Never Say Never Chapter 427-428

Chapter 427

I moved my somewhat stiff feet and pulled my steps towards the villa without going to Fu Shen Yan, my face was frozen somewhat wooden.


“Sir, Mrs. She ……” Aunt Quan did not know what was happening, some worried to ask.


Fu Shen Yan voice low, faintly responded, “Nothing, you go to rest first!”


Fu Shen Yan followed me into the hall and reached out to pull me, touching my cold hand, his brow cold to the point of horror, “Shen Shu, you’re abusing yourself for him?”


I shook him off, a strange and disgusting emotion arising in my heart towards him, “Let go of me!”


Fu Shen Yan’s thin lips pursed, his handsome, S*xy face tense.


He stepped in front of me, his gaze terrifyingly dark, and violently picked me up across the room and took me straight up to the first floor bedroom, where he placed me in the bathroom.


The bathroom was heated, so warm that it was a little dizzying.


When Fu Shen Yan saw that my eyes were just motionless and dazed, he reached out to undress me.


“Shen Shu, people have their own lives, don’t torture yourself, eh?” He spoke, his voice cool and indifferent.


A wave of resentment rose up inside me, what do you mean people have their own destiny? I opened his hand to me, and my voice went cold, “Get out!”


The sudden anger, Fu Shen Yan froze for a moment, looking at me and narrowing his eyes slightly, “Shen Shu, you are my wife!”


“So what?” I snarled, “I am your wife, but you are incapable of protecting your child, incapable of protecting me, all of this is Gu Han’s doing, without him, do you think I would still be standing in front of you alive? Fu Shen Yan, to put it bluntly, if it wasn’t for him, I would have been dead long ago.”


My chest rose and fell, “I really shouldn’t have come back with you, one of your Fu family members is thinner than the other, one is colder than the other, Fu Qingyin killed a happy and beautiful family in the Gu family with her own hands, and you, killed your own children and hurt your own wife with your own hands, you wear the skin of a good man and do heartless things, you are even more horrible and disgusting than Lin Wan! ”


He pursed his lips, the pupils of his black eyes contracted, vaguely penetrating a grim and terrible coldness, the heated bathroom was shivering with cold.


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The death of a Gu Han makes you press all your resentment on me, Gu Han this sentence, gone is really powerful!”


I looked at him, no longer having the strength to argue with him, suppressing the uncomfortable feeling in my heart, and said coldly, “I don’t want to see you.”


The image of Fu Qingyin dragging me around the Gu family as a talisman these days made the guilt inside me grow stronger. She knew from the beginning that Gu Han hated her and was worried that Gu Han would do something to her, so she let me go live at the Gu family’s house under the pretense of keeping her company.


But it was to use me as a shield. She knew Gu Han wouldn’t hurt me, much less let me see blood, so she pulled me along, and even at the last moment, Gu Han was changing the direction of the steering wheel to protect me.


I didn’t want to hurt anyone, but in the end they all did, the dead and the injured.


Fu Shen Yan looked at me, his gaze unfathomable, and only after a long time did he sigh slightly and say, “I know you feel guilty about Gu Han’s death, but Shen Shu, no one was there to hurt him, he was the one who took the initiative to crash the car.”


Chapter 428

A wave of anger rose from my heart, I picked up the high heels under my feet and smashed them hard towards him, “Fu Shen Yan, get the hell out of my anger, I don’t want to see you!”


What do you mean no one is going to hurt him? It was clearly Fu Qingyin, she forced Xu Hui to die, forced Gu Han to die, it was clearly her, she killed so many people without moving, why should she still pretend to be innocent in the end!


I don’t know since when Gu Shen Yan’s patience would be so good, being smashed by me, he just sunk his gaze, wrapped me in his arms and soothed, “Scolded and scolded, beaten too, take a bath, you’re going to be sick later.”


The feeling was like a punch on cotton, he did not feel any pain, he did not feel anything.


I, on the other hand, felt more and more uncomfortable.


When I saw him reach out to undress me, I jerked back and pushed him away, “Get out!”


He sank his eyes, “You want to continue to make a scene?” Even the best of natures have their limits.


But so what?


I pursed my lips, looked at him and said the same thing, “Get out!”


With a black face, he pressed me into his arms with one long arm, cupped my jaw with his other hand, and kissed me forcefully.


The action was extremely fierce, as if he wanted to eat me alive.


Just when I thought he was going to put me on the spot, he let me go, his voice low, “No more? Hmm?”


I had piled up too much emotion and my anger rose from my heart, “Fu Shen Yan, I told you to get out, get out, can’t you hear the scolding? Are you deaf or dumb?”


With that, I got up and climbed out of the bathtub, smashing everything in the bathroom that I could get my hands on at him.


He looked at me with wrinkled brows, not ducking, his gaze lowered for a long time, and only when he saw that I was tired of smashing and had nothing left to smash did he look at me and speak in a deep voice, “Had enough?”


I looked at him and a feeling of powerlessness came over me.


Seeing me sitting limply on the floor, he good-naturedly removed my already soaked clothes from my body.


He hugged me and put me in the tub again, sighing, “Stop it, eh?”


Seeing that I was no longer agitated and making any more moves, he put the hot water on, found the shower gel and washcloth from the clutter I had smashed everywhere, and placed them beside me.


Then without a word, he went out.


I lay in the bathtub, my mind muddled. Gu Han’s death was like a mountain that I could not get over, a mountain of guilt that would stay with me for the rest of my life.


Fu Shenyin was not at fault, he had only protected his family and his wife throughout.


The fault was mine, I didn’t think for myself, I didn’t make my own decisions. Fu Shenyin didn’t know why Xu Hui died, so he couldn’t understand why Gu Han hated Fu Qingyin, or why he killed Fu Qingyin, and why he ended up killing himself.


It was my fault for not being there for Gu Han through this most difficult time when he needed it most, for not giving him hope for life, and that’s why he chose to leave.


After a long time, I came out of the bathroom and there was a pile of cigarette butts piled up on the balcony of my bedroom, and it was easy to see that Fu Shenyan had left them behind.


I didn’t see anyone else, so I didn’t think too hard about it. I just changed my clothes, pulled my freshly blow-dried hair up, and braced myself to go downstairs a little tired.


When Aunt Quan saw me, she faintly stared and said, “Madam, you’re going out?”


I nodded, enthused, and found a pair of shoes to put on in the entranceway.