Never Say Never Chapter 277-278

Chapter 277

After all, after what happened with ac and Huayu, I wouldn’t have a chance to enter Fu’s again.


“Cough ……” In the middle of my walk, I couldn’t help but take a bite of fish and didn’t pay attention to the shark’s fin and stabbed it down.


The fish spine got stuck in my throat and I couldn’t open my mouth or cough it out.


I couldn’t open my mouth and couldn’t cough. When Mrs. Zhang saw this, she quickly brought me water and patted my back, “What should I do? How did it get stuck?”


I swallowed a few times, my throat was stinging with pain and tears were coming out of my eyes.


Aunt Kwon saw this and rushed to the phone to call for help.


“What’s wrong?” Fu Shen Yan strides in and frowns when he sees a few people in disarray.


Sister-in-law Zhang held me up and looked at him, “Xiao Shu got stuck in the shark fin.”


He took a few steps forward and looked at me and said, “Open your mouth!”


I opened my mouth and he lifted my chin with his fingertips, looked at it carefully, let go and looked at Aunt Quan and said, “Get Doctor Li to come over here!”


Aunt Quan nodded in a hurry and trotted out.


Fu Shen Yan looked at me and let out a chortle, saying, “What’s the rush to eat? Afraid I’ll come back and grab it from you?”


I pursed my lips and looked at him with some resignation, my voice a little hoarse, “My throat hurts!”


He touched the tip of his nose, a little helpless, “It’s good to know that it hurts, so you’ll remember it next time.”


Seeing him not only not feeling sorry for me, but also reprimanding me like this, I couldn’t help but feel aggrieved and said with red eyes, “I didn’t do it on purpose!”


Sister-in-law Zhang sighed and looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “Sir, don’t talk about her, she’s still in pain!”


Fu Shen Yan raised his eyebrows and didn’t say anything.


It didn’t take long for Dr. Li to come and take the fish spike out of my mouth, smiling, “Luckily it wasn’t deep, it would have been a problem if it had hurt my throat.”


My heart palpitated and I looked at the fish soup in front of me and lost my appetite for a while.


Without moving, I pushed the fish pond aside, Fu Shen Yan looked at my small movements and smiled helplessly and lightly.


After sending Dr. Li away, he made his way to my side, gave me a bowl of fish soup and placed it in front of me, “Have some fish soup!”


“I’m not hungry!”


I went upstairs and into the study after that.


When Fu Shen Yan came up, it was already half an hour later, he was carrying a pastry in his hand, and saw me sitting on the chair, flipping through the book.


He walked over to me, put the pastry to my mouth and said, “Are you angry?”


I pursed my lips and avoided the pastry, sullenly ignoring him.


In a rare moment of good temper, he placed the pastry on the table and lifted me out of the hanging chair.


Bringing me to the chair and sitting me on his lap, he took a file out of the drawer and handed it to me, “Open it!”


I bristled and said proudly, “I don’t want to read it!”


He laughed, “When did you get so childish?”


Giving him a blank look, I took the bag, opened it and looked at it, and was stunned.


Looking over at him, “All this stuff?”


“It’s all for you!” He smiled lightly and spoke, “These bank cards are all my income from Fu’s over the years, they’re basically all in there, and all my pure a*sets.”


I froze and looked at the documents in the file, they were all real estate contracts and some shops.


I couldn’t help but say, “Why are they all in my name?” I didn’t seem to have purchased any of these.


He nodded, “These are all my properties all over the place, and some outside the country, I had Chen Yi transfer them all into your name the other day.”


“Why?” There’s nothing to give these things to me.


“To support my family!” He spoke, with a smile on his brow.


Chapter 278

I pursed my lips and returned everything to him, “I have my own money, my grandfather left me a lot, and I have also saved a lot in Fu’s over the years, I usually have nothing to spend money on, I don’t want it!”


I don’t have the habit of shopping, and I don’t have a strong desire to shop, so I don’t spend much money.


He frowned when I handed him the papers, “Don’t you want to spend my money? Or don’t you want to spend my money?”


I was speechless, what was the difference between those two questions?


Looking at him, “No, I don’t use the money at all, and you’re planning to expand your market. You can use the money to do something with it, it’s useless to keep it with me.”


He frowned, a little unhappy, and just as he spoke, his phone rang.


I got up from him and listened as he answered the phone, it was Cheng Jun Yu.


“Jun Yu, what is it?”


I didn’t continue to listen, put the papers back in the drawer and went out of the study.


It didn’t take long for Fu Shen Yan to rush out the door, thinking that something was up.


Aunt Quan and Mrs. Zhang wouldn’t let me go out, so I was bored and had to make some pastries with them.


When the doorbell rang, Sister Zhang was busy bringing down the pastries from the fire, and Aunt Quan had flour in her hands.


I was the only one who had nothing to do, so I moved to the hall to open the door and was a little surprised to see that it was Gu Han.


How could he have come to the door of his own accord?


“Hello, Mr. Gu!” I spoke, smiling politely and lightly.


He raised an eyebrow, “Aren’t you going to let me in?”


“Of course not! Please come in!” Inviting him into the hall.


Sister-in-law Zhang and Aunt Quan didn’t know each other, so they were simply greeted.


In the lobby, sitting opposite each other.


I couldn’t help but be a little puzzled, “Mr. Gu, are you here for something?”


He didn’t say anything, he just handed me the carrying case he was holding and said, “Your phone broke last night when you dropped it in the pond, I took the card off and came and replaced it with a new one from scratch, the card has been put in.”


I froze, remembering with a start that he had followed me around last night to give me my phone.


As a result I ……


I couldn’t help but blush at the thought and spoke, “I’m sorry about last night, I thought you …… were sorry!”


He raised an eyebrow, “Thought what?”


After a pause, he hooked his lips, “Trying to make light of you?”


I shook my head in a hurry, “No no.” How could a handsome looking man like him be so perverted as to take an interest in a pregnant woman like me.


I thought he was hostile to both me and Fu Shenyan because of what happened to Fu Qingyin, so ……


The first thing that I did was to send some of the pastries to the company, if he knew that you made them yourself, he would be happy to eat them.”


I smiled and didn’t say much. I hadn’t made the pastry, I had just done the work.


But the old man also wanted Fu Shenyan and I to have a better relationship, so that’s why he said that.


I didn’t say much either.


Seeing Gu Han looking at Sister Zhang, he said, “Can I take some back with me?”


I froze, my mouth open for a moment.


He didn’t seem to be for people who loved pastries, ah, having been to the Gu family twice, the Gu family’s chefs were top talent, I had never seen him eat pastries, how ……


Sister-in-law Zhang nodded her head in agreement, and then went to pack.


I froze and looked at Gu Han and said, “You like pastries too!”


He raised his eyebrows, “It’s not bad for your body to eat a little every now and then!”


I ……


Seems like it too!