Never Say Never Chapter 435-436

Chapter 435

This is what Fu Qingyin said to Fu Shen Yan.


Fu Shen Yan narrowed his eyes, his dark eyes looked at me and said, “The family wants to stay overnight guests, what is your opinion?”


I wrinkled my eyebrows, a little annoyed, “What does it have to do with me?”


I was ready to go upstairs when I said that, my hand was pulled by him and he lowered his voice and said, “Let the driver take Miss Lu back later!”


Fu Qingyin was a little upset, her face cooled down and she said, “You kid, why are you becoming more and more incapable of dealing with people? How cold is it outside? You let a girl go back by herself, this house is so big, you don’t need a room for her? Besides, my one is empty, I thought of keeping her with me, and I don’t know about being alone at night.”


Lu Xinran saw Fu Shen Yan’s face sink and took the initiative to speak with difficulty, “Brother Shen Yan, Auntie has encountered so many things recently, I also thought of staying to keep her company and talk, don’t worry, I won’t disturb you and Sister Shen, I just thought of keeping Auntie company and talking so she won’t be so lonely alone.”




What an understanding interpreting flower!


Fu Shen Yan frowned, somewhat displeased, but Fu Qingyin had come out with these words, so how could he refuse again.


He put his arm around me and said indifferently, “Make yourselves at home!”


Pulling me upstairs, he looked at me and said, “Angry?”


I froze, shook my head, didn’t say anything, and went into the bathroom a little tired.


Fu Qingyin had brought Lu Xinran here so blatantly, with the obvious purpose of threatening me.


The most important thing is that you have to be aware of the fact that you are a married woman, and what you fear the most is that your husband will be ambiguous with your mistress right under your nose.


Fu Qingyin really understands people’s hearts, she even thought of this trick.


However, she seems to have overestimated Fu Shenyin’s position in my heart. If Fu Shenyin still has feelings for Lu Xinran, I can completely give it away, which is convenient for me to deal with Lin Wan.


After staying in the bathroom for a long time, Fu Shen Yan thought I was asleep and knocked on the bathroom door a few times, urging me on.


When I dried my hair and got out of the bathroom door, Fu Shen Yan frowned at me and said, “You don’t want to see me and are hiding in the bathroom?”


I laughed coldly, “Mr. Fu’s ability to make up for things has really grown.”


He pursed his lips, narrowed his eyes and said, “Dry your hair, don’t leave it out.”


With that, he went into the bathroom.


I picked up the phone, and before I could say anything, the other side said, “I’ve already taken care of her, but isn’t Fu Qingyin under your nose? If you want me to keep an eye on her, you might as well do it yourself.”


I gave an encore, a little tired, “She just came over, I just sent you some information, it’s in the mailbox, take a closer look and see if you can get Uncle San to use it.”


“It should work!” He tsked, “You’ve got so much here in secret, you’re capable, did Fu Shen Yan find it for you?”


“No!” It wasn’t much to talk about, and as it was getting a bit late, I said wearily, “It’s getting late, say hello to Uncle San for me and talk to him next time!”


He said hurriedly, “Shu, you haven’t been in any uncomfortable moods lately, have you?”


I flinched slightly, “No, what’s wrong?”


He enthused, “I’ve received a medical history book here about your depression, the problem is still a bit serious, about Gu Han, are you okay?”


Chapter 436

I pinched my brow and shook my head lightly, “It’s fine, I’ll get through it.”


“Why don’t we meet up some time tomorrow and I’ll take you to the doctor?”


“No!” I was a little annoyed and my tone was a little heavy, “Shen Yu, I have something I will say myself, well, get some rest.”


After saying that, I just hung up the phone.


Perhaps because of Lu Xinran’s relationship, I was somehow irritated and threw the phone aside casually.


Noticing someone behind me, I turned around and saw that Fu Shen Yan had stood behind me at some point, his gaze looking at me coldly.


I couldn’t help but frown, how much of my conversation with Shen Yu had he heard?


I opened my mouth to ask, but he suddenly leaned down, wrapped his arms around my waist and lowered his head to my lips.


I was a bit confused, not expecting him to do this suddenly.


But it was only a few seconds before I reacted, violently pushing him away with force and annoyance, “Fu Shen Yan, let go of me!”


He froze for a moment and frowned, pulling me into his arms again, his voice hoarse, “Can’t you even do that between husband and wife? En?”


“Are you annoyed?” I glared at him with some anger, “Your sweetheart is still downstairs, aren’t you afraid she’ll come up and see you and have your heart broken?”


He suddenly burst out laughing and pressed me, “Beloved? Shen Shu, why does that sound so sour to me? What, are you jealous?”


Pushing him, but not away, avoiding his falling lips, I frowned, “Fu Shen Yan, where did you get the confidence that I would be jealous, I need to be jealous?”


He hooked his lips, his handsome face with some gangliness and said, “That’s jealous.” Pressing me into his arms, his voice had a magnetic lilt to it, “Shen Shu, you love me, don’t you?”


For a moment my body and mind were out of control and I subconsciously grabbed his arm.


The pattern was a bit lopsided.


Noticing my movement, he lowered his voice and whispered against my ear, “You’re reacting, huh?”


My face turned red for a moment, and I looked at him with suppressed anger and said, “Fu Shen Yan, are you finished? You get out.”


He pulled me along, not feeling that I was angry with him at all, and put his arm around me and said, “Where are you going to let me go?”


“Go where you like!” I pursed my lips and pushed him away and got into bed, a little tired, closing my eyes and trying to fall asleep.


He followed, circling mine, and the phone I’d originally tossed aside thought up again.


I frowned, glanced at it, it was still Shen Yu, and couldn’t help but pick it up.


The other side spoke, “Wait for me tomorrow, I’ll take you to see a doctor.”


I was unhappy and was just about to say no when Fu Shen Yan spoke up, his face grim, “Mr. Shen is still calling at this late hour, are you planning to listen to some private conversations between us as a couple?”


Shen Yu probably didn’t expect Fu Shen Yan to be there, and after a moment of silence on the other end of the line, he sneered, “Private conversations? Mr. Fu really knows how to put a light on his own face, have you ever seen a couple talking in private and still have time to listen to the phone?” This was a statement that hit Fu Shen Yan’s soft spot.


Fu ShenYan’s hand across my waist used force, not allowing me to move, and said into the phone with a deeper meaning, “Don’t you know the pleasures of a couple, Mr. Shen?”


“Heh! Is that so? This kind of fun is quite rare, what, Mr. Fu used to talk to Xiaoshu on the phone like this when he was with Miss Lu?”