Never Say Never Chapter 481-482

Chapter 481

I pursed my lips, not intending to stay too long, and spoke to Qiao Zhongyan indifferently, “I’ll leave first!”


Then, without waiting for Qiao Zhiyan to say anything, I went straight out of the hall.


Behind me came Qiao Zhuan Yan’s unpleasant voice, “I’m idle? Third brother, who stayed up all night last night and drank all night, who was sad?”


I ……


went out of the hall, I got into the car and just started the car when Han Shuang called.


I turned off the engine and spoke, “What’s wrong?”


“You should either go back to Jiangcheng, or better yet, come over today.” Her voice was a little serious.


I couldn’t help but stare, “What’s wrong?”


She paused and said, “I don’t know how to say this, they’re probably all prepared to hide it from you, that’s why none of them contacted you then, but paper never keeps fire, you should come back and take a look, you always need to know the original reason.”


I let out a long breath before saying, “Is something wrong with Muzi?”


She didn’t answer me, she just said after a moment of silence, “Come over and take a look!”




I hung up the phone and booked a flight to Jiangcheng, luckily it was early, there was a flight from the capital to Jiangcheng in an hour.


After booking the flight, I started the car and saw Qiao Zhuan Yan jogging out of Gu’s building waving towards my car.


I froze, stopped the car, looked at him and said, “What’s wrong?”


“Third sister-in-law, third brother has booked a Western dinner in Nandu, do you want to join us later?” He looked at me and smiled.


I froze, Nandu?


The place where young men and women in the capital like to go for an evening date? The most luxurious area for men and women to go.


I raised my eyes and looked at the time, an hour from here to the airport was still a rush, too late to eat.


At the entrance of the lobby Fu Shen Yan followed him out, the man still had a cold look on his face.


I can’t help but purse my lips and look at Qiao Zhuan Yan and say, “Mr. Qiao, I’m sorry, I have something to do later, so I won’t eat with you guys, you call Lu Xinran to see, she should have time to accompany Fu Shen Yan …… and you to eat!”


After saying that, went to start the car, Qiao Zhuan Yan was a little angry, “Shen Shu, what kind of words are you saying? Third brother why set Nandu’s western restaurant you do not know what is the reason? A couple quarrels, one gives a step, the other goes down, you have to make it so stiff?”


I pursed my lips, watched the time pa*s little by little, looked at Fu Shen Yan standing at the entrance of the hall, looked at Qiao stiffly, “Mr. Qiao, I appreciate you working so hard for my relationship with Fu Shen Yan, also appreciate Fu Shen Yan’s kindness, but, please tell him that the relationship between people, if there is no way to continue to go, can end peacefully and gently, we each other Calm down for a few days, I have something to do, I’ll leave first!”


Stepping on the gas, I drove straight up the road, annoyed as hell.


It wasn’t that I didn’t want to ease the relationship between the two of us, but there was still some resistance in my heart, and I wasn’t sure what it was.


It’s just as well that I’m going to go to Jiangcheng to calm down, so maybe it will be okay.


The airport in Beijing is very crowded every day, and there were traffic jams, but I was able to catch my flight.


I was relieved to get on the plane, find a seat, and it wasn’t long before it took off.


“Pa*sengers, the plane is about to take off, for your safety, please put away your small tabletop, fasten your seat belt and please turn off your mobile phones or put them into flight mode.” The flight attendant’s sweet voice rang out.


I subconsciously searched my bag for my phone and prepared to turn it off, seeing that there were a dozen missed calls on the screen of my phone all from Fu Shen Yan, and several text messages, all from him.


Chapter 482

Because I was in a hurry to turn off my phone, I read through it roughly and said hello except for the first line, which asked where I was.


The plane took off and it was too late to return it, so I simply switched my phone off.


It was a four-hour journey from the capital to Jiangcheng, and I barely slept last night. Not long after the plane took off, I asked the stewardess for a blanket and took a nap.


When I woke up, the plane had already landed, so I turned on my phone and looked at the time, which was exactly 6pm.


When I got off the plane, Han Shuang came to pick me up by car.


It was already dark at six o’clock in the winter. Han Shuang was wrapped in a thick cotton coat and saw that I had taken nothing but a bag.


I nodded my head and spoke, “You can take me there directly!”


She looked a bit complicated and after a pause said, “Let’s go to dinner first, I’ve booked a restaurant, after dinner I’ll take you for a walk around the neighborhood where they live.”


Seeing that she had made this arrangement, I couldn’t say much, so I nodded after a pause and agreed.


I didn’t have much of an appetite originally, so after a few simple bites, Han Shuang drove me to the Yun Tong neighborhood.


When I got to the entrance of the district, I couldn’t help but freeze, “Mu Zi and the others live here?”


Han Shuang nodded and spoke, “They basically walk around the neighborhood at night, and with the recent cold weather, they basically only walk for a while before going back.”


I hesitated for about a few seconds, and all I could think of was that Muzi should continue to live in the house we had bought earlier.


I simply told Han Shuang to drive the car in, and then went straight up to the flat.


The house was empty and no one had lived there for a long time, exactly as we had left it before.


Han Shuang reacted and said, “No wonder they don’t live in the villa and choose to live here, it turns out that you have a house here!”


I froze for a moment, “A villa?”


She nodded, “I checked, Chen Xing had been living in a villa in Shanshui Residence before, and didn’t know what happened and moved to this side of the district.”


When I went downstairs with her, it wasn’t snowing in Jiangcheng, it was just extraordinarily cold, and she pulled me down to sit in the rest area of the neighborhood.


She looked at me and said, “Are you going to go up and say hello when you see someone later?”


I stared, “Why not?”


She shrugged her shoulders, “Have you ever thought about the fact that they’ve been lying to you about being in the M’s when they’re obviously all in River City?”


“Maybe they were afraid I’d worry!”


“In that case, what do you think they’ll think when you show up out of the blue like that, I have an idea, do you want to hear it?”




She sat up straight and looked over at me, “Just check on them tonight, don’t rush up to meet them, wait until tomorrow when I take you somewhere and get the truth about what’s going on and then deal with it calmly, okay?”


I froze, always feeling as if she was making this sound serious, and opened my mouth to ask, but she snapped, “Nooo, over there coming!”


I looked in the direction she was pointing and saw two six-foot-tall men walking and chatting about something while pushing a pram.


I couldn’t see the two men because they were far apart and my eyes were still a bit nearsighted, but I could tell by the shape of their bodies that it was Chen Xing and Qiao En.


I subconsciously went to look to walk over, but I didn’t want to be pressed by Han Shuang, “You’d better call and ask first.”


I froze for a moment and fished out my phone, and there were a few more missed calls on the screen, all from Fu Shen Yan.


I had just put it on silent when I got off the plane and didn’t have time to look at my phone.


“You didn’t speak to Mr. Fu when you arrived?” She had seen the missed calls on my phone, hesitated slightly and opened her mouth to ask.


I nodded, flipped to Jon’s mobile number and dialed it.


It didn’t take long for Jon’s to pick up the phone, and I watched as not far away he hesitated for a moment into his phone, then it was Chen Xing who said something to him before he picked up the phone.


“Shen Shu, what’s wrong?” Jon spoke, his voice not loud.