Never Say Never Chapter 319-320

Chapter 319

I was a little annoyed and didn’t really feel like talking to him much, so I looked at Gu Han and said, “Let’s pack up later, we’ll go home and eat!”


Gu Han nodded and I got up to go out when Shen Yu stopped me, “What’s wrong with you Shen Shu? Do you know what has been happening all this time for everyone to find you? Do you know someone ……”


“Mr. Shen, if you really want to do it for her own good, I advise you better leave her alone, she has suffered far more than you can imagine.”


Gu Han spoke up, and after letting the waiter pack his bag, he pulled me into the car, seeing that I didn’t look too good.


Glancing at Shen Yu who was following him, he said, “If you want to force her to die, you can keep pestering.”


Shen Yu didn’t listen at all, tugging my hand and saying, “Isn’t it cured? Why is it still acting up?”


After that he looked at Gu Han, his voice a bit harsh, “What’s going on? Isn’t her illness no longer symptomatic?”


Gu Han was slightly stunned and looked at me with some suspicion, “Was it there before?”


I nodded and looked at Shen Yu and said, “I don’t want to say anything right now, just let me go back first, okay?”


I was a little out of control without my medicine.


Shen Yu nodded and gave a sorrowful look, hiding a murderous aura, Gu Han coldly snorted, “You don’t need to look at me like that, if you want to know what happened, go ask Fu Shen Yan.”


Then he directly started the car, leaving Shen Yu behind.


Gu Han drove relatively fast and it didn’t take long to get home. After taking my medicine, I took a moment to look at him and said, “Are those two people under control?”


He froze for a moment, then nodded, “I’ve got someone watching them!”


“I want to see them!” If it had been half-heartedly impossible to bring down the Mo family, then they would go towards Lu Xinran.


He hesitated for a moment and nodded, “Good!”


I was not worried that I would not be able to control my emotions for a while as I had just taken the medicine, so I drove directly to the suburbs with Gu Han.


Exactly the same place, looking at the warehouse in front of me that I would never forget for the rest of my life, I told myself over and over again that I couldn’t run away.


“If we can’t, we’ll come back another day.” Guhan spoke up, looking a little worried.


I shook my head and took a breath, “It’s okay go in!”


When the lights in the warehouse were turned on, I could see clearly what the warehouse looked like. It wasn’t a big place, and there were quite a lot of miscellaneous items placed inside, basically all scraps.


The blood on the floor had been cleaned up, and the gla*s mirror I had broken had also been taken away.


Gu Han asked his bodyguard to carry a chair over and let me sit down, and then had the two men brought in.


On the night of the accident the two men were wearing hats and had taken cover, so I could see the general area, but the details were not clear as to what the two men looked like.


They were being brought up by Gu Han’s men, and I could see clearly that they were not fierce or fierce people, and they both looked very honest and honest.


But it was such people who helped deadly two deadly ropes for me and strangled my child.


“Miss Shen, it’s none of our business, we’re just getting paid to do our job, we ……”


Two people may have been beaten up by Deadly before they came, and at this point they were anxious to clear the air as soon as they thought about coming.


I sneered, “You are so short of money?”


The two men nodded their heads, like chickens pecking at rice.


I let out a faint oh for a moment before saying, “Since you guys are getting paid to do something, how about if I give you money, how about you guys do something for me too?”


The two men looked at each other and looked at me and said, “What is it?”


Chapter 320

“Put on a show!” I opened my mouth, looking at the solemn air around me, and said somewhat blandly, “I need you to restore the scene of that night for me, and then by the way, help me to take a statement.”


The two of them were fine at first, but their faces turned sour when they heard the rest of the story, and they looked at me and said, “Miss Shen, we can act with you, but we can’t take a statement, we’ve already taken the money, so if we were to give up the gold owner again at this point, that would be untrustworthy.”


I nodded, holding the phone and playing with it a bit bored, “In that case, then you do not need to accompany me to act, I see that you are all people with wives and children, why not let your wives suffer as well as I suffer, as for the children, my children died …… yours ……”


Speaking of this, I raised my eyes to Gu Han, lightly pulled a smile and said, “I do not want to kill especially children, is there any way to torture people more than death?”


Gu Han thought for a moment and said, “Yes, there is, it’s to cut off their hands and feet and make them ……”


“You are heartless!” The two men suddenly ran up and lunged towards Gu Han and me.


But they were held down.


I suppressed the blockage in my heart, smiled shallowly and said slowly, “This is heartlessness? You have forgotten that two months ago you left me, a pregnant woman, in this deserted warehouse for just a few hundred thousand dollars. He was suffocated. He lost his life. I haven’t even asked for your lives yet, so how can you be so heartless? Hmm?”


I bit out each word with the utmost emphasis and looked eerily at the two men, “It’s okay if you don’t cooperate, you think you’re the only ones who can escape the law and kill, but we can’t?”


“No! My wife and children are innocent, we are the ones who have sinned.


“Yes, we promise you everything, as long as you spare our wives and children.”


The two men were pitiful, looking at me a little tedious, slightly sinking into my emotions, I looked at Gu Han and said, “They have promised, so let’s start!”


Gu Han nodded and brought in the pregnant actor he had originally found, wearing the same clothes I had worn on the day of the accident. The make-up artist was very skilled, and the actor, whose body shape and face were already a bit like mine, had been carefully modified a few times, so it was almost the same.


Gu Han asked someone to bring in the exact same mirrors that were originally placed in the warehouse.


The warehouse was restored exactly as it was that night two months ago. As for the thunder and lightning scene outside, since it was a play, of course everything was prepared.


I didn’t care to recall the events of that night again, and just told the pregnant woman about that night before asking Gu Han to send someone to send me back.


As for the two men’s statements, I didn’t even need to hear the final results to know who they were. I took the statements, but only so that one day I could hand over the ironclad evidence to the police, leaving them no room for rebuttal and manoeuvre.


I have to admit that people change after they have experienced certain things. What is weakness and incompetence is just that the hate in my heart is not strong enough, the love is not complete enough and the hurt is not deep enough.


When I returned to my neighbourhood, I washed up briefly and went to sleep, a dreamless night that I slept extremely well.