Never Say Never Chapter 243-244

Chapter 243

“Xiao Shu, are you here?” Shen Yu’s voice came from the ward.


Auntie left without saying much.


When I entered the ward, Shen Yu was leaning against the hospital bed with his mobile phone in his hand. When he saw me enter, the gloom on his face lifted and a smile appeared on his face, “Is the noodle ready?”


I nodded and handed him the noodles, “Don’t make things difficult for the nursing aunt, I’m going to the capital with Fu Shen Yan tonight and will be staying for a while, so find someone to come and take care of you!”


His face paled slightly, “What are you doing in the capital with Fu Shen Yan?”


I didn’t have to explain much to him, he wasn’t really hurt, he was staying at the hospital just to keep me occupied, I looked at him and said indifferently, “Something!”


He raised his voice, with a bit of coldness, “You’d better leave Fu Shen Yan early.”


I frowned, not wanting to say more to him.


Back in Muzi’s ward, this one had already eaten her noodles, got herself out of bed after the injection of water, and was holding the green mango I brought to her to peel.


When she saw me coming back, she was dead as a fool and said, “Baby, where did you get that green mango, it tastes exactly like the one in Huai’an’s yard.”


I was a little worried when I got to her side and watched her eat several in one sitting, “Aren’t you uncomfortable eating so many in one sitting?”


She shook her head, “I can eat all the ones you brought!”


I was speechless, Shen Yu had sent quite a lot and I had brought almost all the green mangoes.


The main thing was that she ate a serving of noodles and so many green mangoes, would she hold up the baby if she ate too much?


“Holy Sh*t, you’re piggybacking into the world, aren’t you?” Jon came in and looked at Muzi who was eating without any image and spoke.


Seeing that he was followed by me Chen Xing, I couldn’t help but be surprised, “Is Chen most see and Qiao En all together?”


Muzi gossip, hugging Qingmang looked at the two, can not help but smile a little evil, “you two will not??”


“Will will will, will what ah?” Jon opened his mouth and looked at her shatteringly, “You don’t eat, eat so much without fear of dying, eat less and eat more, big sister pay attention to your diet.”


Muzi bristled and ignored him, instead she looked at Chen Xing and said, “Chen always comes to see me?”


Chen Xing looked at me and said with a light smile, “Yes!” Clearly perfunctory.


Muzi brushed her mouth off and didn’t speak.


Chen Xing looked at me and spoke, “You’re going to the capital?”


I glanced at Jon, who still told him everything, and nodded, “Going over for a few days, won’t be back for long.”


He nodded, “Just in time, I’m going over there for half a dozen things too, when are you leaving?”


“Flight at six in the evening.”


“Holy Sh*t!” Jon exploded, “Why didn’t you tell me you were going?”


I froze, “What do you have to do?”


He nodded, “I could have gone with you!” Seeing Muzi give him a blank look, he rubbed his nose, “If I had known you were going to the capital, I would have gone back to M on business.”


“There’s so much going on these days that I forgot about it.” Looking at Chen Xing I couldn’t help but speak, “When are you going to the capital?”


“Over tomorrow!” He raised an eyebrow, “Maybe we’ll see each other again in a few days.”


Woody was upset for a moment when he saw that we were all leaving, “You’re all not in Jiangcheng, I’m staying in Jiangcheng alone to eat farts, forget it, I’m going to stay in the country tomorrow too.”


Qiao En found a seat and looked at me, “Fu Shen Yan is planning to take you to the capital to see a doctor?”


I nodded, “Some of it, but not all of it.”


After a brief chat, Fu Shen Yan came over and said we were having dinner together.


Chapter 244

Muzi could get out of bed and walk around, but I don’t think Cheng Junyu could yet.


I couldn’t help but speak up, “Dr. Cheng is free to move around?”


“He’s a doctor, he knows what’s in his heart!”


Having said that, I couldn’t say much, except that it should be rather awkward for Fu Shenyan’s friends and my friends to get together for dinner, right?


Although we are all invited to eat together, we should also get to know each other, but ……


Fu ShenYan booked the restaurant, it was huge, and in the large private room, Qiao En and Chen Xing seemed to have an endless conversation.


Mu Zi just cared about eating, Qiao Zhuan Yan concealed to take care of Lu Xinran.


And Lu Xinran thought about giving Fu Shen Yan dishes, and I, was not eating a few bites of the dishes Fu Shen Yan gave me.


I felt extraordinarily bored.


The people at the table, basically all know each other, but usually do not deal with each other, the only stranger is also Qiao En.


Cheng Junyu was sitting next to me and Muzi, and because of his hospitalization, his face was still a bit pale.


He usually talks less, and even less at this time. Seeing that his dark eyes almost always fell on Muzi, watching her eat without restraint, he could not help but frown and say, “Eating too much is not good for your stomach!”


Mu Zi looked up at him, her face and voice were light as she said, “Oh, got it!”


Then, she continued to eat.


Her character was such that Cheng Junyu could not help but frown in displeasure when he saw himself playing to the bull.


Lu Xinran looked at me with a well-managed expression on her face and spoke gracefully, “Won’t Miss Shen introduce your friend to us?”


She was referring to Qiao En!


This person, Qiao En, was usually old and broken and looked heartless, but he was even more protective than Muzi.


He knew about Fu Shenyan and Lu Xinran.


From the time he was seated until now, although he had been talking to Chen Xing, his gaze was always directed towards Lu Xinran, waiting for an opportunity to dislike her.


The first time I saw the girl, I was so happy to see her. The one who steals men all by crying and recognizes relatives all by coaxing?”


The table was large and far apart, so his voice was loud and he was basically heard.


The smile on Lu Xinran’s face froze, but she didn’t get angry.


It was Qiao Zhongyan who spoke out, “The people around Miss Shen are all quite chaste in their upbringing, this has not even said a few words and they have started to personally attack others.”


“Heh!” Qiao En sneered, “Don’t waste the word personal attack too much, Qiao Zhongyan, right? You’re so protective of her, why don’t you marry her back home and stop letting him keep thinking about other people’s husbands.”


“Yes, no matter how good the food at home is, it doesn’t smell as good as the Sh*t outside, what you can’t get, even if it’s spit out, is a treasure!” Mu Zi picked up on this, picking up on it inexplicably.


Seeing her looking at Cheng Junyu with resentment in her gaze, I couldn’t help but stare, the story of these two seemed quite deep!


Fu Shen Yan sank his face and spoke faintly, “Pregnant women are not suitable to stay in noisy places, everyone eat well!”


Lu Xinran looked at me with an aggrieved face, but didn’t say anything after all.


I hold my forehead, this is obviously talking about me, not many people know that Muzi is pregnant, but this belly of mine is bulging.


“Emboldened by favoritism!” Jon spoke, with a smug look on his face.


Chen Xing glanced at me, his gaze faint, and when he saw Qiao En give him a dish, he frowned, slightly displeased, “I don’t like fish!”