Never Say Never Chapter 329-330

Chapter 329

After so many years, if it wasn’t for Mo Zhi Zhan’s persistence and his lost and found daughter, in addition to the wealth that Lin Wan has accumulated over the years to be barely accepted by the Mo family.


Lu Xinran was able to rise to the top in one step, relying on blood, it was fate, no one can influence.


Gu Han and I set a time and looked at me and said, “6pm, I’ll come pick you up an hour early and take you to try on dresses and makeup.”


I nodded, I did my own makeup to match the dress, I guess I couldn’t make it look good, I wasn’t that pretentious, so naturally I let him worry about it.


It was still early, so when I got home, I was bored and called Muzi.


The phone was still off, unfortunately. It had been three months since I counted the time.


I had no choice, I dialed Qiao En and went over, the phone rang for a long time before it was picked up, listening to his voice he seemed a bit busy, “Shen Shu, I’m bringing up the baby, where are you, what are you doing?”


I couldn’t help but stare, thinking about how hard it seemed for him to be a big man with a baby doll.


“Are you still in the country with Muzi?” I spoke, leaning back on the couch, a little lazy.


He didn’t say anything on his end, and only after a moment did he say, “Yeah, how about you? How have you been, are you okay?”


I nodded, “Yeah, I’m going back to Jiangcheng at the end of the year, do you plan to come to Jiangcheng for New Year’s Eve then? Or are you going to stay in the countryside?”


“Not really sure yet!” He seemed a bit busy and I couldn’t help but say, “Where’s Muzi? Is her phone broken, why hasn’t she been answering her phone, I’ve called her several times these days but can’t get through.”


“Eh! She’s quite busy, I’ll get busy first, decisive time to get in touch.” He finished and hung up the phone.


I paused and didn’t say much more.




Huaxia Hotel, an international five-star hotel.


Gu Han parked his car at the entrance of the hotel, he got out, elegantly walked to the pa*senger side, opened the door for me and led me out of the car.


The hemline of my blue dress was too long, so I got out of the car and looked at him, “To be honest, this is the first time I’ve worn a dress with such a long hemline, I’m worried I’ll fall over later.”


He smiled lightly, “Then you’ll have to stay behind me for a while, so you don’t fall.”


I didn’t seem to know of any other good way out of this.


I shrugged my shoulders at him and entered the hotel with him, and at the entrance of the magnificent hotel, next to the two Roman columns, there was already someone standing to greet the guest.


It was Xu Hui.


Having not seen her for a long time, she seemed even older than before. Today she wore a burgundy cheongsam with an ink-coloured shawl, elegant and unobtrusive.


Women of an older age rely on the temperament accumulated over time and years, and what the years leave a woman with is mostly a rhythm and tenderness in her bones.


“Ah Han, you’re finally here, the guests should all arrive later, your grandfather and grandmother are here, hurry up and go in to greet them, come out to greet them later.” Xu Hui pulled Gu Han and spoke.


After saying that, her eyes fell on me and she smiled, “Which family is this young lady from? She’s pretty and gentle, how come I haven’t seen her before.”


I froze, seeing that she was looking at me in a strange way, I was a bit stunned for a moment, and couldn’t help but look at Gu Han.


Gu Han laughed, “Mom, you’ve seen her before, she’s Shen Shu.”


Xu Hui was stunned, glanced at my stomach, froze for a moment and said, “It’s you!” Can’t help but frown at Gu Han said, “Ah Han, how do you ……”


Chapter 330

Gu Han intended her words, “Mom, you said that you wouldn’t ask whoever I brought here today, I have my own ideas and you will respect me, right?”


Parents would always endlessly compromise in front of their children, Xu Hui clearly hated Fu Qingyin and despised the Fu family.


But now she could also put up with me, the daughter-in-law of the Fu family, for Gu Han.


With a slight sigh, she glanced at me and frowned, “Just don’t cause any trouble.”


Gu Han smiled lightly and led me into the hotel lobby.


There weren’t many people in the lobby, pastries and drinks were laid out on either side, and the two elderly members of the Xu family were chatting with the guests who had just arrived in the side court.


Gu Han pulled me forward to greet them, and they were overjoyed, perhaps because they had not seen their grandson for a long time.


The two old men, who were nearly a hundred years old, looked in good spirits.


“This girl you’ve brought with you, Xiao Han, she’s a real looker, which one is she?” Xu Anhua spoke up, his cloudy gaze falling on me.


Gu Han pulled me forward and smiled, “Grandpa, she is my company’s project director, she accompanied me here today.”


“So she’s a girl from the company, you’re not too young, it’s time for you to think about your life, don’t put it off,” spoke Gu Han’s grandmother, Cheng Shufen.


Gu Han nodded repeatedly and looked at the two elderly people, “Grandma and Grandpa, I’ll go with my mother to greet the guests and let Shen Shu accompany you to talk.”


The two old people nodded and gestured for him to go about his business.


As soon as Gu Han left, Grandma Cheng pulled me to sit beside her and said, “How old is the little girl?”


I smiled lightly, “Twenty-six!”


“Are you married?” I smiled and said, “Yes, Grandma!”


She froze, glanced at Xu Anhua and laughed, “Han, the older you get, the harder it is to figure out.”


Xu Anhua smiled and looked at me, “Which Shu is in your name?”


I smiled lightly, still responding politely, “The shue of the shue of the quiet girl.”


The old man nodded thoughtfully and said, “That’s a good name, and you’re a smart person.”


I laughed, “You flatter me, Grandpa.”


His cloudy eyes lit up slightly and he said, “Ah Han has thoughtfully asked us to introduce you, so it’s thoughtful.


“You old man, what are you talking about?” Grandma Cheng opened her mouth and said seriously, “You’re the only one who understands everything and can see through everything.”


Grandpa Xu smiled, “The younger generation has their own destiny, so if we don’t see through it or say so, won’t we be misleading them.”


Grandma Cheng hummed, “You’re the only one who understands!”


The conversation between the two old people, although unclear, was really interesting.


In this life, how many people can make it to this point in their lives? Most of them are separated halfway and spend the rest of their lives alone in their stomachs, forgetting the past.


I didn’t understand why Gu Han had asked me to follow the two elderly people, but with hindsight I realised that every customer who attended had to come and greet the two elderly people.


During the greetings, there would naturally be small talk, and during the small talk, some people would naturally be curious about who I was who was guarding the two men, and the two men would naturally introduce me to each other.


Naturally, the two old men introduced me to each other, and I learnt about the people who had come to visit.


The two middle-aged men, who were already over half a century old, were extremely well maintained, the man was dignified and the woman was gentle and dignified, and they could still afford to say that they were a good couple.