Mysterious Heir Chapter 1694

When these words were spoken, Li Nan’s heart could not help but feel an inexplicable stabbing pain.

After hearing such a reply, Xu Jiao Ran’s face was also stunned, and her whole body was also taken over by a great sense of loss.

Only after a moment did Xu Jiao Ran finally react from that great loss.

“Hara …… so that’s it ……”

Xu Jiao Ran’s expression looked unnatural.

Naturally, Li Nan had also understood exactly what was going on in the other party’s head.

Even though his own face had changed, but for those who were familiar with himself, he would still be able to see some clues.

This was clearly the case with Xu Jiao Ran at this moment.

The answer she gave just now had obviously dashed the other party’s hopes.

Seeing Xu Jiao Ran’s appearance at this moment, Li Nan’s heart also felt a pang of intolerance.

He wanted to go up to her and comfort her, to comfort this girl who was as lonely as a duckling in the world.

However, in the end, Li Nan held back.

“Then …… if there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first!”

Li Nan said indifferently.

“Oh, good ……”

On Xu Jiao Ran’s face, a smile was forced out.

It was just that two lines of tears had already stolen the show and slipped down from the corners of her eyes.

Li Nan held back the pain that was seized up in his heart, and Li Nan resolutely turned around and left.

With that, under the escort of Jin Feng and the others, the Silver Lin convoy left straight away.

Those people kept sending it out for a long distance before it finally stopped.

In the midst of all the commotion, Xu Jiao Ran looked at the back of the Silver Lin caravan as it left, but he looked unusually forlorn.

Similarly, Liu Xueya, who was not far behind her, was frozen in place, her eyes transfixed, not knowing what she was thinking.

A few moments later.

After leaving Hengdian Street, Li Nan took the Silver Liner and headed back in the direction of the palace.

In the car, Li Nan was quietly dazed, his mind still echoing those conversations with Xu Jiao Ran and the incomparable expression of loss on Xu Jiao’s face.

When he thought of this, he could not help but feel a pang of pain in his heart.

And just as Li Nan was thinking about this.

“Crunch ……”

Accompanied by a sound of sharp braking with sour teeth, a black sedan, steeply penetrating from a side street, stopped directly in front of the Silver Liner convoy, forcing the entire convoy to a halt.

“What man?!”

Jin Feng shouted in a cold voice.

Those members of the guard, too, all drew their weapons and took a stance of being on standby.

Li Nan, who was in the Silver Liner, also frowned slightly, not knowing for a moment what was going on.

At that moment, the door of the black car in front of him slowly opened and a beautiful figure stepped out of the car.

This figure was no other than Liu Xueya!

When Li Nan saw Liu Xueya through the doorway, he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows when he saw her in front of the caravan.

He did not understand what this woman was trying to do by stopping his caravan at this time.

At this moment, he heard Liu Xueya look at Jin Feng and say, “I have something important to see the Ninth Millennium, I hope that your Excellency can give me a briefing!”

The expression on Jin Feng’s face was cold.

“The Nine Thousandth Year is busy with affairs, not just anyone can see him!”

Jin Feng said nonchalantly.

In fact, there was actually nothing wrong with Jin Feng’s reply.

After all, since Li Nan was now the Ninth Thousandth Year, there were countless people who wanted to see him throughout the Great Qian.

But Liu Xueya clearly did not intend to give up.

“I hope you will inform me that I am a friend of Young Master Nan, and I believe that the Ninth Millennium will be willing to see me!”

Liu Xueya then said.

Jin Feng frowned slightly.

“Young Master Nan? Which Young Master Nan?”

This was the first time Jin Feng had heard of this name.

At this moment, Li Nan, who was in the Silver Liner car, was incomparably shocked in his heart after hearing these words.

He knew very well that Liu Xueya would naturally not casually say something like she was Young Master Nan’s friend to others.

Obviously, she was just saying that to herself!

But, how could this be possible?

According to reason, the other party should not know her identity at all, but why did she mention the words Young Master Nan in front of herself?

Could it be that, like Xu Jiao Ran, she was also just a guess?

If that was the case, it would be slightly better.

But now, no matter how it really was, Li Nan could not turn a blind eye to Liu Xueya’s request for an audience now.

At this moment, just as Jin Feng was about to say something more, Li Nan’s voice suddenly came from the Silver Liner.

“Let her in!”

Hearing these words, Jin Feng could not help but be stunned.

He did not expect that his own Ninth Millennium would really agree to receive this strange woman just because of the other party’s words.

Only, who was that Young Master Nan they were talking about?

At this moment, after hearing Li Nan’s permission, Liu Xueya’s beautiful face immediately revealed a smile of joy.

“Thank you, Ninth Millennium, for your kind permission!”

After saying that, Liu Xueya did not wait for Jin Feng to say anything, and then she directly passed through those guards and directly got into the Silver Liner carriage.

Seeing this scene, Jin Feng shook his head helplessly.

The entire Silver Liner was so spacious that it was like a living room, it didn’t feel cramped at all, instead it was exceptionally spacious.

The moment she entered the carriage, Liu Xueya’s gaze fell directly on Li Nan, her eyes filled with unbridled enthusiasm and ecstasy.

When he saw Liu Xueya appear in front of him, Li Nan said in a calm manner, “You just said you were a friend of Young Master Nan, what exactly do you mean?”

Li Nan was naturally trying to test the other party.

Above a stunningly beautiful face, Liu Xueya was unable to hide her excitement.

“If you didn’t know what it meant, you wouldn’t have let me get in the car, would you? Am I right, Young Master Nan?”

Liu Xueya looked into Li Nan’s eyes and said with great excitement.

Her entire voice, even trembled a little.

Hearing Liu Xueya’s words, Li Nan’s body couldn’t help but stiffen.

Only a moment later did he finally say with a bitter smile, “I think you are afraid you are not mistaken, I am not some ……”

Li Nan wanted to argue something, but before he could finish his sentence, he only heard Liu Xueya say directly, “Back then, after hearing the news that you were killed, I went to the Chen family to look for you! Old Master Chen told me that you didn’t die!”

Hearing these words, Li Nan completely froze.

He hadn’t thought at all that the other party had already known everything!

In fact, with Chen Beichuan’s mind, for something as important as Li Nan not being dead, it should have been kept completely secret and not mentioned to any other people.

However, something happened later that made Chen Beichuan choose to tell the truth about Li Nan.

Back then, after learning the news of Lai Nan’s death, Liu Xueya rushed to the Chen family at the first opportunity.

Then, when Liu Xueya learnt that Li Nan had actually been framed for his death because he had defended himself before, she felt even more guilty to the extreme.

With this overwhelming guilt, Liu Xueya chose to jump into the sea to make up for the guilt she felt.

But luckily, Yu Yang and Ding Bei arrived in time and saved her from the sea.

However, the guilt was so great that Liu Xueya’s heart was still ashes and she was still unable to let go of herself, so she chose to slit her wrists again in the hospital room to end her life again.

At that time, Liu Xueya’s heart was already ashes and her whole body was in a quagmire of guilt that she could not extricate herself from.

Later, Chen Beichuan had no choice but to tell Liu Xueya that Li Nan was not dead, in order to comfort her.

Sure enough, after hearing this news, Liu Xueya immediately seemed like a different person, regaining her vitality.

From then on, Liu Xueya put all her energy, all of it, into waiting for Young Master Nan.

All the way until just now!

At the beginning, although Chen Beichuan had told Liu Xueya that Li Nan was not dead, and also told her that the present-day Li Nan had changed his appearance, he did not tell her what the present-day Li Nan actually looked like.

However, just now, the moment Liu Xueya came to Hengdian Street and saw the Ninth Millennium, Liu Xueya immediately concluded that the man in front of her was definitely the one she had been waiting for!

It was definitely the young master Nan who had come back from the dead!

Not for any other reason, but because the aura of the other man was too unique, and the impression it left on Liu Xueya was too deep to be forgotten!

As soon as she saw the other party just now, Liu Xueya’s mind immediately recalled the sight of that young master Nan when she first saw him at the Liu family manor.

That feeling, there was absolutely no mistaking it!

So, at that time, almost without even thinking, Liu Xueya directly sided with Li Nan and the others and told both Park Nara and Chen Ge to apologise to Li Nan!

In fact, over the years, it’s not that Yoo Seol-ah didn’t suspect that Chen Beichuan’s words at that time were just a relief to her.

Liu Xueya had also doubted more than once that Ri Nan was not dead.

Until the moment she saw Li Nan in Hengdian Street, all the doubts in Liu Xueya’s heart had been answered!

“Young Master Nan, it’s really you!”

Liu Xueya said, and actually cried out directly.

In fact, just now in Hengdian Street, Liu Xueya had been trying her best to restrain her emotions, so that she wouldn’t show any difference too much.

At this moment, when she and Li Nan were the only two people left, Liu Xueya could no longer control her emotions.

Her emotions were like a flood, and she could no longer control them!

Seeing Liu Xueya in this state, Li Nan could not help but let out a sigh.

“That’s right, it’s me, I …… am back!”