shrugged my shoulders, “Shen Yu, I’ve always felt that I’m a particularly easy person to let go of things, and that I’ll stop caring about a lot of things as long as time goes by, but actually no, I still want Lin Wan to lose her reputation, and for her to beg on her knees for me to let her and Lu Xinran go.”


He frowned fiercely, a few complications showing in his dark eyes, “What do you want to do?”


“Remember those things I handed you before? I originally thought that now that Lu Xinran is childless and has suffered a stabbing from me, Lin Wan’s company is at least now being investigated, and she herself has lost a lot and suffered a lot of public opinion, I won’t care anymore, but now I don’t think it will work, I want to give the public an account of Lin Wan’s dirty past, bit by bit to show the Mo family what a disgusting skin she is hiding under her gentle and elegant appearance. ”


One cannot be tainted with hatred, otherwise there would be no goodness or tolerance.


When I was a child, I watched TV dramas where the protagonist could forgive even after the destruction of his family, but now I think it is ridiculous.


I’ve never seen a victim who would have the audacity to say something like this.


To put it bluntly, it’s not the victim who suffers, so it’s the spectators who say they are forgiving.


The spectator is just that, a spectator, with a God’s eye view of what is right and wrong, and ends up saying things that are inconsiderate of the victim’s feelings.


He stopped and looked at me with a light gaze, complicated and compa*sionate, “Xiao Shu, whatever you want to do, I support you, but I hope you won’t regret it, this life is too short, how you want to live your life is your own decision, with hatred is fine, but I hope you can spend the rest of your life emptying your heart to see the sun, the river, the insects, the fish, the birds and the animals. And cherish the people you love, and the people who love you!”


I stared at him for a moment, never expecting such words to come out of his mouth, and felt as if this was not the Shen Yu I knew.


But when I thought about it, I could understand why he said that. Back then he struggled with the world of hatred, how he couldn’t get out of it, and then left after doing so many things that hurt others.


Chapter 490

I thought I would never see him again in my life, but I was surprised to see him again in A City.


I don’t know what he’s been through over the years, but I could feel that he seemed to have let go of things and was able to look past them.


When I looked at him and didn’t say anything, she smiled lightly, “Don’t look at me like that or I’ll think you’re in love with me.”


I was speechless, gave him a blank look and spoke, “But I can’t let go of it now, if I don’t take advantage of this banquet, I don’t know when I’ll be able to do so again.”


I had to wait at least a year for the Gu family, and now that Gu Han was gone, the chances of me wanting to take advantage of Gu were almost nil, so that the only thing I could do was this banquet.


He looked at me for half a second and nodded his head, “Okay, I’ll help you any way you want!”


Looking at him, I couldn’t help but feel warm inside and smiled lightly, “Shen Yu thank you!”


It seems that from the beginning to the end, he was helping me without asking for anything in return. If it wasn’t for the relationship with Third Uncle Shen, I would have wanted to move Lin Wan, and I’m afraid that even if I had more leverage, it would have been useless.


He said, “A thank you is not a meal, let’s be practical.”


I laughed, “Buy you dinner?”


“Just one meal?”


“You decide, as many meals as you want!”




I had already arrived at the image company to briefly look at a few dresses and bespoke jewellery, I’m a person who basically has no idea about clothes and jewellery, so I’d have to rely on the designer’s opinion on what to wear.


“These dark circles under your eyes, they’re too bad!” Shen Yu spoke up and asked the make-up artist to make my make-up a little thicker.


The make-up artist looked at it and said, “Miss Shen’s features and temperament are very good, just a little bit worse in tone, wearing normal make-up will be fine, and she has a high nose and big eyes, if she wears too thick make-up, it will be on the European and American side, it will look a little cold and hard.”


Shen Shu looked around at me and bristled, “Fine, you guys just watch the design and make her look her best.”


I was speechless, “I’m your sister if you know, but if you don’t, you think I’m your date!”


He shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently, “Think what you like.”


He took out his phone and gestured to go make a call. I couldn’t move from my make-up, and I almost fell asleep after sitting for so long.


The make-up was not very heavy, just a little powder to cover the haggardness of my face, but it made my features look delicate and three-dimensional.


The designer gave me a set of green cheongsam with gold trim, which made me look elegant and feminine.


Shen Yu came in after the phone call, looking at the world is not early, said, “seven o’clock to start, not much time, get it done ……”


Seeing that I got it done, he froze for a moment, and after a pause coughed all over and said, “Change one!”


The designer and make-up artist originally looked at him with an expression of satisfaction, but heard him say it and couldn’t help but stare.


They said, “Miss Shen is quite beautiful like this, her temperament leans towards cla*sical elegance, this cheongsam suits her very well!”


Shen Yu looked at me and said, “Can’t you see that she has no meat on her waist or legs? You need to be voluptuous to wear a cheongsam, and she doesn’t fit!”


I ?????


Looking at Shen Yu, I spoke, “So happily decided, just this set, there’s not enough time, what else to change?”


It’s no trouble to swap around!


He frowned, his eyes landed on my legs and said in an unpleasant manner, “You have that fork up to the root of your leg, you think it’s appropriate? It’s too revealing, change it!”


I ……