Never Say Never Chapter 239-240

Chapter 239

I opened my mouth to ask if he was hurt, but when the words came to my lips, I saw his dark eyes staring at me without moving.


I then balked a little.


“What are you doing back here?” He furrowed his hard brow, the chill on his face undimmed.


I bowed my head, after all, this matter is also my own momentary impatience, did not deal with it properly, after a pause to speak, “Fu Shen Yan, I’m sorry, I can not leave him alone, if you are still angry now, you can hit me, scold me!”


“Heh!” He laughed out, chillingly, “I beat you up? Scold you?”


Looking at him, I nodded very seriously, “Yes, if you’re angry, you can hit me!”


“Hit you?” He laughed in anger, “Shen Shu, when did you learn to give a candy to a lifetime of beating? You’ve become more and more mellow in your dealings over the years at Fu’s.”




“Why don’t you drink the soup first to warm up your stomach, after all, it’s not good for your stomach if you don’t eat!” Nowadays, this is the only way I can be soft, if I am too tough, I am only afraid that ……


At the moment his face is extremely gloomy, as if the sky is thick with clouds before the storm comes.


“The matter of Shen Yu, you do not intend to explain?”


I wrinkled my eyebrows, the mention of this matter, can not help but annoyed, these are originally past events, to carefully bring out the details, I am extremely unwilling to others know those past.


Looking at his grim face, I couldn’t help but pinch my brow and said lightly, “Shen Yu was adopted by my grandmother, just like me, he was a few years older than me and we grew up together.


I didn’t want to go into too much detail about what happened, not willing to dig too hard into all that grief.


He narrowed his eyes, “A childhood friend? Or brother and sister? Or both?”


I frowned and looked at him with some thinly veiled anger, “He was my brother and only my brother!”


“Heh!” He sneered, “This brother is quite special to his sister, building and hugging, if he’s a brother, why didn’t he make it clear to me in the first place?”


“There was no need.” I spoke, a little warmly and angrily, “It’s late, get some rest after your soup, I’m going back to my bedroom to rest.”


I didn’t want to argue with him, and I didn’t feel the need to, but often I had no control over my emotions and simply had to choose to leave.


When I got into the bedroom, I couldn’t sleep for a while, so I simply went to the hanging chair on the balcony and stared out the window at the night.


I knew he was suppressing his anger and had the intention of not arguing with me.


When I saw him enter the bathroom, I couldn’t help but sigh. Pregnant women are sometimes so easily angered that I can’t even control myself.


Fu Shenyan took a quick shower and came out with only a towel underneath him, beads of water rolling down the S*xy muscles of his chest and stomach.


As he rubbed his hair, I noticed the bruise on his back from the shovel I had used earlier, and I got up to leave the bedroom and look for the medicine cabinet in the hall.


When I returned to the bedroom, Fu Shen Yan was already lying on the bed reading a book. Seeing me with the medicine box in my hand, he raised his eyebrows, “What’s wrong?”


“I’ll put some medicine on you!” Walking to his side, I found some medicine in the medicine box to activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and looked at him, “The back is bruised, apply some medicine and rub it!”


He swept a glance at the medicine, then sat up straight and leaned his back against me.


The medicine was wiped on his palm and pressed gently on his back, fearing that he would be in pain, I didn’t apply much pressure, the medicine had an important smell and tasted extremely bad.


Chapter 240

For a moment, he looked at me sideways, his dark eyes extremely deep, “You can push a little harder!”


I froze and blurted out, “Aren’t you afraid it’ll hurt?”


He lowered his eyebrows and collected his chill, “Did you think I would hurt when you hit it?”


The movement in my hand froze, and I lowered my eyes, not knowing how to answer him, and rubbed him in silence.


After a long time, I put away the medicine chest and washed my hands.


After a brief wash, I got into bed as well. He seemed to be enjoying sleeping naked lately, and when I moved over I inadvertently touched his fighting brother.


I froze and couldn’t help but look at him, but saw that he didn’t react, just quietly reading a book.


Relieved, I laid down and got ready for bed.




The next day, I woke up relatively early.


The first time I woke up, I was still awake, and even in a deep sleep, my posture was very disciplined, my short black hair was clean and sharp, my features were well defined and deep.


It was the first time I had ever looked at a man’s face so carefully.


His eyelashes were long, his lips were slightly pursed and the corners of his lips were slightly sunken!


It was a sleeping position in which one was always on guard.


I’ve heard people say that people who sleep in such a posture are very strong and do not allow people to refuse what they have made up their mind to do.


And indeed, Fu Shenyan was like that.


His chest was thick, his shoulders broad and his waist narrow, and the muscles of his legs were well-proportioned and slender!


Even in his sleeping hours, his alertness was extremely high.


He opened his eyes abruptly, his eyes dark, without any semblance of post-sleep haziness, his gaze fixed on me.


As my eyes met, I simply froze, and then calmed down.


It was a long time before his tense body relaxed, narrowing his eyes and reaching out, “Come here?”


I withdrew my gaze, half embarra*sed and shy of being caught peeking, “You sleep, I’ll go downstairs for a walk.”


I woke up early, sister-in-law Zhang must have gone out to buy food, the fruit that Shen Yu had delivered earlier was still in the courtyard, the box was quite big and I couldn’t move it.


The tomatoes weren’t very big, but they tasted pretty good.


The tomatoes weren’t very big, but they tasted good. The green mangoes were also good, I always liked to dip them in chilli when I was a kid, they tasted especially good.


He sent quite a lot, and Muzi had been saying she wanted to eat them before, so I washed some, packed them up, looked at the time, and messaged Muzi.


She was still at the hospital and would send it over to him later.


Hearing movement at the stairway, I glanced sideways, it was Fu Shen Yan, he was wearing grey pyjamas, his slender body, his pyjamas all dressed up.


“Why don’t you take a nap?” It was still early, and there was nothing to get up for.


“Couldn’t sleep,” Fu Shen Yan’s gaze seemed cold, but I could clearly feel a compelling aura, and sure enough, he looked at me for a long time and said faintly; “Holding awake.”


I couldn’t help but stare, tossing my phone aside and saying indifferently, “I’m going to go to the hospital later to check on Muzi.”


“Shen Shu!” He hugged me from behind, his voice a little hoarse, “Cats tend to be cranky and frantic when they’re unwell, so do people, and we haven’t been for ages.”


His voice was suppressed, “Let’s go to the bathroom? Hmm?”


I ……


Sure enough, even the most unsmiling, well-dressed man can, at a certain point, just as easily turn into a landlubber and a prodigal son when needed.


When I was silent, he lost his restraint and rolled his hands on the side of my waist, then probed down shallowly and deeply.