Never Say Never Chapter 255-256

Chapter 255

Thinking of the divorce papers in the drawer, I couldn’t help but feel my heart sink, somewhat reluctant to go back to the villa, but as big as the capital was, there was no place I could go.


The car watched slowly, seeing him enter the natural villa area in the city centre, I froze and looked at him sideways, “Gu’s house?”


“You’re staying at Gu’s for the night for now!” He spoke, his expression light, no emotion audible.


I froze, too late to say more, he had already pulled the car over and then got out of the car.


Following him into Gu’s house, I happened to meet Fu Qingyin, whose eyes were red, coming downstairs, looking like she was crying as she draped her coat and prepared to go out.


When she saw me with Gu Han, she was surprised, “How come you’re with Ah Han?”


“I met on the way!” Dropping a sentence, Gu Han went upstairs, obviously not wanting to say much.


Fu Qingyin looked at me, her panicked expression loosened, and pulled me along, “Why are you running around alone without your phone or money?”


I pulled a wry smile, “I forgot on the way out.”


When I saw that she was going to dial the phone, I didn’t know what to say for a while, but just sat aside in silence.


It didn’t take long for Fu Shen Yan to come in a hurry, Fu Qingyin was waiting at the door, when she saw him coming, she hurriedly went up and whispered, “Take it easy, talk about what’s wrong, don’t scare her!”


Her voice was very low, but I could still hear it.


Sitting on the sofa pressing her head down very low.


Fu Shenyin gave a hint, entered the living room, walked over to me, half squatted beside me, took my hand, and pressed his voice down before saying, “Have you had dinner yet? Are you hungry?”


I nodded, looked at Fu Qingyin behind her and spoke, “Auntie, thank you, I’ll go back first, you say thank you to Gu Han for me!”


Afterwards, I got up, didn’t bother to look at Fu Shenyin and went straight out of the villa.


Fu Qingyin followed behind us to see us off, saying as she walked, “Be careful on the road!”


When we got into the car, Fu Shenyan didn’t say anything, but leaned over to fasten my seatbelt, but I avoided it, so I fastened my seatbelt myself and turned my head to look out of the car window.


He paused, didn’t say anything, and started the car.


I got out of the car when he parked the car. The villa was lit up and there were a lot of people standing outside the courtyard.


The doctors and nannies who lived in the courtyard were escorts, and I don’t know when there were a few more bodyguards. I paused, looked at a few people, and went straight back to the bedroom.


It was half an hour before Fu Shenyan entered the bedroom, and I was already washed up and ready for bed.


I was lying a little dazed when I heard movement, I opened my eyes and looked over to see Fu Shen Yan was taking off his outer clothes.


“Can I sleep by myself tonight?” I leaned over the bed and spoke, my voice a little tired.


He paused in the act of undressing, then without a word, he took off his suit and tossed it aside, his gaze cold as he looked at me, his voice a little more low and stoic, “Reason?”


“I want to sleep by myself!” I spoke, looking at him, waiting for his decision.


He pursed his lips and didn’t say anything for a long time, “You better give me a satisfactory explanation!”


I looked down at the pattern on the bed, a little annoyed, “Fu Shen Yan, we always have to start getting used to the days apart.”


“Heh!” He suddenly sneered, “How long has it been and you’re already planning? Gu Han has become your next target?”


“Fu Shen Yan, what are you talking about?” I snapped, raising my voice and shouting.


Chapter 256

He sneered, “No?”


I didn’t know how to speak for a while, I just felt a blockage in my heart, so I paused before looking at him and said, “Fu Shen Yan, do you hate me?”


Perhaps I had calmed down too quickly, or perhaps my question was too childish, he frowned, “Why should I hate you?”


I moved my body and leaned against the bed, “My current identity should have been Lu Xinran’s, my appearance out of nowhere disrupted the original course of your and Lu Xinran’s lives and made you break up pa*sively, it was indeed my fault.”


I didn’t bother to look at his gloomy face when I said this, I just continued, “I know, if it wasn’t for this child, our divorce would have been inevitable, after all, there was no relationship!”


I looked up at him and I became more and more calm, “I won’t pester you, I will leave of my own accord when the baby is born, I have already signed the divorce papers.”


He laughed in anger, “Is that why you ran off without your phone and wallet today?” His face looked like a smile, but more like anger, “Shen Shu, do you think I have to surround you in everything? To be with you all the time, that would be considered responsible for this marriage? I said I never liked her, let alone loved her, and I took care of her before because of duty, because I thought Lu Yan was entrusted to me, do you understand?”


Seeing that I didn’t nibble, his tone took on a bit of a helpless tone, “You’re seven months pregnant and you’re just leaving without anything, you’ve only been in the city for less than two days, have you thought about me and the baby? What if something happens? Shen Shu, can you be responsible for yourself?”


I laughed, “No love?” Looking at his face, I said, “You would have touched her if you hadn’t loved her? Would you have gotten her pregnant? You would have almost lost your life for him twice, Fu Shen Yan, if that’s not love, then there really isn’t any love in this world.”


Seeing that he had no intention of sleeping separately from me, I was in no mood to sleep, so I got up and prepared to leave.


He stopped me, “Where are you going?”


“None of your business!” Pushing him out of the way, I went straight out of the bedroom, holding my anger in.


He followed, his pace quickening a few notches, and as he descended the stairs, he said impatiently, “Slow down!”


When I got downstairs, I saw Aunt Quan and several black-clad bodyguards standing in the doorway, blocking my way, Fu Shen Yan chased me down and pulled me in, “This is the capital, where do you want to go?”


“To die!” I was holding my breath, and my words were unfounded.


He laughed, angry and helpless, “Shen Shu, you really have all the flaws of a woman wrapped up, stop messing around and go back and rest!”


At this point in time, I was in no mood to rest.


Pushing him away, I said, “What are the flaws of women? Being unreasonable? Vindictiveness? Not knowing right from wrong? Not knowing black from white?”


Seeing that he didn’t say anything, I continued, “That’s how I am, Fu Shenyan, if you like Lu Xinran, you can go to her, there’s no need to accuse me of wrongdoing here.”


I pushed a few bodyguards away and I exited the villa, naturally there was no way for me, a pregnant woman, to move a few big men, but it was just that they didn’t dare to hurt me, a pregnant woman.


Fu Shen Yan was really right, I couldn’t go anywhere in the capital except here, and I couldn’t go anywhere either.


After walking around the courtyard, Fu Shen Yan walked at the doorway looking at me with his arms around me, his gaze shallow, as if he was waiting for me to take the initiative to find him.