Never Say Never Chapter 407-408

Chapter 407

I’m not to blame for thinking too much about it, he was quite worrying in real life when he was like this, not lost in thought, not heartbroken, exactly as if nothing had happened.


He hid his emotions so well, so well that I decided Xu Hui didn’t seem dead to him, and he was going through the motions as usual.


Having made the noodles, I was just about to turn around to call him when, to my surprise, I coldly saw him leaning against the doorframe with his arms wrapped around him and a grim look on his face.


I let out a cold sweat of fear, “Gu Han, what’s wrong with you?”


He withdrew his gaze and said lightly, “Is the noodle ready?”


I nodded, my heart still a little scared for a moment, and brought the noodles out of the air and placed them on the table.


Watching him eat, I couldn’t help but feel a little worried, “Gu Han, are you okay?”


He stopped moving and raised his eyes to look at me, his gaze clear and cold and indifferent, “What?”


I shook my head and felt that he seemed to be getting a bit cold, “Eat up, the noodles won’t taste good if they get cold.”


He narrowed his eyes and looked at me, “You’re not hungry?”


I smiled lightly and shook my head, “I’m not hungry, you eat more.”


He pursed his lips and said nothing more.


As I watched him eat, I felt as if the noodles didn’t taste like anything to him, just something he chewed to fill his belly.


After eating the noodles, he went back to the sofa and stared at the TV which was still on, deep and indifferent.


Looking at him, I felt as if I could see the time when Shen Yu knew his father had died, when his eyes were full of cold darkness and he had the power to pull people into the darkness.


Putting away the bowl, I made it to his side and tried to speak, “Gu Han, one always has to look ahead, Auntie she wants your life to be bright.”


He narrowed his eyes slightly, looked at me and said in a deep voice, “Are you comforting me?”


I couldn’t help but frown, unable to say anything for a moment.


There was a pause before I said, “It’s getting late, get some rest, I’ll come over tomorrow and bring you breakfast, stay home for the rest of the day, work can be put off for a while.”


I didn’t know how to comfort him, so I could only give some pale explanation.


He raised an eyebrow, his gaze a little cold, “Not going to stay?”


I froze and shook my head instinctively.


Grabbed my coat and headed out the door.


The delay was too long and I got back to the villa and it was already early in the morning.


Before the car was even in the garage, I saw the man standing in the doorway. The man was tall and slender, handsome as a jade, and the dim streetlight made his already somewhat vicissitudes of his face look even more so.


I stopped the car and stood in the doorway as the drizzle began to fall again.


His face sank, “Are you going to stand outside for the rest of your life?”


He walked down and the rain fell on his shoulders, making him look more and more thin and unapproachable.


I pursed my lips and thought for a moment, “I thought you said you wouldn’t be back until late?” I understood late to mean that he might not be back tonight, after all, Jiangcheng was not close to the capital and it had already taken him most of the day to get there and back.


He sneered, “It’s not late?”


I ……


early in the morning, it seemed a little late.


He didn’t continue to ask more questions, he pulled me into the villa with him and looked at me with a sullen gaze, “Went there?”


“Central Park neighborhood!” I wasn’t going to hide anything from him, it was such a big deal today and I was back so late, if I didn’t say anything, he would know himself tomorrow.


He narrowed his eyes, a little coldly, “Why don’t you move in for a few more days? Save yourself a trip back and forth, eh?”


I nodded, “Well, I happen to have plans to do the same.”


“Shen Shu!” He gritted his teeth at that one, “Who the hell is your husband?”


I pursed my lips and said breathlessly, “You’re the one who asked me to move in there, why are you angry?”


Chapter 408

“I still can’t be angry?” He sneered, “You’re almost around Gu Han twenty-four hours a day, why don’t you just adopt him as your godson and you’ll be with him all the time?”


Looking at him with a dark and sullen face in anger, I couldn’t help but purse my lips, “Why didn’t you say it would be more convenient for me to just marry him!”


“Pah!” He poured water and slapped his hand directly towards the table, looking so angry that he almost strangled me, “You don’t come home in the middle of the night, you have a point?”


I bowed my head and said with a sigh of frustration, “No, you only know how to lose your temper every time, you don’t even ask me why I’m going over there, what’s going on, you just throw a tantrum without asking, and you blame me for being unreasonable, Fu Shen Yan, you’re the one who’s unreasonable.”


He froze and almost didn’t laugh, he paused, the anger on his face lost a few moments before he looked at me and said, “Okay, tell me, why did you go to Gu Han’s side?”


I found a seat and looked at him and said, “Pour me a gla*s of water!”


He froze and the corners of his handsome mouth twitched, “Shen Shu, you ……”


“Don’t want to pour it even if you don’t want to, don’t scold me, at most I won’t say anything.” The actual fact that he was angry could not do anything to me, so I was emboldened.


He looked at me with a pair of black eyes fixed for half a second, thin from the lips biting in anger, looked at me and said, “You’d better say something good about me later, otherwise ……”


The latter words, he did not say, poured me a gla*s of water, he did me opposite, looked at me coldly and said, “Say it!”


I held the cup over my hands and thought for a moment, “Uncle Gu pa*sed away.”


He raised an eyebrow, “I know about that, my aunt told me about it.” After a pause, he raised his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes, “Is that all?”


I paused and pursed my lips, “Also, today under the Triangle University, Gu Han’s mother Xu Hui jumped to her death, I was worried that Gu Han couldn’t take such a blow, so I stayed with him in the Central Park neighborhood for a while, so, I came back late.”


He frowned and slightly narrowed his pupils, “What exactly happened?”


He had been busy these days, the matter of Gu Hengyang’s accident, Xing was only a mouthful that Fu Qingyin had mentioned to him, the specifics had basically not been told yet.


Besides, this was, after all, a family matter of the Gu family, and frankly speaking, Fu Shengyin and I were both outsiders.


After thinking about it, I said, “The day Gu Hengyang died Fu Qingyin and Xu Hui said something about what happened ten years ago, later Xu Hui should have been stimulated and somewhat mentally unclear, maybe she couldn’t bear it in her heart, so she chose to follow Gu Hengyang.”


He nodded his head and didn’t think much of the Gu family’s affairs, instead he looked at me and said, “Gu Han has his own way to go, don’t keep running over there if you have nothing to do, don’t forget, I’m your husband.”


The words sounded oddly sour.


I pursed my lips and said breathlessly, “Fu Shen Yan, I am repaying the favor, you others think so complicated, okay?”


“You think you’re a goblin that’s cultivated into a spirit? There are so many ways to repay your kindness, and you have to choose to go by yourself?” This man spoke in a grim way.


All in all, he was in a bad mood right now and didn’t really want to talk to me, so, I didn’t bother with him.


I opened my mouth and said, “It’s so late, you’re not sleepy?”


He gave me a look and went upstairs in a very bad mood.


Knowing that he was angry, I didn’t provoke him and went back to the bedroom, where he was away, presumably to his study.


I went into the bathroom to wash up. The floor in the bathroom was non-slip, so I usually took off my shoes and went straight in barefoot.


But for some reason, I didn’t take more than a few steps before I slipped and fell.


“Ah ……” I shrieked in shock for a moment.


“Bump!” The bedroom door was opened and Fu Shenyan, his breath unsteady, looked like he was running over.


Seeing me fall to the floor, he sunk his eyes and spoke to pick me up, frowning, “Where did you fall?”


“I broke my foot!” It was broken on my ankle.