Never Say Never Chapter 431-432

Chapter 431

I pursed my lips and said without a smile, “You stay away from me, I can’t sleep too close.”


“Two choices, either we sleep like this or we get a little closer, or of course, negative distance, eh?”


I ……




Gu Han’s affair became a big deal the next day, and all the people’s comments pointed together at Fu Qingyin, saying that she had set up the three members of the Gu family in order to get Gu’s.


Three lives in a row, except for Gu Hengyang who died a normal death, Xu Hui and Gu Han both committed suicide, so there must be something hidden in there.


After all, Gu Han was the Xu family’s granddaughter, and the two Xu family members were after all reputable elderly people in the capital, so when their daughter and grandson committed suicide in quick succession, the Xu family sought out their connections and ordered the capital police to conduct a thorough investigation into the two deaths.


This is a big deal, and even if the two old men don’t open this can of worms, I’m just afraid that the police won’t leave it alone.


So, Fu Qingyin was investigated and she was forbidden to be involved in any money flow regarding the Gu family and the Gu’s.


Even the Gu family she was not allowed to enter, the reason given by the police was that everything inside the Gu family could be something left over from the crime scene.


So, basically everything of Fu Qingyin’s was banned.


So much so that Fu Qingyin had no place to live, all she could only temporarily live on Fu Shenyan’s side, the villa was large, the house that Fu Shenyan had prepared for the doctor before, and then after Dr. Li went back, it was left unused, so she let Fu Qingyin go and live there.


When Han Shuang called me, I was watching the TV indifferently.


When Fu Qingyin entered the villa, I was thinking, this woman had indirectly sent away so many lives, wouldn’t she be afraid?


The woman’s eyes were narrowed slightly and she didn’t say anything more.


The fact that she is Fu Shenyan’s aunt, even if I hate her, I can’t do anything to him, so I didn’t say anything more.


The phone was picked up and Han Shuang’s voice was lowered a bit, “See you at the cafe on the third floor of the Fortune Center.”


With just a simple sentence, she hung up the phone.


Usually in this case, she must have is so significant discovery, so she called me.


She was wearing a black coat and a dark green scarf, and her well-kept face showed a light smile as she looked at me and said, “Ready to go out?”


I enthused, not meaning to talk to her more.


She blocked my way and looked at me with a sneer, “In a hurry to meet someone? In such a hurry?”


This was clearly looking for trouble, “Mr. Fu, you have something to do?”


She raised her eyebrows and said idly, “Nothing, I just want to talk to you, we are also aunts and nephews, we are still a family, we have to get along well in the future, don’t we?”


I pursed my lips and said lightly, “So, what do you want to talk to me about?”


“I don’t like this kind of woman either. Besides, she killed my grand-nephew, so she’s tied up with the Fu family.”


Chapter 432

She wrapped her hands around her head, a pair of nice eyes looking at me, and continued, “Lin Wan has climbed to such a high position over the years, there are quite a few dirty things in her private life, it just so happens that I have them, do you think if you give them to the Mo family to see, it would be a lot faster than if you were to check them out yourself?”


I couldn’t help but frown, “What’s your reason for helping me out?”


She laughed, “The baby in your belly is also my grand-nephew, isn’t that reason enough?”


I sneered, “It’s been at least three months since this happened, hasn’t it? You’ve known about it for a long time, and now you’re telling me about it, and you think I’ll believe you’re doing it for your so-called grand-nephew?”


That reasoning didn’t stand up to scrutiny!


She looked at me and laughed out loud, saying, “I suddenly know why my father would let you, a woman from a small family, marry Shen Yan, a little dumb, but still with a brain.”


I narrowed my eyes, but I didn’t take that as a compliment!


“What do you want me to do?” I spoke, subconsciously glancing down at the clock.


“I want you to speak to Shen Changlin and tell someone not to continue investigating the Gu family!” She leaned her body against the wine cooler to the side, her posture somewhat casual.


Not investigating the Gu family? Meaning that she could take over Gu’s in name only and become the chairman of Gu’s in name only?


Without Gu Han, there would be no one but her to touch the large Gu’s.


I smiled lightly and looked at her and said, “Mr. Fu, I think we need to sit down and find time to discuss this topic, it’s very rash to settle this in just a few words.


She frowned, but didn’t say much, narrowed her eyes and said, “Yes, let’s talk about it some other time.”


After leaving the villa, I drove straight to the place where I had agreed to meet Han Shuang, and she was already there when I arrived.


The coffee cup in her hand was already finished, she had been waiting for a while.


When she saw me, she looked at her watch and raised her eyebrows, “Mr. Shen, you’re half an hour late.”


I shrugged my shoulders and said apologetically, “I’m sorry I was delayed by a little thing.”


She smiled lightly and didn’t say much as she handed me a document from her bag, “This is the transfer record of Lin Wan and Li An, you can take a look at it.”


“Li An?” I hesitated for a few seconds, but suddenly remembered this person.


The one who had knocked himself out straight away when he was setting up Lu Qi.


She nodded as the waiter refilled his gla*s and spoke, “Li An is the middleman that Lin Wan and Chen Changhe contacted, he’s the project director for ac, and Lin Wan has several companies whose quarterly audits are given to him to handle, so the transfers between them are all justified, and once someone checks up on them, this won’t go unnoticed.”


I couldn’t help but frown slightly, “So basically all the financial transactions between Lin Wan and Chen Changhe were through Li An?”


She nodded, but I was a little confused, “Li An and Lin Wan are businessmen, it’s normal for them to have accounts to and from each other, but even if Lin Wan transfers money to Chen Changhe through Li An, then Li An is a businessman and Chen Changhe is a politician, transfers between the two would be suspected if the amount is too large.”


She enthused, “Indeed, so I then went on to check the dealings between Chen Changhe and Li An, and found that Chen Changhe’s wife has a farming company under her name, which is still relatively large and has been operating for almost ten years.”


“So, what you’re saying is that Chen Changhe was collecting these finances through his wife?”