Never Say Never Chapter 413-414

Chapter 413

“Mmm!” After saying that, Fu Shen Yan hung up the phone.


I was covered in the blanket and couldn’t see what Fu Shen Yan was doing, only half a second later he turned off the light and lay down on the bed.


Tugging at the quilt I was wrapped in, he said, “Shen Shu, it’s winter, winter in the capital is not like Jiangcheng, if you really don’t give me the quilt, give a call to 120 for me tomorrow morning.”


He said he didn’t pull it, so he lay peacefully beside me.


I listened to the sound of breathing coming from my ears and thought that he should be asleep, so I couldn’t help but stick my head out from under the covers and see that most of his body was exposed through the dim light.


Usually he would wear a nightgown, but today he was obviously exposed on purpose.


The skin on his body was a little cold after a long time. Seeing that he was asleep, I couldn’t help but put the quilt I was wrapped in over him.


Fiercely my hand was in his, and he took the opportunity to go straight under the covers, wrapping me in a hug as a wave of cold air enveloped me.


“So, still upset I’m going to get frostbite? Hmm?”


I was so angry for a moment that I just wanted to kick him with my foot, but he was quick and already had me pinned down, “Your foot is still injured, don’t move too much.”


“Fu Shen Yan, you B*****d!” I couldn’t help but curse out, pursing my lips as I looked at him, aggrieved.


He pulled me into his arms and said softly, “Zhuan Yan didn’t mean it, I didn’t handle it properly, originally I should have announced you rightfully, but I’m just a bit established in the capital, there are many things going on in the company, and there are many people who want to eat this quick cake in the capital, if someone with a heart catches a soft spot, I’m afraid I’ll be even less able to protect you then. ”


He let out a shallow sigh and held me in his arms, tightly.


I pursed my lips, unable to tell how I felt for a moment. I knew he had too many hardships, so I never pushed him.




This sleep was extremely good, and the next day I woke up, the sun was out in the capital after many days of rain, and it was quite big.


I moved my body, my ankle still hurt a bit, and got up and got out of bed to wash up.


Sister-in-law Zhang brought up breakfast, followed by two other people, Fu Shenyan and Cheng Junyu.


When I woke up, Mrs. Zhang put the breakfast on the bedside table and said, “It’s a nice day today, it looks like the eyes of snow are opening, it’s going to snow in a couple of days, Xiao Shu, you wash up, eat your breakfast and I’ll accompany you downstairs to look at the new plum blossoms in the yard, they bloomed yesterday, they’re beautiful.”


I froze, there were no plum blossoms in Jiangcheng, and snow was hardly ever seen in the year, so when I heard her say that, I thought it would snow in a few days, so I couldn’t help but smile and say, “Mm-hmm, good!”


When Sister Zhang went downstairs, Fu Shen Yan asked Cheng Jun Yu to show me my sprained ankle.


“It’s a strained ligament, a few days of rest with some medicine and it’ll be fine.” Cheng Junyu looked at it for me and dropped the plastic glove in the bin.


Fu Shen Yan nodded and looked at me and said, “Have some breakfast and rest later, Jun Yu and I will go to the study to talk about something, call me if you need anything, hmm?”


I nodded my head, but I was a bit better behaved.


When he and Cheng Junyu left the bedroom, I had just woken up and hadn’t washed up yet, so I moved out of bed to wash up.


After all, it takes a hundred days to break a bone, and as soon as my paws hit the ground, a sharp pain pulled at my heart, causing me to let out a breath of cold air.


After a quick wash, I returned to the bedside and winced. I had overestimated myself and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to go to the office today.


Chapter 414

He reached for the water cup and poured it out, but with a slight lapse of concentration he dropped the cup and it shattered on the floor.


When I knelt down to pick it up, the bedroom door was opened, and Fu Shenyan’s eyebrows were tipped with anger, “Did you get burned?”


He walked towards me and picked me up and placed me on the bed, his thin lips pursed, looking a little stern.


I froze, feeling a bit like I had done something wrong, “No, I smashed the cup.”


He looked up at me, “Want some water?”


I nodded.


He got up and poured me a gla*s of water and called sister-in-law Zhang up to clean up the mess.


Thinking of him and Cheng Junyu talking about something, I couldn’t help but say, “Go to the study, Dr. Cheng is still waiting for you.”


He placed the breakfast that Sister Zhang brought up next to me and spoke, “It’s okay, he can wait a little longer.”


I ……


accompanied me to eat breakfast before Fu Shen Yan went to the study.


I had a good night’s sleep last night, I couldn’t sleep again at this time, I played with my phone in bed for a while, I was really bored.


I thought of going to the study to find some books to read to pa*s the time, Cheng Junyu gave me medicine, and my ankle did not hurt so much.


I moved to the study, because Fu Shen Yan and Cheng Jun Yu were talking inside, I raised my hand and knocked on the door.


Before my hand fell, Fu Shen Yan’s low voice came from inside, “How is she?”


“The fever is constant, her mind is in a bit of a trance, the Mo family has found her a doctor and is guarding her every inch of the way for a few steps, Lin Wan is being transferred away and has no time to care for her.”


After a pause, Cheng Junyu continued, “You’re not going to go take a look?”


“There’s no need!” Fu Shen Yan spoke, “Back then when Lu Yan left it was because she had no family, now she has Mo’s family, nothing will happen.”


Cheng Junyu gave a hint and said lightly, “You and Shen Shu don’t seem to be the same as before, are you serious?”


“She’s my wife, a husband and wife want to be described as serious?” Fu Shen Yan’s voice was light, but stayed a bit brash, “What about you? After all these years, relieved?”


“Relieved of what?” Cheng Junyu did not seem too happy.


“Since you’ve let go, you should also find someone to get married and live a good life.” Fu Shen Yan said this in an extremely natural way.


“Sh*t!” I heard Cheng Junyu swear for the first time, “Fu Shen Yan, are you crazy? I’m worried that my reliance on you will affect your life as a couple, so I’ve got the idea on me, why don’t you let Zhuan Yan get married!”


“The first thing you need to do is to get married, but what is your relationship with Li Muzi? I thought you were serious when I saw you sacrifice your life to save her in the car accident, why haven’t I seen any reaction from you lately?”


The first time I felt that Fu Shen Yan was so nosy, I pushed the door open and said breathlessly, “Fu Shen Yan, why don’t you just go open a marriage agency?”


Both of them were stunned and looked at me, Fu Shen Yan raised his eyebrows, “What’s wrong?”


I shrugged my shoulders, “I came to find some books!”


After thinking about it, I looked at Cheng Junyu with some curiosity and said, “Dr. Cheng, what’s going on with you and Muzi? Have you been able to contact her in the meantime?”


Cheng Junyu faintly froze and after a pause said, “I don’t know!”


I almost couldn’t suppress my anger and shouted at him for a moment.


This tone of voice how I sounded so do not care ah!


Looking for the book I left, glanced at Fu Shen Yan and said, “If you’re not busy, send me to Gu.”


Fu Shenyin ……