Never Say Never Chapter 363-364

Chapter 363

I wrinkled my brow, it looked like this man was really drunk.


Sighing, I held him up and said, “You don’t need my sympathy, Gu Han you’re drunk, I’ll take you back.”


Saying hello to the people in the box and ignoring everyone’s stares, I helped Gu Han down the stairs.


He was somewhat sober, and at the entrance to the restaurant, he sat down on the steps like a child and wouldn’t go.


Helpless, I looked at him and said, “Gu Han, I’ll take you home!”


“I don’t have a home!”


“Go to the hotel!”


He looked at me and pursed his lips, “You’re with me!”


I ……


“I’ll walk you there!”


How difficult.


“Forget it then, I’ll sit here all night.” This half-drunk, half-sober, and coming to temper.


I didn’t get a breath for a while and looked at him after a pause and said, “Okay, then you stay here all night, I’ll go back first.”


I then turned around and went to get a taxi.


I was hugged by him from behind, and his voice was extremely low and helpless, “Shen Shu, where is your compa*sion? Are you trying to freeze me to death by not taking me back?”


Looking at his flushed face and his handsome, faceless features, I nodded, “Well, you freeze to death!”


Can’t reason with an alcoholic.


When he heard that, his face fell, his dark eyes fixed on me and he tightened his arms around me, his head moving closer towards me.


Realising what he was trying to do, I wrinkled my nose and pushed him away, “Gu Han, you’re drunk!”


He was strong, tackling me and not letting me move at all, it was the side of the road again and I was worried about pushing him too hard and pushing him onto the road unsafely.


So, just like that he and I got tangled up on the side of the road, looking more like a couple making out from a distance.


Seeing him wrapped around me and rubbing himself against me, I grew angry, “Gu Han you ……”


The words didn’t come out, but a fierce force ripped Gu Han over, and then I heard Gu Han’s muffled grunt.




Gu Han’s face was already bruised, probably because he had been drinking, so he didn’t resist and let Fu Shen Yan beat him.


I was worried that something might happen, so I hastily tugged on the corner of Fu Shen Yan’s coat and spoke out, “Fu Shen Yan, if you continue to beat him, he will die.”


Fu Shen Yan’s face was very bad, a pair of black eyes as if rendered ice, “You are heartbroken?”


I wrinkled my eyebrows, and Gu Han’s lifeless voice came to my ears, “Shen Shu, I knew you were heartbroken!”


I ……


This B*****d is clearly letting Fu Shen Yan beat him to death.


The actual fact is, Fu ShenYan’s anger was even heavier, and he pulled up the person on the ground and punched him again regardless.


The more he hit, the happier he laughed, “Fu Shen Yan, how hard you beat me, how much Shen Shu loves me!”


I thought Gu Han was crazy, and sure enough, Fu Shen Yan ripped him straight up and kicked him in the abdomen.


Gu Han grunted and fell to the ground, struggling for half a day to get up.


Fu Shen Yan was still going to do it, I pulled him back, still calmly said, “Fu Shen Yan, can’t you see that he is deliberately provoking you? Do you want to beat him to death and go to jail?”


Fu Shen Yan pursed his lips and breathed heavily, “This B*****d just needs to be beaten.”


I held my forehead, didn’t bother to help the man on the ground, looked at Wang Shi who heard the commotion and came out, “Mr. Wang, I have to trouble you to send Mr. Gu back, he might be injured, you take him to the hospital and have him checked out, please.”


Wang Shi glanced at the cold Fu Shen Yan, pulled a smile, nodded towards me and let someone help Gu Han to go.


Chapter 364

As soon as Gu Han left, Fu Shen Yan gave me a cold look, the anger on his handsome face was clear as day.


Well, this should be my fault.


“That what …… he had too much to drink!” I opened my mouth, a little vain.


He pursed his lips and his dark eyes narrowed, “So?”


I froze, so?


And so?


I thought about it, I said, “I have nothing to do with him, just now he was drunk, I just met Han Shuang in the restaurant, she seems to be quite lovely now, you made it?”


He frowned, with obvious anger in his voice, “Shen Shu, you’re changing the subject!”


I ……


Well, I am!


Looking at him, I pursed my lips and wasn’t going to say anything, looking at him with open eyes and pursed lips.


Seeing me like this made him even more angry, “Not going to explain?”


I pursed my lips, “I explained, but you didn’t listen!”


“You ……” looking at him so angry that he was about to vomit blood, I thought it was a little cute for a moment.


After a pause, I said, “How about this? You’ve just beaten up Gu Han anyway, it’s not as bad as me, so you can beat me up too, just to take it out.”


I couldn’t think of anything else to do except this.


He laughed and cried, and coldly replied, “I want to kill you!”


After giving me a cold look, he simply turned around and walked away.


This was the street, and the original commotion was not small, so the incident he had just beaten up was probably posted on the internet, so there was probably going to be trouble again.


I jogged after him, he got into his car coldly, I reached for the pa*senger door, but it wouldn’t open.


I had to stand on my tiptoes to see him, “Fu Shen Yan, what are you doing?”


“Walking back!” I threw a cold sentence at him and the man and the car left.


I froze in place, not looking back for half a second.


Good for you!


It wasn’t hard to get a taxi downtown, but I waved several times and out of the rough car there were people in it.


Half a dozen times, a black Cadillac pulled up in front of me and the window gla*s was rolled down to reveal Chen Yi’s usual serious face.


“Madam, Mr. Fu asked me to send you back!”


I pursed my lips, it seemed like this was the first time he had called me Madam, he had always called me Miss Shen before, he was so rusty.


But I was still angry and said, “Why didn’t he just let me freeze to death in the street?”


Chen Yi spoke up, “Madam, the temperature at night in Jiangcheng is at most 7-8 degrees, you won’t freeze to death if you stay overnight, you’ll just catch a cold!”


Holy Sh*t!


“Will you die if you catch a cold?” I’ve seen straight men before, but not this kind of straight man.


He nodded and after a pause said, “But the chances of dying from a cold are not very high, unless one is infected with some other virus.”


I ……




I shut up, opened the door to the car and said straight away, “I thank you, for the ride home!”


He nodded his head, with a look of unhurt.


As the car was about to reach the villa, I couldn’t help but speak up, “Chen Yi, where’s your girlfriend?”


“Madam, I don’t have a girlfriend!”


I nodded and spoke, “Well, you’re going to be P*ssed off even if you have a girlfriend like that.”


He gave me a look, drove very seriously and said lightly, “I’m married!”


I ……


I felt as if I was giving myself a hard time and simply shut up completely.


When we arrived at the villa, I got out and went straight back to the villa.


The lights were on in the hall, and I changed my shoes in the foyer to see the man sitting in the living room calmly drinking tea and reading a book.


I couldn’t help but spit out two words, “Do-gooder!”


He frowned, his eyes coldly looking at me, not saying a word, just watching.